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75 Powerful Affirmations for Self-Love

Self-love isn’t selfish; it is key to living a happy, healthy life. That doesn’t make it easy. It takes time and practice to cultivate a positive relationship with yourself.

Affirmations are personal declarations that can be used to shift negative thinking to more positive and productive thoughts. I’ve assembled this collection of affirmations for self-love to help those looking to have a healthier relationship with themselves.

The steps to self-love include forgiving yourself and self-acceptance, so those are two areas I’ve focused on. The third category covers an area I know many women, including myself, struggle with: body image.

75 Powerful Affirmations for Self-Love

By providing a variety of affirmations for self-love, my hope is you can find a few that really resonate with you. Use these in regular practice.

You can recite them in your head whenever those pesky negative self-thoughts come up. You can write them in a journal or on a sticky note someplace that you’ll see regularly.

Practice the affirmations for self-love each morning and evening as part of your daily ritual. See if you notice a change in how you are feeling about yourself over time.

Affirmations for Self-Love

Forgiveness Affirmations

There is no perfection affirmation
  1. I am human.
  2. Everybody messes up sometimes.
  3. At least I tried.
  4. I shouldn’t be so hard on myself.
  5. I am learning from my mistakes.
  6. I can let this go and move forward.
  7. Beating myself up isn’t helpful.
  8. I will keep trying.
  9. It’s never too late to change.
  10. My struggles are opportunities.
  11. I choose to let go of the past.
  12. My past does not determine my future.
  13. I release myself from the weight of my regrets.
  14. I revoke permission to punish myself for my mistakes.
  15. I am growing wiser each day.
  16. I accept my failures, but they don’t define me.
  17. I am resilient.
  18. I try my best, and that is all I can do.
  19. I honor my life’s path.
  20. My goal is progress, not perfection.
  21. Success is defined by my willingness to keep going.
  22. I commit to get out of my head and get into the world.

Self-Acceptance Affirmations

Embrace the glorious mess affirmation
  1. I am worthy of love, flaws and all.
  2. I accept all of me with love.
  3. I deserve to be happy.
  4. Like everyone, I have both strengths and weaknesses.
  5. No one is perfect.
  6. We are all works in progress.
  7. I believe in myself.
  8. I am enough.
  9. I will treat myself with the kindness of a friend.
  10. I am beautifully unique.
  11. I love who I am.
  12. I am not afraid of my feelings.
  13. I am right where I need to be.
  1. I shine like a diamond.
  2. I won’t apologize for being me.
  3. I have much to celebrate.
  4. I trust in myself.
  5. I feel all self-hatred melting away.
  6. I am letting go of judgment and criticism.
  7. I am a gift to the world.
  8. I can deal with whatever comes my way.
  9. I say goodbye to self-pity.
  10. I shower myself with compassion.
  11. I cherish my relationship with myself.
  12. I am capable of achieving my goals.
  13. I have a lot to offer.
  14. I embrace positive thoughts.
  15. I respect my limitations and am grateful for the capabilities that I have.

Body Positive Affirmations

Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself affirmation
  1. I am beautiful.
  2. My body does not determine my worth.
  3. Weight is just a number.
  4. I love my body for all that it does for me.
  5. I am at peace with my appearance.
  6. My body is my friend.
  7. My body does amazing things.
  8. I release the negative thoughts about my body.
  9. I am strong and healthy.
  10. Confidence makes me powerful.
  11. I nourish my body every day.
  12. I am full of vitality.
  13. My body deserves love.
  14. Self-worth has nothing to do with clothing size.
  15. I release all shame about my body.
  16. I accept my body the way it is today.
  17. I will not let my mind be a bully to my body.
  18. I choose to stop obsessing about my body.
  19. Hating my body won’t make me healthier.
  20. There is more to life than worrying about what I look like.
  21. I look exactly the way I’m supposed to.
  22. My body is a gift.
  23. I deserve to feel good in my skin.
  24. Thighs, I thank you for taking me where I want to go.
  25. Life does not begin at my goal weight; it is happening right now.

Which of these affirmations for self-love did you like the most? Let me know in the comments!

If one didn’t particularly hit home with you, you can always create your own (and please share it below in the comments!). The most important thing is for it to be meaningful and relevant to you.

Remember to be kind to yourself; you deserve it.

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Tuesday 7th of June 2022

Need some affirmations about living wrinkles and sagging skin.🐱


Monday 23rd of May 2022

Number 67 really hit home for me

Caroline Z

Monday 11th of April 2022

They are all meaningful affirmations, but I am focused on telling myself this: "My worth is not determined by my weight on the scale." For so long I devalued myself, basing my worth on that number! It's NOT OK to do that to myself anymore. I'm not allowing it. It's not kind, it's not helpful and it's not true. Thanks for helping me focus on a proper prospective regarding my body and my self worth.


Saturday 19th of February 2022

“I won’t apologize for being me” stood out because I used to say exactly how I felt about something then apologized for the way the other person felt.

Jas Clay

Friday 11th of February 2022

My goal is progress, not perfection. Hit me extremely hard. I suffer with constantly wanting everything to be perfect in my life that I lose sight in the journey that I’m living daily. Thank you