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40 Cute Perler Bead Ideas, Patterns and Designs

Let’s do cute Perler bead patterns!

I was scrolling through social media and just found out that scientifically, the brain is hardwired to react to cute things. Cute stuff hijacks the brain and makes people happy. So, here’s a little dose of happiness — cute Perler bead projects.

When you’re a parent to two girls, you get used to hoarding a lot of cute things in the house starting from adorable pets to accessories to plushies. Even as they’re growing up, the love for cute things is something my two daughters will never outgrow, I think. This collection is dedicated to them and all the hours we spent doing cute craft projects together.

Cute Bits n Pieces


Check out this colorful rainbow by The Cents’ Able Shoppin. If you have very young kids, you can turn this into a smart STEM activity by making the rainbow colors true to life. They’ll get a cool souvenir while learning the colors of the rainbow!

Rainbow Keychain

Mom Charlene from My Frugal Adventures made the most adorable rainbow keychains for her girls’ backpack and lunchbox. By leaving out one or two of the beads on top and fusing the beads well while ironing, she was able to turn the whole thing into a sturdy keychain.

Rainbow Pattern

Here is the pattern from Kandi Patterns if you’re interested in doing this with your little ones. You only need a handful of beads!

Rainbow Statement Earrings

These rainbow earrings by crafter Sam of Aww Sam are very similar to the rainbow keychains except that you’ll be using earring chains. They look small in the photo but are rather big in real life. In fact, I think they’d be too big for children to wear. They’d look great on young adults though as a statement piece or as part of a Halloween costume. If you swap out the earring hook for a piece of string, you can also use your rainbow as a hanging ornament.

Hollow Stars

I found these pretty pastel stars on the official Perler page. Just head on over to their site if you want the step-by-step instructions. If you look closely, you can see that they’ve been jazzed up with decorative stickers to make them more unique and attractive.

Shooting Star

If your children are into comets and shooting stars, they’ll want this shooting star for their room. You can use the template design and apply any color that the kids want.

Rainbow Star

This next one by GlitterSeashell is a shoutout to the Mario Brothers. If you play any of the games, then you’ll recognize this Rainbow Star. In case you want more of the same, make sure to check out the humongous list I made of all the neat Super Mario Perler designs on the Internet.

You can find the pattern for the Rainbow Star here on Kandi Patterns.

Rubber Ducky

We can’t have a list of cute things without the iconic yellow rubber ducky. It’s very easy to make and you only need 3 colors.

You can find the ducky pattern here on Kandi Patterns


Cacti may be prickly but they’ve crossed over into cute territory. These potted cactuses by Karen Kavett would look great in any room. And they don’t need watering!

Heart Bunting

If you want a project that counts down to a special event like your child’s birthday or Valentine’s Day, you can make these bunting hearts by Jennifer’s Little World with your child. You can make one or two every night or every few days until you have a small pile and you can make a bunting out of them.

Small Hearts

If you liked the above project but want to replicate it on a smaller scale, check out these small hearts by Origami Tutorials. These small hearts will only take a very short time to do. When threaded onto a string, your child can hang them anywhere in their room.

Cute Accessories

Heart Headbands

Aren’t these heart headbands by Eighteen25 stinking cute? My rambunctious girls will surely have destroyed these in a matter of hours but they’re still worth making! Remember that if you want your designs to last longer, you will have to apply heat a bit longer to make the beads fuse more.

Heart Keychains

We’ve done stars and rainbows. We can’t leave out heart keychains!


This daisy charm bracelet by The Pretty Life Girls is simply adorable. My girls love charm bracelets. Maybe it’s because we always buy them at least one charm whenever there is a family milestone or a special trip that we go to as a family. A charm makes for a great souvenir or memento.

You can start off your little one with this cute little charm bracelet. You will have to buy a couple of things though like the jewelry chain, jump rings, clasps, and pliers. These usually come in a bag so you’ll have enough supplies to make more than one.

Cute Story Characters

Princess and Knight

Do your kids love fairy tales? Then they’ll like these fairy tale characters by Cutesy Crafts. I highly recommend that the princess get her own sword, too!


If you’ve been shopping for your kids, then you’ll know that sparkly and colorful unicorns are a thing right now. If your kid wants to make Perler bead unicorns, then here are a couple of easy designs.

If you are looking for even more Perler Bead Unicorn projects, we have a full page dedicted for them.


The Little Mermaid will never not be a thing. Here are some cute under-the-sea patterns by Cutesy Crafts. You get two mermaid designs as well as a turtle and a dolphin.

If you want more mermaid perler bead patterns, we have a full page dedicated for them.

Baby Yoda

Well hello, Star Wars fans. This Baby Yoda by Frugal Fun for Boys and Girls will surely delight audiences of the Mandalorean TV series.


I’m not sure if all of you have watched the Mandalorian as some kids may be too young for it, but for sure, your family has watched the movie Despicable Me. That movie played on a loop for awhile in our living room TV. These patterns by Frugal Fun for Boys and Girls will make your minion-loving kids happy.

Cute Food and Noms

Strawberry Earrings

Children love the fruit and they love things with strawberry designs, too. It must be that bright red color and that delicious sweetness that make strawberry patterns so appealing. Check out these cute earrings.

Strawberry Brooch

Take your love for strawberry a step further with this strawberry brooch. You’ll need a brooch pin and some strong adhesive for this one.

Strawberry Pun Card

If your kids ever need to make a funny card for class, then pull this strawberry pun card by The Cents’ Able Shoppin out of your proverbial hat.

You can find the basic strawberry pattern here in Kandi Patterns but you’ll have to put in the eyes and the mouth.

Cupcake Earrings

Let’s move on to delicious desserts! It’s funny how few beads are needed for this pattern, but you can immediately tell these are cupcakes, right?

Cupcake Keychain

Here is a more detailed design of a cupcake. You can see the sprinkles and the huge cherry on top.

This is not the exact pattern but this cupcake in Kandi Patterns looks like a close copy.

Small Ice Cream Cones

Here are more small and easy food designs to make — small icecream cones. You can change out the colors for your favorite icecream flavors. Brown for chocolate, red for strawberry, and green for pistachio.

Pizza Earrings

I’m not sure how cute pizza earrings are but they’re definitely making me drool right now. Oh for a slice of warm cheesy pizza!

Pizza Necklace

Jessica made a Perler Bead pizza necklace for her blog Living La Vida Holoka. If you’re not digging the white cheese topping, just switch that out for some good old yellow cheese and red pepperoni bits.

Pizza Keychain

Of course somebody would make a pizza keychain. This would be a great gift for pizza-lovers.

You can find the pizza pattern here in Kandi Patterns.

Donut Coaster

These donut coasters by Frugal Coupon Living are just genius. The design possibilities are endless. Your kids can design their own donuts with this project.

Added bonus: If they become enamored enough with their own work, they’ll start using these coasters and you’ll have less ugly rings on your kitchen table.

Donut Necklace

Kudos to the crafter who did this donut necklace. They actually made this necklace look quite stylish and classy. The bronze beads are not so common in Perler bead sets though and you’d have to buy them special.

Krispy Kreme Donuts in a Box

You just have to say WOW to this epic Perler Bead Krispy Kreme box. It’s 3D and it’s all made from Perler beads. Amazing, right?

Donut Pattern

If 3D is too much for you, let’s go back to the 2D world with this strawberry donut. Now this one, the kids and I can make!

The donut pattern is here – Kandi Patterns.

Cute Animals


Jessica of Cutesy Crafts made this cute sloth that’s hanging from a tree. If you know anybody who likes this chill animal, then this design is perfect.

Flamingo and Llama

We are big flamingo lovers in our house. I can’t say who but one of the girls is a big fan of Jin, the llama-loving member of BTS. I just know she’ll love this hip llama by Spielwaren-Kroll.


Dog parents, here is a corgi for you. It’s adorable how it’s peeking over its shoulder.

Cow Pun Card

This cute cow pun card is by Quit Spooling Around. Let’s add it to our strawberry pun card from earlier. Isn’t it MOO-velous? ^^


These pastel owls by Origami Tutorials look great by themselves, but they also look great mounted on a child’s bedroom wall. Your kids will have fun choosing colors for their owls.


Now this list of cute animals just won’t be complete without dinosaurs. Check out that T-Rex, Apatosaurus, Stegosaurus, and Triceratops. Kids can forget the lid on the peanut butter jar but they can’t forget difficult dinosaur names!

You can find these same dinosaur patterns here – Kandi Patterns.

With the exception of the 3D Krispy Kreme box, these Perler bead designs are mostly simple and easy to make. Do share these with your friends and family!

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