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31 Fun DIY Backyard Play Areas The Kids Will Love

Give the screens some heavy competition with these kid-approved Fun DIY Backyard Play Areas The Kids Will Love, guaranteed to provide hours of outdoor fun.

Fun DIY Backyard Play Areas The Kids Will Love

I know it’s still winter, but I’m looking forward to some warmer weather and outdoor playtime. Sometimes my kids will complain that there’s nothing to do, even when they’ve got a whole yard in front of them. Does this sound familiar?

Well, if you’re looking for some project ideas for the backyard, take a look at these Fun DIY Backyard Play Areas The Kids Will Love I’ve gathered up. Some are easy and can be put together with few materials and a little time, while others will require a bit of planning. Either way, I know you’ll find something here that your kids will love.

This post is full of real kids’ backyard play areas that you can make yourself. I intentionally looked for ideas that would engage kids’ imaginations. As you know, once they get wrapped up in their own worlds, you can’t tear them away from their play. They can look forward to hours of fun in these wonderful and creative backyard environments.

Once you get the kids excited about playing outside, you can join them and have a great time with some fun yard games for the whole family.

DIY Backyard Climbing Structures

I rarely meet a kid who doesn’t love to climb. My youngest daughter has always needed to climb everything in site, so we’ve had to constantly try to find appropriate outlets for that special energy. Here are several DIY climbing structures you can make at home. Just follow the links to see the instructions.

1. DIY Climbing Structure and Sand Box

DIY Climbing Structure and Sand Box

The adventurous kids will love this awesome DIY Climbing Structure and Sand Box. This structure features a trapezoid design with a rock wall on one side and a more challenging rope and slat ladder on the other. Learn how to make it with this tutorial.

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2. Build A DIY Playset For Your Backyard

Build A DIY Playset For Your Backyard

Fancy little challenge? Find out how to Build A DIY Playset For Your Backyard which is a higher quality and works out cheaper than premade versions. This tutorial will take you from designing your playset and choosing accessories, materials, tools and the build.

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3. DIY Tire Tower for the Backyard

DIY Tire Tower for the Backyard

This fantastic DIY Tire Tower for the Backyard can be built on its own or added to an existing structure. Kids can have hours of fun climbing it either straight up from the outside or from the inside.

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4. Rope and Rock Climbing Tower

Rope and Rock Climbing Tower

Treat your kids to this fun Rope and Rock Climbing Tower. This awesome climbing structure has a cargo net on one side and a rock wall on the other.

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5. Tire Climbing Ladder

Tire Climbing Ladder

Give your old swing set a makeover with a fresh coat of paint and the addition of this amazing Tire Climbing Ladder. This cool structure will offer such a fun way for kids to climb up to the top of the swing.

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6. DIY Mound Slide

DIY Mound Slide

This DIY Mound Slide is a great use of space. If you’ve already got a sloping yard, take advantage of it by building up a mound and adding a slide. Slides are just as much for kids to climb up as they are to go down.

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DIY Backyard Swings

Kids spend hours and hours on swings so why not DIY a simple swing for your backyard?

7. How To Make A Rustic Rope And Wood Tree Swing

How To Make A Rustic Rope And Wood Tree Swing

If you have a strong tree in your yard it just calls for a swing. Learn how to make this beautiful Rustic Rope And Wood Tree Swing with the step-by-step instructions in this tutorial.

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8. How to Make a Homemade Tire Swing

How to Make a Homemade Tire Swing

Tire swings offer a lot of variation in how they can be used: kids can sit in them or on them, and even stand on them. Excited to find out how to make a Homemade Tire Swing for your backyard? Pick up a spent tire from your local Discount Tire and get swinging.

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9. DIY Wooden Swing

DIY Wooden Swing

Most wooden swings are straight boards which can get a little uncomfortable. I love that this DIY Wooden Swing looks like it would be comfortable to sit on plus the design looks gorgeous too.

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Natural DIY Backyard Play Areas

Inspire your kids to play with nature with these wonderful natural play areas. Dirty hands mean the kids are having fun!

10. Backyard Nature Trail for Kids

Backyard Nature Trail for Kids

Kids will love having adventures on their new Backyard Nature Trail. And if you have space in your backyard this is a great project you can get creative with. Explore the many ideas in this post.

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11. Tree Trunk Fairy Garden

Tree Trunk Fairy Garden

I remember creating fairy gardens when I was a little girl and this magical Tree Trunk Fairy Garden offers so much inspiration. It was a winner of the 2014 Fairy Garden Contest and I’m not at all surprised, it’s truly enchanting.

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12. How to Make a Natural Sand Play Area

How to Make a Natural Sand Play Area

Your sandbox doesn’t have to be confined to a “box”. Learn the step-by-step process of how to create a Natural Sand Play Area for your backyard and give your kids plenty more space to play.

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13. Play Garden

Play Garden

This Play Garden incorporates elements like a table and chairs made out of found wood stumps, a hopscotch pathway through the middle, a pot for digging, and a little kettle for a tea party for children to have a little play in their new secret garden.

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DIY Backyard Creative Play Spaces

The best kid spaces will inspire hours of creative play. Here are some unique creative space ideas for your backyard.

14. DIY Backyard Sound Wall

DIY Backyard Sound Wall

This fantastic DIY Backyard Sound Wall provides a rich auditory experience for children and allows for a lot of experimentation with sound making. Plus, it’s also really easy to make.

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15. DIY Mud Kitchen

DIY Mud Kitchen

The three main things you need for your backyard DIY Mud Kitchen are dirt, water, and vessels. Dirt and water, obviously for making the mud. And vessels such as cups, pots, pans, ladles, etc. for all of the creations your kids will come up with. Kids will love getting messy in their mud kitchen.

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16. DIY Rustic Pallet Playhouse

DIY Rustic Pallet Playhouse

This DIY Rustic Pallet Playhouse for kids has been built out of eight pallets. With a nature-inspired look, this playhouse offers lots of imaginative play and is a perfect place for kids’ treasures and nature finds.

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17. Play Castle

Play Castle

This Play Castle is a pretty basic play structure, but the little details such as the uneven wood slats, tall posts, and shields turn the simple platform structure into a beautiful backyard play castle.

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18. DIY Acrylic Backyard Painting Stand

DIY Acrylic Backyard Painting Stand

I love this project and here’s why: Kids love to paint. I love for my kids to paint. Kids painting at the table always ends up a royal pain and a huge mess. This DIY Acrylic Backyard Painting Stand is a great way to let little ones have at it and know that you can just hose everything down at the end of the day.

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DIY Backyard Water Play

Water can hold the attention of a preschooler like nothing else I’ve ever seen. Between splashing, pouring, and dumping (and sometimes drinking), they will spend so much time exploring this natural element. The DIY backyard play areas below provide an outlet for kids’ water exploration. And there are also some water play spaces for bigger kids here, too.

19. DIY Water Wall

DIY Water Wall

Find out how to repurpose some recycled plastic bottles to make this brilliant DIY Water Wall for backyard water play. It’s such an easy fun idea to keep kids busy during those hot summer days.

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20. DIY Water Table With Fountains And Sprayers

DIY Water Table With Fountains And Sprayers

This DIY Water Table With Fountains And Sprayers is simply made with a plastic storage tub, a fountain pump and some PVC pipe. You can put this fun water table together in under an hour. If you need help head to this tutorial.

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21. Make a River

Make a River

I adore this simple idea to Make a River in the sandpit. Kids will have fun digging a narrow trench across the length of the sandpit, collecting nature things and water animal toys to place around and filling their river with water.

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22. DIY Water Blasters

DIY Water Blasters

Beat the summer heat with these amazing DIY Water Blasters. These pool noodles can shoot water over 30 feet! Find out how to build your spray park and these fun blasters by following this tutorial.

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23. How To Make Mini Water Blobs

How To Make Mini Water Blobs

These Mini Water Blobs are the perfect summer water activity for some awesome water fun. These mini ones are a fun twist on the more common large water blobs. Find out how to make them with some plastic sheeting and water in this tutorial.

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24. DIY Marble Run And Water Wall

DIY Marble Run And Water Wall

Kids will have hours of interactive fun with this amazing DIY Marble Run And Water Wall. In this project, a magnet board is used as both, a ball run with marbles and water beads and as a water wall featuring several different connecting tracks and ball valves with water to control where the water and marbles go.

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25. How to Make a DIY Splash Pad in 30 Minutes

How to Make a DIY Splash Pad in 30 Minutes

DIY Splash Pad is a perfect solution when you’re looking for a safe option for kids to cool down and splash around without the water being too deep. Find out how to make it in 30 minutes with this tutorial.

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DIY Backyard Balance Structures

There are lots of ways to incorporate a balance structure into your DIY backyard play areas. If you can find a long log and put it in your backyard, I guarantee the kids will be out there walking all over and finding games that incorporate it. Take a look at the ideas below for a few more interesting ways you can provide a balance experience for your children’s play.

26. Wood and Stumps Balance Beam

Wood and Stumps Balance Beam

Here’s one of the most classic balance beam ideas created with a few big log pieces and wood planks. Kids can get creative and build their own Wood and Stumps Balance Beam in several different combinations. Let their imagination soar!

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27. DIY Backyard Tightrope

DIY Backyard Tightrope

Kids will have a blast with this amazing DIY Backyard Tightrope. Learn how to use a simple ratchet strap to create a challenging tightrope in this guide. This will be one of their favorite summer activity!

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28. Backyard Sensory Path

Backyard Sensory Path

Get inspired on how to create a Backyard Sensory Path that is perfect for toddlers. The different textures provide a rich sensory experience for their feet, plus the varied and uneven surfaces will allow them to develop their sense of balance.

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DIY Backyard Race Tracks

Both boys and girls will enjoy hours of fun creating and playing with their DIY garden race tracks. Scroll below for some great ideas to get started.

29. DIY Garden Racetrack For Toy Cars

DIY Garden Racetrack For Toy Cars

Kids love being outside and playing in nature and building a DIY Garden Racetrack For Toy Cars is the perfect activity for them. This tutorial will take you through a step-by-step process of how to create this amazing track for their toy cars and trucks.

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30. Backyard R/C Track

Backyard R/C Track

If you have any RC (remote controlled) car enthusiasts in your home then you should take a look at this fabulous Backyard R/C Track. A track like this isn’t too difficult to make and provides so much fun for kids and their friends to zoom their cars around and race each other.

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31. DIY Backyard Racetrack

DIY Backyard Racetrack

You don’t need much space in your backyard to build this fantastic DIY Backyard Racetrack for toy cars. Pick a rustic terrain and add some small marble chips or river stones to give your racetrack extra character.

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Backyard Play Delivered to You

Making Your DIY Backyard Play Areas

No matter what your budget is, you can create outdoor play areas that are fun and engaging for your kids. Logs, stumps, sticks, dirt, rocks, acorns, pinecones… all of these become catalysts for imaginative play when kids have the opportunity to freely play and explore them.

One of the most wonderful things about our kids is their imagination and ability to create play from whatever they have around them. Sometimes, the hard part is working past the boredom to get their imaginations working. Joining kids in the backyard to play with them is a great way to stay connected. And, inviting your kids’ friends over for some backyard playtime will bring a whole new element to their backyard play.

I hope you were able to find some ideas to help you create an outdoor environment that is just right for your kids!

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