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Jam-Filled Flower Sugar Cookies

Add a sweet treat to your Mother’s Day Brunch. These jam-filled flower sugar cookies are so pretty and not too fussy. Their jam-filling makes them the perfect cookies for brunch or tea-time.

flower shaped cookies filled with colorful jam

Spring is in the air, and my tulips are blooming. Plus, I’ve been thinking about my mom, who’s planning a visit in the next few weeks. Why not make some flower cookies! I had a Mother’s Day Brunch in mind when I made these, but they’d also be welcome at any tea party, for sure.

They’re pretty easy, with just a simple jam filling. If you like shortbread sandwich cookies then these will be right up your alley. I decided to make these easy flower cookies after seeing (and immediately falling in love with) these mini lemon flower tarts. Sadly, lemon pie filling was never one of my favorites. But, I still loved the flower-as-a-vessel idea. And the jam-filled flower sugar cookies were born!

Make These Jam-Filled Flower Sugar Cookies

The trickiest part about these cookies is putting the flower shapes into the cupcake pan. I’ve made these cookies about four times now, and sometimes they didn’t give me any trouble, while other times the flowers wanted to break apart before I could get them into place. I’ll mention some ideas for avoiding those trouble spots below.

What You’ll Need:

  • 1 package of pre-made sugar cookie dough (or use your favorite rolled sugar cookie recipe)
  • 1/2 cup flour
  • Jam of your choice (I used peach/apricot preserves and raspberry jam)
  • Small bowl of powdered sugar
  • Flower shape cutter
  • 24 cup mini muffin pan
  • Oven pre-heated according to your cookie recipe (mine was at 325)
ingredients to make the flower shaped cookies

Step 1:  Use your hands to combine package of pre-made sugar cookie dough with 1/2 cup flour in a mixing bowl

making the cookie dough for flower cookies

Step 2: Roll dough to about 1/8″ thick and cut flower shapes.

flower cookie cutter shape on cookie dough

Step 3: Carefully move flower cookie shapes into the muffin pan with petals facing up. Here are a few different views so you can get the idea:

flower cookie cups in baking pan

Step 4: Bake cookies for about 6-8 minutes. I kept mine at 7 minutes and they came out fully baked every time.

Let the cookies cool for about 10 minutes before removing from the pan. I found it helps to give a little twist to help them release from the pan without breaking the cookies. Move to wire rack.

flower shaped cookie cups

Step 5: Sprinkle on your powdered sugar through a sifter.

flower cookie cups being sprinkled with powdered sugar

Step 6: Add about a half teaspoon of your desired jam into the centers of the flower cookies.

Step 7: Eat immediately or store in an air-tight container. These are best eaten the same day.

Tips for Making the Cookies:

  • If it starts to get crumbly, add a little bit of water
  • Make sure you keep your surface well-floured so the cookies don’t stick when you try to pull them up
  • You may have an easier time working with the dough if you refrigerate it, but it is not necessary
  • Try to make sure the petals of the flowers are level before you bake them (or you’ll have lopsided flowers!)
  • Don’t worry if some of your cookies have little imperfections when they come out of the oven as the powdered sugar will cover most flaws.
cookies shaped like flowers

Enjoy your cookies and don’t forget to share this post! You can Pin the image below to save for later.

flower shaped cookies with jam filling
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