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Easy DIY Halloween Perler Bead Earrings

What better way to accessorize one of our favorite holidays than with these adorable Halloween Perler Bead earrings. They’re super-easy to make with mini Perler beads and some basic earring findings. Keep reading to learn how!

Cute DIY Halloween Perler Bead earrings. So fun, so cute, and so easy to make. Great Halloween craft for tweens or teens.

We’ve been back at it with the Perler Beads!  I know I already made a set of Halloween Perler Beads, but I recently picked up a set of mini beads and I had to make a set of ghost earrings.

I made a pair for each of my tween girls, and I can guarantee you there will be more Perler bead earrings in our future.

Ready to see how I made these?

Let’s get started!

Halloween Perler Bead Earrings

What you’ll need:

  • white and black mini Perler beads
  • mini bead pegboard
  • ironing paper
  • tweezers (must-have for working with the mini Perler beads)
  • earring kit with pliers
Make your own Halloween ghost earrings. Full tutorial at

For each earring, you’ll need to have the pliers, two jump rings, and a fish hook earring.

Step 1

Create your ghost (or other design) on the mini pegboard and iron just long enough for the beads to melt together.

Mini perler bead ghost design. See the whole tutorial to make your own Perler Bead earrings.

Step 2

Use an end of an earring or a metal pin from the earring findings kit to clear the whole in the top center bead.

Make cute Halloween Perler bead earrings! Click through for the details.

Step 3

This part can get a little fiddly.

Use the pliers to open the larger jump ring, and thread it through the hole you made. Then, use the pliers to close the jump ring back.

These perler bead ghost earrings are so cute, and super-easy to make!

Continue by attaching the smaller jump ring, and then the fish hook earring.

Make these easy perler bead earrings for Halloween! Perfect Halloween craft for teens and tweens. #halloween #tweencrafts #teencrafts #halloweencrafts

Step 4

Make another so you have a pair!

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My girls loved these Halloween Perler bead earrings, and couldn’t wait to wear them.

At 10 and 11, they’re definitely capable of making these themselves. In fact, I think this would be a great tween or teen craft idea for Halloween parties or sleepovers.

Have fun, and happy crafting!

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Make these adorable Perler bead ghost earrings for Halloween this year! Click throug for the full tutorial. #halloweencrafts #tweencrafts #ghostcrafts #perlerbeads #meltybeads #fusebeads
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