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Easy DIY Oreo Love Bug Treats

Make these adorable love bug treats for an easy Valentine’s Day snack. Using Oreo cookies as the base, these lovely ladybugs are a cinch to create.

Who is in the mood for a quick and easy food craft that is sure to melt some hearts?

My ten year old daughter and I loved making these love bug treats together for an easy afternoon treat. You can make these with your kids, or surprise them after school with some love bug treats on Valentine’s Day.

How to Make Oreo Love Bug Treats

Here’s What you need.


  • Oreo Cookies
  • Red Fondant
  • Heart cutter
  • Tube Decorator Gel
  • Wilton Mini Eyeballs
  • Black Food Marker
  • Rolling Pin
supplies for oreo valentines day love bug cookies

How to Make Your Love Bug Treats

steps to making the valentines day cookies
  1. Roll fondant to about 1/8″ thick
  2. Use heart shape cutter to cut hearts into the fondant
  3. Use food marker to make lady bug dots on the hearts
  4. Apply decorator gel to the backs of the hearts and place on top of Oreo(this is your glue!)
  5. Use the decorator gel to set eyeballs into place

Make as many as you want! A little bit of fondant goes a long way. I wanted to keep things simple by picking up some red fondant at the store. If you’d rather make your own fondant, give this recipe a try.

cute DIY valentines day love bug cookie

Now you have cute little love bugs to share with someone sweet.

valentines day oreo love bugs

Possible modifications:

  • Use black licorice to add legs
  • Use small black fondant circles instead of the marker dots

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As simple as these are to make, all of the steps do take time. If you need something quicker, be sure to check out these Easy Valentine’s Day Treats for Kids.

Did you enjoy the DIY Love Bug Treats? Be sure to Pin the image below to share and save for later!

DIY Oreo love bug treats
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