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Halloween Word Scramble Activity Sheet

Challenge your kids with this fun, free printable Halloween Word Scramble activity sheet. Great idea for printable Halloween games for the classroom or home.

halloween word scramble activity sheet

I always loved doing these kids of challenges when I was a kid. They’re just challenging enough to be fun, but not so much that it’s too frustrating.

You can print this out and keep handy for when the kiddos are bored one afternoon. Or, it would also be a great activity or favor to have out at your Halloween party. You could even make a game out of who can get the most words completed in the fastest amount of time.

Also, if your kids enjoy activity sheets like this one, you can also hop over to my Halloween Word Search printables and download those as well!

Halloween Word Scramble Download

This Halloween Word Scramble has thirteen Halloween-themed words with the letters all mixed up.

My 10 year old went through it and it seemed like it was just the right level for her. She could figure out some words right away, and some took a little more time. Overall, she was able to correctly unscramble all but two of the words on her own.

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