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Christmas Perler Bead Patterns

Have fun making these adorable Christmas Perler bead patterns with your kids. They’re loads of fun and super easy with our handy printable pattern templates.

Free Christmas perler bead templates for melty bead crafts. Fun and easy craft for kids.

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I restocked our melty beads a few days ago and the kids and I have literally been going bead crazy ever since. Our kitchen table is completely useless as it is completely covered with beads and people’s half-finished creations on their bead pegboards.

I decided to make printable patterns for some of those that I thought were keepers. These will likely end up as Christmas ornaments or we’ll attach them to gifts for friends.

Make these adorable Christmas melty bead ornaments with our printable patterns. #KidsCraftIdeas #DIYChristmasOrnaments #PerlerBeadChristmasPatterns #

You could also easily attach a lapel pin to the back with a dab of hot glue and spruce up any outfit with one of these cute little Christmas critters.

To use Perler beads, you need a few things on hand:

Printable Christmas Perler Bead Patterns

This Christmas Perler bead pattern set comes with 4 animals dressed for chilly December weather.

We’ve got a little penguin wearing earmuffs, a sweet little fox wrapped snugly in his scarf, a mouse tucked into a tiny stocking, and a raccoon dressed up in a festive ensemble.

Make these adorable melty bead Christmas ornaments with the free printable patterns available to download. These are so fun to make and are a great kids Christmas craft idea. #ChristmasKidsCraft #MeltyBeads #DIYChristmas

The great thing about these patterns is how easy it is to springboard off of them to create something just the way you want it. You can change the stocking colors. Maybe the fox wants to wear a vest instead? Just go for it and have fun!

We had so much fun making them, and I hope you and your family enjoy some creative time together this holiday season.

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Perler Bead Crafting Supplies

Big Jar of 22,000 Beads

Square Pegboards and Ironing Paper

Perler Bead Tweezers

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Use our free Christmas perler bead patterns for fun and easy kids Christmas crafts. #christmascrafts #easycraft #perlerbeads #meltybeads

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