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50 Best Halloween Perler Bead Patterns, Ideas and Crafts

Use our free Halloween Perler bead patterns and have fun doing melty bead crafts with the kids this Halloween.

Halloween perler bead patterns

We’ve been crafting with our melty beads again, and we’ve come up a few simple Halloween perler bead patterns to share with you today.

(We call them melty beads at home, since they get melted together, but some people call them fuse beads, and the brand name is Perler. You may see the terms used interchangeably here.)

Our Halloween Perler Bead Patterns

We love playing with our Perler beads, and we created a page where we’re keeping more of our Perler bead patterns and designs that don’t necessarily go along with a holiday.

But, since we’re all excited about Halloween right now, we created some patterns that are perfect for this super-fun holiday. You’ll find the download link for the templates after each image.

What You’ll Need:

  • Tub of Perler beads
    • You’ll need these colors: black, white, yellow, orange, red, green, and off-white
  • Perler Bead Tweezers
  • Large Square Pegboard Canvas with Ironing Papers

Candy Corn Perler Bead Pattern

I mentioned when I made the Candy Corn brownie bite monsters how much we love candy corns at Halloween, so of course we had to make one with our melty beads!

Candy corn Halloween melty beads

Ghost Perler Bead Pattern

This little Halloween ghostie is on a mission!

Perler bead ghost pattern for Halloween

Frankenstein Perler Bead Pattern

We made Frankenstein’s monster a little more cute than scary, but we absolutely love how he turned out. It makes me smile every time I see his little face. 🙂

Frankensteins monster perler bead design

Dracula Perler Bead Pattern

Of course, we had to include a Dracula design in our Halloween perler bead patterns. I hope you like him as much as we do!

Dracula perler bead pattern

These Halloween Perler bead designs were the first round that we made, but I think we’ll be coming up with more before we’re done with this season.

Easy Halloween Perler Bead Patterns for Kids

We’ve created some cute and easy Halloween Perler Bead patterns this year that the kids can complete in just a few minutes.

small Halloween perler bead patterns

What I love about this set of Halloween bead designs is that they’re all pretty small and come together quickly. Sometimes the kids are up for detailed patterns, but most of the time we just want something small and simple to pass the time for a little bit.

Plus, with small and easy patterns, it gives who are just over playing for a little while a chance to finish their creations and take them home with them.

cute Halloween perler bead patterns with witch, skull, bat and more

We had fun playing around with the different bead canvas shapes, and found the hexagon really useful for making the skull, bat, and cat head. We used the heart shape for the little ghost, and a regular square pegboard for the witch and pumpkin.

You can click the button below to print out the patterns for all of the Perler bead designs in this cute Halloween set.

Easy halloween perler beads

I’ve shortlisted these cute designs that are all small and easy to do. They are especially curated for little awkward fingers and hands.

Orange Pumpkin

We can’t have Halloween without a carved pumpkin. Doesn’t it look quite friendly?

Orange Cobweb

If you’re going for a spooky haunted house effect, make sure to have cobweb décor. The crafter used bright happy orange beads for this photo but you can also make your cobwebs in black or white.

Bat Pattern

Make these super easy bat patterns and hang them around the house.

Black Cat

Here’s a black cat with bright yellow eyes. If you click through to the website, you’ll get to Krysanthe’s ten easy Perler bead patterns for Halloween.

Bloodshot Eyeball

At first glance, this looks like a simple Perler bead coaster with a weird design, but it’s actually a bloodshot eye. If you click on the link, it will take you to more easy projects for Halloween.

Small Skull

There is a huge variety of Perler bead skull designs on the Internet. This is one of the simplest designs I could find. You can make this skull more fun by making it with colored beads.

Cute Ghost

Isn’t this little guy so adorable? Look at those pink cheeks and little hands. Your kids will surely love this ghost.

Here’s the pattern for your reference.

Pumpkin and Ghost Duo

If you want a smaller ghost, you can check out this duo.

Spooky Tombstone

Tombstones are one of the staple decorations for Halloween. If your kids are dressing up as zombies, then some tombstones are a must.

Halloween Witch and Friends

Here’s a little witch with her pumpkin and owl friends. If you arrange your Perler bead works this way with some cotton and a couple of fake spiders, they make your décor even more aesthetic.

If you need a pattern for the witch, you can use this for reference. Just change the green to yellow or beige.

If you want your witch to look like the Wicked Witch in The Wizard of Oz, you can keep the green skin color.

More Perler Bead Designs (Medium to Hard)

Check out all the Perler bead designs you can do to set the vibe for a grand All Hallows’ Eve.

Trick or Treat Sign

This little Trick or Treat sign is Halloween-coded with its yellow and black beads. It’ll be cute on your mantel or in a child’s bedroom.

Death’s Hourglass

This Perler crafter on DeviantArt has quite the knack for theatrics. This is Death’s Hourglass. See the blood-like contents and the glaring skull inside.

Boo! Ghosts

If you’re looking for some cute Halloween decor, then this Boo! sign is it. Just look at this adorable ghost duo.

Happy Pumpkin Halloween Sign

Make your own Halloween sign this year instead of buying from the store. You just need some orange and white beads, and a lot of black beads. Substitute other colors if you run out of any color beads.

Spooky Tree

This Perler bead portrait of a skeleton tree outlined in the moonlight truly sets the mood. The combination of black, white, and purple beads truly gives off Halloween vibes. If you want to make this work even better, use glow-in-the-dark beads for the moon.

Pairs of Eyeballs

Leave some Perler bead eyeballs in random places. Your children will find it funny to find them, say, in the refrigerator or in between a book they are reading.

Cute Halloween Things

While a lot of Halloween designs are gloomy and scary, these characters manage to still look adorable. The lively colors make these designs fun instead of out-and-out spooky. I spy candlesticks, a cauldron, a ghost, and a Jack-o’-lantern. Which one is your favorite?

Jack-O’-Lantern Candy Bucket

Collecting treats is one of the most fun things about Halloween. Just look at this bucket filled to the brim with Halloween treats and candy. If you want to make this design, make sure you have many orange beads on hand as it will be hard to substitute other colors for it.

Halloween Bats

These bats flying across the moon would make a great wall hanging for this occasion.

Movable Skeleton

If your young ones ask to make this skeleton, you’ll have to help them with the joints. You’ll need some thread and a needle to put the bones together. Once finished, it’ll be a cute skeleton hanging with movable joints.

Stack of Pumpkins

The shading on this stack of pumpkins is really amazing. The use of bright yellow and two shades of orange makes the pumpkins look like they are really lit from the inside. The purple wizard hat is the perfect touch, too.

Sugar Skull

Have you heard of sugar skulls before? Also called Calavera, they used to be a common gift for children and decoration for the Day of the Dead. Sugar skulls are made of hard sugar and come in intricate and colorful designs just like this one.

Realistic Jack O Lantern

If you’re searching for more realistic and detailed Halloween designs, then this scary Jack-o-lantern might be what you’re looking for. It looks like it’s come straight out of a horror movie. If you plan on making this design, click on the image to take you to the Pinterest page. Click on “View Image” to see the bead pattern better.

Watermelon Jack-o-lantern

Make a unique Jack-o-lantern with this watermelon dude. It will stand out amongst a sea of pumpkins.

3D Ghost and Pumpkin Décor

If your Perler bead game is up to par, make this 3D Halloween décor. On a black base, slot in an orange pumpkin, a ghost, and a well.

Haunted House

This is such an awesome Halloween house. It’s by the official Perler bead site so there’s a very comprehensive pdf tutorial available for it. If you can recreate this piece, you’ll surely get compliments from all your visitors.

Halloween Crossovers

See your favorite characters dressed up in their spooky holiday gear!

Zombie Pikachu

Take a look at this zombie Perler of this extremely iconic Pokémon. Yellow fur gives way to sickly green flesh and rotting brains, but Pikachu still manages to be as adorable as ever!

Witch Pikachu

Here’s another design of our cute yellow electric rodent, and this time, he’s dressed up as a witch complete with a purple witch hat and magical broom. Look how ready Pikachu is to head out and snag some trick-or-treat candy.

Pumpkin Bulbasaur

This Pumpkin Bulbasaur design is extremely creative as the seed on his back has been replaced with a giant jack-o-lantern!

Mario Mushroom Ornaments

If you’re looking for some simpler designs, perhaps these ornaments are just what you’re looking for. There are a variety of Halloween-themed mushrooms on display here.

Witch Blossom

The Powerpuff Girls are ready for Halloween! Take a look at Blossom in her charming witch costume. We love the scarlet cape on her as well.

She-Devil Bubbles

Bubbles’ she-devil costume is a great contrast with her very sweet and kind personality. Little do people know that Bubbles turns very scary when you somehow get her angry, and this Perler bead design perfectly captures that.

Beetlejuice Lydia Buttercup

Lastly, take a look at Buttercup of the Deetz household as she dresses up as Lydia from Beetlejuice in this cool Perler bead design. Doesn’t this hair-do fit her so well?

Here is the pattern for your reference.

Pumpkin Casper

Elevate your Halloween spirit with a whimsical Casper Perler bead design wearing a grinning pumpkin. This fusion of this classic ghost and jack-o’-lantern is the perfect blend of spookiness.

Winnie the Witch

Even Winnie-the-Pooh is ready to get that candy haul this Halloween. Look how much he’s candy he’s gotten already in this large Perler of him.

Bumblebee Pooh

Pooh as a bumblebee is actually pretty perfect given his naturally yellow fur color and round body. He’s just so adorable. Just like before, he’s gotten a pretty big haul with this costume as well! If you’re going to do this project, make sure you have a lot of orange and black beads.

Dracula Hello Kitty

This Dracula Hello Kitty Perler may seem simple, but that doesn’t change how cute and frightening it is. Just look at her adorable red bows and menacing coat!

Hello Kitty Zombie

If you want something a little more on the scary side, this Zombie Hello Kittle design is just what you’re looking for. Even the most seasoned of horror enthusiasts will be creeped out by this one with her dead eyes and bloodstained dress.

Flying Hello Kitty Witch

We absolutely love this Witch Hello Kitty. The pastel colors complement each other very well, and the design evokes a sense of her flying in the night over a starlit city.

Hello Kitty Pumpkin

This design is simply Hello Kitty in a creepy pumpkin. Adorable!

Animal Crossing Jack

If you play Animal Crossing, then you might know Jack. Jack is the host of Halloween in the game and he gives away unique spooky furniture. If you don’t give him candy, Jack will play tricks on you.

Halloween Crafts

Halloween is one of the best holidays for dressing up your outfits and your home. Check out all the useful and practical projects you can do.

Pumpkin Family

Imagine this funny family of pumpkins sitting on your steps. You’ll be giving your neighbors a run for their money. They’re very easy to do, too! Check out the tutorials here.

Pumpkin Pendant

Get in the spirit of Halloween by wearing this little pendant around your neck. It’s small and easy to do so you can definitely make more for your friends and family.

Ghost Necklace

I just love these orange, white and black beads that have been used for the necklace itself. They’re definitely eye-catching and perfect for a child or for a costume. The Perler bead ghost is perfect, too. Just look at the little trick or treat bag it’s holding!

Halloween Earrings

You can make a variety of fun earrings for Halloween. Just make sure to pick out small Perler bead designs like these bats and ghosts.

Pumpkin Coasters

Coasters are another way to make your home décor truly in the spirit of Halloween. These smiling pumpkins will surely put anyone in a good mood.

Halloween Mobile

There are no ready patterns for these but make some small Halloween Perler bead designs and string them together like so. See how you can use the bat wings to hang more Perler bead things.

Spooky Tree Light Box

Light or blow boxes are one of the fun projects you can make using Perler beads.

This video tutorial will teach you how to make Halloween cubes.

Coffin Treat Box

We end this list with this beautiful coffin treat box. It looks intimidating but fortunately, it comes with a pdf tutorial that is very comprehensive. It isn’t for beginners, but it should be a good challenge if you’re a veteran of Perler bead crafting.

I hope you have fun crafting with your melty beads this Halloween. And, we provide our patterns to help give you inspiration to come up with your own designs, in addition to following our templates. The beauty of fuse beads, and why we love creating with them, is how completely open-ended they are. The more you use them, the easier it is to dream up new designs!

Enjoy and happy crafting!

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