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Make A Monster: DIY Magnetic Travel Game for Kids

Here’s a fun Make a Monster kids activity you can build at home with our free printable Monster cut outs. Make a few for easy, inexpensive gifts for the monster lovers in your life. Or just make one to keep as a handy travel game that will fit in your purse or back pocket.

DIY make a monster play set for kids. Easy to make with free printable, magnet sheets, and a mint tin.

Make A Monster Magnetic Travel Game

We love collecting easy travel games to keep the kids busy when we’re out and about. We don’t usually have screens in the car, but sometimes the kids need a little distraction to keep things from falling apart. I try to little things like this in my purse for car rides around town, restaurant waiting, and even longer road trips. When you’re finished making this Altoid tin play set, be sure to check out this must-see list of other fun road trip games and activities for kids.

This Make a Monster game is perfect for that. We had so much fun building different monsters with all of the monster pieces that are on this printable. You can mix and match the monster body parts with different eyes and mouths for all kinds of silliness.

What You’ll Need

  • 2 Magnetic sheets at least 4X6 inches
  • Glue
  • Empty Altoid Tin
  • Scissors
  • Mod Podge (optional)
  • Print out of the Make A Monster printable download (available at end of post)
Printable and supplies for Make A Monster DIY kids activity.

Step 1

Start by cutting along the dotted lines of the two rectangles so that you have two separate sheets of paper.

Step 2

Peel the backings off one of the magnet sheets and attach one of the rectangles you just cut out. Then do the same with the other. Now you should have two magnet sheets with the magnet on one side and the pictures on the other.

Monster activty for kids to use with Altoid tin. Use free printable with magnet sheets. Easy DIY travel game for kids.

Step 3

Carefully follow the outlines to cut out all of the monster body parts.

Magnetic travel game DIY tutorial. Free printable available.
Make a monster travel tin activity pieces. Free download to make your own magnetic travel game for kids.

Step 4

The orange “Make-A-Monster” piece is the cover for the lid. You’ll need to glue that piece onto the lid of your Altoid Tin so that it stays in place permanently. I used Elmer’s X-treme glue stick and it was strong enough to hold it in place without the mess of other glues.

Make a Monster travel tin game tutorial. Use the free printable with an emtpy mint tin and magnetic sheets. Super easy DIY travel game for kids.

Optional Step 5

You can brush a sealant like Mod Podge over the tops of the pieces to give them a bit of added protection so they’ll last longer.


Now you can put your “Make a Monster” game pieces inside your tin to keep them safe! All of the little pieces fit nicely on the lid of the Altoid tin so it’s easier to find the piece you’re looking for.

Use the free printable to create this adorable travel activity for kids. Make a monster activity Altoid tin DIY.

Have fun playing with your monsters!

You can easily make several of these to use as inexpensive party favors for Monster parties. We like to keep ours handy as a boredom buster while we’re out in about. It’s really hand to use while we’re waiting for dinner at restaurants to help the time pass by more quickly.

Free printable for DIY Altoid Tin Play Set for kids. f
Pack this travel tin in your bag to pull out any time the kids need a few minutes to occupy their hands and minds. They're great for restaurants and road trips. All of the pieces fit inside the tin, and it only takes a few minutes to make. Free printable to make your own.

Grab Your Download and get started on making your own Make a Monster magnetic travel game.

Want some more ideas for travel games? Here’s a collection of fun road trip games for kids that you won’t want to miss out on.

My kids will love playing with this DIY travel tin game on our next road trip. Use the free printable and an Altoid tin to make your own.

Didn’t catch that download link? Here it is again in case you missed it!

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Lisa // Cucicucicoo: Eco Sewing and Crafting

Monday 23rd of April 2018

This is fantastic! I have tons of Altoids tins so this would be such a great gift to make for the kids we know! Thanks so much, pinning and sharing! :) Lisa


Monday 23rd of April 2018

Thanks, Lisa! Those tins come in so handy, I love finding new uses for them! I appreciate the share and I hope the kids enjoy their gift! :) Chrissy