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35 Pokémon Perler Bead Patterns, Designs and Ideas

Pokémon lovers, this curated list of the best Perler bead projects is for you!

perler beads pokemon designs

My daughters are huge Pokémon fans. They watched the animated series when they were younger and I still remember how we watched Detective Pikachu in the movies. It’s no surprise, therefore, that the little monsters were amongst their projects when we started doing Perler bead projects. There are a lot of exciting patterns out there that you can choose from.

2D Pokémon Designs

Easy Charmander

Some crafters like to really apply the heat from their iron and fuse their beads. Just take a look at this little Charmander from Cocosperlerbeads. Doesn’t it give off a different vibe?

Easy Charmander

Easy Pokéball

Here is the easiest Pokémon design you can do – a Pokéball. It’s what any decent trainer needs to catch ’em all. Crafter andnextcomesl creates an easy design that even young children can follow.

Easy Pokéball

Easy Pikachu + 2 Pokéballs

Here’s another easy design by crafter Geo Kuromi – a small sideways-facing Pikachu with two Pokéballs.

Easy Pikachu + 2 Pokéballs

Ash and Pikachu

We can’t have Pikachu without his beloved trainer Ash. Here is an easy design for the little ones.

Shiny Pokéballs

If you want more of a challenge, these colorful and shiny 3D-looking Pokéballs should be a nice project. You’ll use up different colors of beads for these Normal, Great, Ultra, and Master Pokéballs.

Diglett Perler Bead Pattern

If you’ve got a very young child who insists on making a Perler bead Pokémon or an actual Diglett-loving fan, then this very simple Diglett pattern is perfect for you. The pattern is easy peasy, you only need a few beads, and you can finish this in a matter of minutes.

Diglett Perler Bead Pattern

Bulbasaur Perler Bead Pattern

The starter Pokémon will always be special to fans. This pattern is an excellent rendition of the cute grass-type Pokémon. It’s not a very big piece but the shading is phenomenal.

Bulbasaur Perler Bead Pattern

A Cute Little Goomy

I just instantly fell in love with this Goomy by evilpika. It captures the two-toned soft lavender color of this Dragon-type Pokémon.

A Cute Little Goomy


Gastly is a Ghost/Poison type Pokémon. He is 95% poisonous gas. In the anime, Gastly is a black sphere surrounded by a flat purple haze. This crafter’s Gastly is awesome though. The use of different shades of violet paired with Gastly’s expression really gives off a superlative toxic and noxious aura.


Eevee seems to be a popular choice for Perler bead crafters. You’ll see this Eevee again in a bit but used as room decor.


The adorable Eevee transforms into this sleek Vaporeon when exposed to a Water Stone. Just look at that tail. No wonder it’s been mistaken for a mermaid before.

Jigglypuff Pattern

No Pokémon list is complete without this cute pink Pokémon. With its round body, big blue eyes, and round body, it will look great in your room as wall decor or even as a coaster.


From cute to violent, let’s check out the Gyarados. Its violent nature and fierce temper is on full display in this Gyarados perler bead creation. You’ll need a ton of colored beads and careful beadwork to finish a project this complex.


This Perler bead Mewtwo reminds me of movie time with my two daughters. We watched the Pokémon movie together and this psychic-type Pokémon was very enigmatic and dangerous in the film. It’s a powerful piece of artwork to have up on your walls if ever.

Team Rocket

Ah our beloved Team Rocket. They’re one of the few villains who can be scheming and clumsily lovable all at the same time.

Jessie: Prepare for trouble!

James: Make it double!

Jessie: To protect the world from devastation!

James: To unite all peoples within our nation!

Jessie: To denounce the evils of truth and love!

James: To extend our reach to the stars above!

Jessie: Jessie!

James: James!

Jessie: Team Rocket blasts off at the speed of light!

James: Surrender now or prepare to fight!

Check out the pattern here.


Now let’s not forget the third member of Team Rocket – the cunning Meowth. Unlike others, Meowth can talk and walk on two legs like his human counterparts Jesse and James. Doesn’t he look villainous, too?


Pokémon enthusiasts each have a specific Pokémon that’s close to their hearts. PokéPerlers must really love Eevee to create all these iterations of this normal-type Pokémon. The detail is just astounding and perfectly captures the character designs of the original.


Useful Pokémon Perler Bead Projects

Pokémon on Stands

These stands are a great idea. This way, you can display any of your favorite Perler bead creations. Note that for these Pokémon, the crafter fashioned the stands to look like Pokéballs.

Pokémon Pins

I just love how the most popular Pokémon have been rendered to their most simplistic form. They totally give a new spin to classic favorites. You can use these pins on your bag or attach them to a display banner in your room.

Tic Tac Toe with Pokéballs and Pikachu

Now here’s a fun project for young children! Make a Tic Tac Toe game with these Pikachu heads and Pokéballs. If you have other simple designs, you can use those too as an alternative.

Derpy Nerdy Pokémon Fridge Magnet

Here’s another fun spin on Pokémon designs. These derpy and nerdy versions are a definite conversation-starter.

Funny Pokémon Butt Coasters

For the Pokémon crafter with a sense of humor, here are Pokémon butt coasters. They’re funny AND useful. Imagine getting a visitor who doesn’t know the Pokémon franchise and getting asked what these coaster designs are.

Snorlax Door Hanger

Snorlax is the perfect Pokémon to feature in a Do Not Disturb sign for your bedroom. The green color is so soothing and matches with the friendly creature well. Sweet dreams!

Legendary Pokémon Dreamcatcher

What Pokémon fan wouldn’t want this legendary dreamcatcher in their room? No one! You’ll have to buy some chains and a lot of beads. If your skill level is up for this project, go for it!

Pokémon Christmas Wreath Pattern

This Christmas wreath will definitely make the holidays more fun! Hang this up in your living room and expect a lot of compliments and curious questions. Very Instagrammable, too!

Ash and Pikachu Key Holder

Never lose your keys again with this Ash and Pikachu key holder. You can customize this too and make it longer with more Pokémon characters of your choosing.

3D Pokémon Designs

3D Squirtle

If you’re new to the world of 3D Perler bead projects, then this is a good place to start. Pink Stripey Socks gives a nice step by step tutorial on how to create these little critters so you should be able to follow along. You can also use this Kandipatterns link.

3D Squirtle

DIY Pokéball Box

Here’s a practical 3D project – a Pokéball box where you can keep little things like clips, hair ties, or even small jewelry pieces.

Bulbasaur with Jungle Backdrop

This project by MagicPearls isn’t exactly 3D but the layering gives the whole thing a 3D effect. Check out Bulbasaur, Ivysaur, and Venusaur in their little jungle island. This would look great as decor in your room.

Pokémon House

Anybody who’s played the Pokémon game in their Nintendo will surely get a pang of nostalgia with this little scene. And best of all, it’s all made with Perler beads!

Pokémon Landscape

If you’re feeling a bit more ambitious, then check out this amazing Pokémon Perler bead creation. See how many Pokémon you can find and which building or vegetation you can spot from the game.

Amazing 3D Charmander

When it comes to Perler bead crafting, nekonek0ya is hands down my favorite creator. Just look at her beautiful Charmander. She has lots more works and you’ll find them in her website.

Amazing 3D Charmander

Video Tutorials

Giant 3D Pokéball

If you’re a visual learner, then this YouTube video tutorial is for you. Learn how to make this giant 3D Pokéball without glue.

3D Perler Bead Tutorial for Beginners

If you struggled with the 3D critters, then check out this YouTube video as supplementary material.

Pokémon Starters Perler Bead Sprites

Learn how to do some 2D Pokémon with this easy tutorial video. QDCrafts does three of the starter Pokémon – Charmander, Squirtle, and Bulbasaur. It’s time lapse so you’ll find it pretty fascinating.

Now weren’t those amazing examples of what you can do with Perler beads? There are no limits to the possibilities you can do so long as you have imagination and time. Don’t forget to share with your family and friends!

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