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25 Genshin Impact Perler Bead Patterns, Designs and Ideas

Genshin Impact gamers and crafters, finally! Here is a collection specially curated for you.

25 Genshin Impact Perler Bead Patterns, Designs and Ideas

If you’ve been playing Genshin Impact, then you know it’s one of the most popular immersive worlds on the Internet these days. Unlike the big MMORPG titles of old where masses of people played all together in a map, Genshin Impact is mostly played as a single player. In the company of the bubbly Paimon, you travel to stunningly beautiful countries and go on multiple adventures as a Traveler.

Now one of the things that keeps the game fresh and interesting is the constant addition of exciting new characters. I’ve curated the most popular Genshin Impact characters below. Wouldn’t it be so cool to have a Perler bead work of your favorite game characters?

Genshin Impact Characters

Childe and Zhongli

Childe is a very popular character because of his versatility and strength in game. A 5-star hydro character, he can quickly switch from bow to spear. Being the 11th of the Harbingers, Childe has a strong taste for battle and adventure.

Zhongli, in the meantime, is an interesting contrast to Childe’s volatile character. As the God of Contracts and the oldest archon, he is logical, steady, and prefers to focus on projects with real-world applications.

If you want your own Childe and Zhongli mementos, these chibis are very easy to do and would only need a few Perler beads. You’ll be using mostly earth-colored beads.

Xiao Keychain

Here’s another chibi, but this time, it’s my currently active main character Xiao. Xiao’s palette is mainly blue-green colors, so make sure you have these Perler beads if you want to make this character.

Xiao’s back story is very tragic. As an adeptus, he ate too many bad dreams and killed so many demons. As a result, he carries a heavy karmic burden with him always. It’s a miracle that he has not spiraled into madness. Nevertheless, he is one of my favorite characters in the game. I just make sure that I have a support character for when Xiao’s life force depletes from his elemental bursts.

Here is the pattern for your reference.

Paimon Pattern

Paimon, the adorable floating fairy, is the deuteragonist in Genshin Impact. Deuteragonist means the 2nd most important character. The Traveler rarely speaks and lets Paimon do most of the talking and reacting. In this manner, Paimon helps push the story forward and is essentially our mirror as she goes from glee, worry, frustration, or joy according to the events in the game. She is also the Traveler’s loyal cheerleader.

Did you know? The Traveler fished her out of a lake thus saving her from drowning. And that is how they met.

Sadly, there is a dearth of Paimon Perler bead patterns out there. If any talented crafters read this and have an affection for our dear Paimon, I beg you to please make a cool pattern for our little fairy. I would do it but alas, my skills are severely limited in the designing department. The best that I could find is this little pattern. It seems most Paimon-loving crafters are into cross stitch rather than beading.


An anemo samurai whom we meet aboard The Crux ship, Kazuha is easy-going and gentle. A wandering free spirit, he cannot bear being tied down to one spot. I especially love his ability to read the sounds of Nature.

While Kazuha’s brown costume is hard to make out in this chibi, the red strip on his hair is a dead giveaway.


Bennett is one of the stronger healers in the game. While infamous for bringing bad luck to himself and others, he is nevertheless an excellent character to bring along in one’s party because apart from healing, he can also add massive attack buffs and particles to the party.

You can instantly identify Bennet’s Perler bead chibi because of his pretty green eyes and the goggles on his head.

Hu Tao Keychain

Here’s another Genshin Impact chibi character to add to your collection. It’s Hu Tao, the eccentric Director of the Wangsheng Funeral Parlor. If you’ve gotten to her story arc, then you’ll know that Hu Tao has a charming way of talking about dark things with marked enthusiasm that often morphs into a poetry recital. The red and black motif on this keychain is so so fitting, yes?

Here is the pattern for the above design for your reference.

Hu Tao

If you prefer closer depictions to the art ingame, check out these succeeding designs. This Perler bead Hu Tao looks very similar to the original character in Genshin Impact. In this design, it is easier to see her dark brown costume with its gold accents and her Harmony Hexagram hat.

The crafter also added Hu Tao’s summon, a Companion ghost. Isn’t it so cute?


Klee is one of the cutest and most adorable characters ever designed in the game. Think puppies, kittens, and bunnies. Klee cheerily hops and bops her way through the game while merrily detonating her favorite explosives. Her official introduction is cute. “The Happy Little Spark… always getting locked up in solitary confinement.”

Just look how cute her Perler bead character turned out.

Happily, there is a pattern available for reference.

Klee with Dodoco

Klee never goes anywhere with Dodoco, a fluffy rabbit-like stuffed toy that you’ll always find hanging off the side of Klee’s backpack. It’s an overload of cuteness!

Sadly, no pattern was found online at the time of writing but I took pains to (mostly) only choose patterns that you can copy if you zoom in on the photos. My daughter was able to do the slimes and Klee this way.


In Teyvat, each person has their consetallation. As a skilled astrologist, Mona is able to read a person’s constellation and somewhat see into the future, earning her the ire of many when their future is not what they had in mind. Still, she wishes for people’s happiness and offers advice regardless.

Crafter Angel made the best ever Perler bead Mona. Mona’s beautiful costume has been recreated so well.


Amber is Mondstadt’s premier travel guide and resident Outrider, a special unit of the Knights that specializes in being out in the wilderness and aiding those in need. Her sunny personality and positive attitude make her a joy to be around. She may not be one of the game’s stronger characters, but her cheeriness makes her a great inspiration to many.

Once again, Crafter Angel was able to faithfully recreate Amber’s beautiful outfit while putting her in a very Amber-like pose.


Noelle is a kind-hearted and hardworking maid in the Knights of Favonius. Despite having moved on to flashier and stronger characters, I have a soft spot for Noelle as she was one of my first ever party members. We broke up so much iron ores for hours together, it’s crazy!

Here she is with her giant broadsword. Again, this is a beautiful piece of Perler bead work that closely mimics the beauty of the original character design.


Like Xiao, Ganyu is also an adeptus. However, rather than spending her time fighting, she mostly deals with the thousands of paperwork in the city of Liyue and works unholy amounts of hours in overtime. If you ever catch her dozing off in-game, then you know the reason!

Ganyu’s color palette has a lot of blue beads so if you want to recreate her, make sure to have these colors!


Keqing is also a highly important figure in Liyue as the fifth seat of the city’s ruling Qixing. Her duties involve management of many facets of the city including land and construction. However, she also possesses lightning-fast combat skills that make her a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield, making her a favorite among fans of the game.

Here she is with her purple hair and blue robes a-flying.

Kujou Sara

Kujou Sara is a skilled archer in Genshin Impact who serves as the general of the Tenryou Commission. Her sharpshooting skills and strategic mind make her an invaluable asset in battle, and her unwavering dedication to the Raiden Shogun and her duties has earned her the respect of her comrades.

Kujou Sara always takes her job seriously and you can see that from her grim expression here. The crow feathers around her are also a nice touch.

Kujou Sara


Venti just might be my favorite archon and his realm Mondstadt my favorite of all the maps. That’s because Venti is so carefree, kind, and playful. Masquerading as a traveling bard, I feel my time with him was the most pleasurable out of all the archons. It also helps that he is crazy strong especially in a group battle because of his ability to suck up enemies into a humongous black hole.

Fun fact: Xiao was saved from going entirely mad because of the sounds of Venti’s flute.

Here is a breathtaking 3D model of Venti, the beloved anemo archon. Sadly, I don’t have the pattern for him so we can only admire Perler bead crafters with this level of skill.


Here is another jaw-dropping piece of 3D work.

Xiangling is a talented chef and fierce fighter who uses her culinary skills and Pyro abilities to create mouthwatering dishes and vanquish her enemies. This design showcases her pretty dark hair and fire-colored palette. You can also clearly see her holding onto her spear. Too bad there isn’t a Guoba because her little fire-breathing companion Panda is cute as heck.

3D Klee

To make up for not being able to provide the patterns for the 3D works above, here is a 3D Klee instead. For you visual learners out there, this YouTube tutorial should be very helpful.

Genshin Impact Creatures


If you like wandering about the beautiful maps of Genshin Impact, then you’ll find these pesky hilichurls always nipping at your heels. I kind of wish there was a mode in the game similar to Minecraft where you can just play without the mobs. Still, these grumpy NPC’s are an integral part of the game especially later on when we discover their tragic back story.

I think my jaw dropped when I saw these chibi hilichurls. To the genius crafter who made these, huge kudos to you! These are going in our growing list of next-projects.

Electro Slime

Be careful when traversing Teyvat because these electro slimes might jump at you at an inopportune time. They may look cute and cuddly but their electric shocks are anything but!

This Perler bead electro slime is a perfect recreation of the one from the game. See the glowing eyes and the energy veins running through it.

Pyro and Electro Slimes

Pyro Slimes, on the other hand, possess the power of fire. It’s funny to see a Perler bead Pyro slime paired with a Perler bead Electro slime. When combined, these two causes a reaction called Overload which has sent many an adventurer flying.

Cryo and Pyro Slimes

Cryo Slimes make you slow. Very slow. Not only that, but attacks from a nearby Pyro Slime will deal double the amount of damage to you if you’re affected by the cold.

Check out this video tutorial on how to make slimes. The crafter made the freezing Cryo slime with adorable forlorn eyes.

All Slimes

More slimes! And they’re all so adorable, too! You get points if you can identify them all.

Genshin Impact Items


Primogems are a valuable currency in Genshin Impact that players can use to acquire new characters, weapons, and resources by wishing. You can try your luck with these wishes, but chances are you’ll end up with another 3-star weapon instead of that elusive 5-star character you’ve been dreaming of. But hey, at least you can console yourself by admiring your ever-growing collection of crystals!

Reginagrey from Reddit created this beautiful Primogem. She says it didn’t turn out well, but don’t you think she did a great job?

Mondstadt Hydro Vision

Visions and slimes are one of the most created designs for Genshin Impact most likely due to the fact that of all the artwork in the game, these are the most basic.

Here we have a Hydro vision, one of the seven elemental visions in Genshin Impact which imbues the user with the power of water. You can clearly see that it is a water element because of the cool blue beads used. Check out this easy-to-follow YouTube tutorial.

Mondstadt Dendro Vision

A year ago, there were no playable characters with Dendro Visions in Genshin Impact. However, with the addition of the Sumeru region, Dendro characters have become plentiful, allowing powerful plant-based reactions and quickly becoming many players’ favorite element.

Just like the Hydro Vision, you can immediately recognize the Dendro vision because of its beautiful affinity colors.

And that wraps up our Genshin Impact Perler bead list for now. Hopefully, I can add more works to this list in the future as more characters are rolled out and more crafters try their hand at Genshin Impact bead works.

Genshin Impact perler bead pin image
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