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25 Halloween Cookies that are Frightfully Fun

These Halloween cookies are the perfect mix of sweet and spooky are surprisingly easy to make. Make a batch for your own Halloween celebrations at home or for fun with friends.

fun halloween cookies with 4 cookie ideas

Creepy and Cute Halloween Cookie Ideas

Mini Zombie Cookies

small zombie decorated cookies
Photo and recipe from The Decorated Cookie

I love the little details on these mini zombie cookies. Like the blood oozing from the brain, lol! So fun. You can make these with sugar cookies and royal icing.

Vampire Gingerbread Cookies

tray of gingerbread men vampire cookies
Photo and recipe from The Chef’s Corner Store

You were going to have to find your gingerbread cutter for the holidays anyways, so you may as well go ahead and use it to make these simple vampire gingerbread men.

Dracula Mouth Cookies

platter of dracula mouth cookies
Photo and recipe from Delish

Speaking of vampires, how about these amazing dracula mouth cookies?! Such a clever use of mini marshmallows and they’re sure to be a hit with everyone.

Spooky Eyeball Cookies

dark chocolate eyeball halloween cookies
Photo and recipe from Cupcake Diaries Blog

Nothing like some creepy eyeballs staring out at you to send some shivers up your spine. To get the dark black color you see in these cookies you might have to add some black food coloring.

Chocolate Stuffed Jack-o-Lantern Cookies

plate of jack o lantern sandwich cookies
Photo and recipe from Half Baked Harvest

The recipe for these spiced brown sugar cookies is good enough on it’s own. But by transforming the cookies into these smiling jack-o-lanterns, you’ve got a truly delicious treat that is perfect for Halloween.

Bone Cookies

tray of meringue bone cookies

Meringue cookies look frightfully delicious in these piped bone shapes. You could even maybe up the gore factor by splattering some strawberry sauce. Too much? On second thought, just stick with the clean white bone look. 😉

Halloween Ghost Cookies

ghost cookies holding candy corns
Photo and recipe from Erin Bakes

These cute little ghosts instantly caught my eye since they remind me of my Easter bunny cookies (they carry little eggs and are super cute!). Check out the recipe link below to see how to get the ghosts to carry their candy corns around!

Cute Frankenstein Cookies

square cut frankenstein cookies
Photo and recipe from Crazy Adventures in Parenting

Y’all know I’m a sucker for cute, and these have got to be the cutest little Frankenstein cookies ever. Plus, they’re so simple to make, so you can make them as a fun little treat for the kiddos.

Easy Witch Hat Cookies

halloween witch hat cookies with herhey's kisses
Photo and recipe from Betty Crocker

I know these witch hats have been around for a while, but you just can’t beat how easy they are to make. You can even swap out the homemade cookies for Oreos and have these whipped up and ready in no time!

Nutter Butter Mummy Cookies

tray of Nutter Butter mummy cookies
Photo and recipe from Devour Dinner

Are you a Nutter Butter lover? You can easily make these mummy cookies with a little dipping and drizzling of white chocolate.

Dipped Oreo Halloween Cookies

plate of dipped Oreo Halloween cookies
Photo and recipe from Cupcake Diaries Blog

Speaking of dipped cookies, go ahead and let your creative side loose with these dipped Oreo cookies. The possibilities are endless for turning the simple circle shape into all sorts of Halloween-y creations.

Black Cat Dipped Oreos

dipped oreo black cat cookies
Photo and recipe from Thirty Handmade Days

These dipped Oreo Halloween cookie cats are so adorable. And, they’re very easy if you have a little bit of patience for adding the little sprinkle details for the kitty face.

Halloween Spider Cookies

cookie sheet with peanut butter spider cookies
Photo and recipe from Eat Little Bird

I hope these spider cookies make you smile, because they sure caught my eye and gave me a giggle. There are lots of variations of this peanut butter spider cookie, but I love this version the most because of the silly spider faces. The secret is using some Lindt Lindor Chocolate Truffles.

Spider Web Iced Sugar Cookies

plate with iced spider web sugar cookies
Photo and recipe from Southern Living

These iced sugar cookies with spider web designs might look fancy and complicated, but they’re actually super-easy to pull off.

Oreo Eyeball Cookies

platter of oreo eyeball cookies
Photo and recipe from 100 Directions

Here’s another super-simple Oreo redo. If you aren’t into baking but want to pull-off some really fun Halloween cookies, then this is the cookie for you!

Colorful Monster Eyes Cookies

colorful cookies with eyeballs
Photo and recipe from Lil Luna

Making the cookies in these bright colors is a brilliant way to turn a simple cookie into cookies that pop! And, as we’ve seen, eyeball candies turn anything into a Halloween-worthy treat.

Witch Finger Cookies

green witch finger shaped cookies
Photo and recipe from Simply So Good

These creepy witch fingers are just so good. This is basically food-craft, which is my favorite mix of two things I dearly love. Fair warning, though…there may be some people who find these cookies too realistic-looking to eat!

Halloween Pinwheel Cookies

purple and green pinwheel cookies
Photo and recipe from The Simple Parent

I love the Halloween makeover given to this classic pinwheel cookie recipe. The purple and green swirls are perfection.

Halloween Windowpane Cookies

dark chocolate windowpane halloween cookies
Photo and recipe from Nibble and Dine

These windowpane cookies look like so much fun to make. Don’t you just love all the different colors and the creative elements you can add with icing?

Pumpkin Slice and Bake Cookies

sugar cookies with pumpkin shapes inside

Learn now to add any shape into the center of your slice-and-bake sugar coookies to make delicious cookies that are sure to impress.

Stenciled Bat Shortbread Cookies

sugar cookies with bat stencils

When I first saw these I thought they were slice–and-bake cookies, the the pumpkin example above. But, it turns out, you can create a similar look by using a stencil. Check out the recipe for all of the details.

Cute Bat Iced Sugar Cookies

person putting eyes on bat shaped halloween cookies

If you already have a set of star cutters then you can create this adorable bat cookie. I love how they were able to repurpose a basic shape into a cute Halloween cookie.

Day of the Dead Sugar Cookies

Day of the dead sugar cookie skulls with detailed piping work

Sharpen your piping skills and have fun creating interesting designs on these beautiful Day of the Dead skull cookies.

Candy Bucket Halloween Cookies

iced sugar cookie with candy bucket decoration

Here’s another repurposed cookie cutter. In this example, they used a candy corn cookie cutter into an iconic jack-o-lantern candy bucket!

Candy Corn Cookies

stack of candy corn cookies on orange napkin with plate of cookies in the background

I know that, even though I try to stick with ideas that anyone can make, there are some of you out there thinking, “I’m not creative enough to make all of these amazing cookies.” So, here are some yummy drop cookies with candy corns. They are perfect for Halloween, and if you can make a simple chocolate chip cookie, then you can definitely make these! No excuses, lol.

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