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Flag Craft for Kids: Make a Stars-and-Stripes Paper Bag Kite

Need a flag craft to entertain kids at your Memorial day BBQ or 4th of July celebration? Make these fun, patriotic kites using paper bags and party streamers!  Even if it’s not windy, the kids will love making these kites as much as playing with them when they’re done. They make great party favors for young party-goers.

Make a paper bag kite with stars and stripes like the American Flag. Fun patriotic craft for kids.

Ready to let your flags fly?

This super-simple flag craft for kids will have them lining up to make their own. Start with plain blue paper party bags, and end with a flag-inspired kite.

No wind? No worries!

With the long kite tail streamers, these are just as fun to twirl around as they are to fly.

Younger kids will need help with cutting and tying, but will have a blast covering the bag with stickers. Older kids can probably handle most of the steps with a little instruction.

Easy 4th of July craft for kids. Make this simple DIY paper bag kite, decorated with the stars and stripes, for a fun patriotic craft that the kids will love.

How to Make A Paper Bag Kite

Supplies for a Stars-and-Stripes paper bag kite:

  • white star stickers
  • blue paper bags
  • craft sticks
  • red and white crepe streamers
  • yarn or string
Supplies for making patriotic flag kite.

Follow these simple steps to make your kite

first step to making a flag kite is adding the stars.

1. Start by adding your star stickers all over your bag.

cut a hole in the bottom center of the paper bag

2. Next, cut a small hole on the bottom center of your bag.

How to make a patriotic paper bag kite

3. Insert one end of your yarn through the hole of the bag, and tie it securely to a popsicle stick on the other end.

How to make a patriotic paper bag kite

4. Add another popsicle stick to the opposite end of the yarn (the end that is not inside the bag). This will be the handle for the kite that you’ll wrap the yarn around

How to make a paper bag kite for July 4th.
Red White and Blue kids craft for 4th of July: Make a simple kite with stars and stripes. Easy 4th of July Kids craft idea.

5. Glue your streamers all around the inside top of the bag.

6. Go fly your kite!

Easy Flag craft for Kids: Have fun with the kids making this red, white, and blue paper bag kite. This is really fun for the kids to make and play with when they're done.

But, will it fly?

So, the jury is still out on whether or not this kite will get airborne.  When we tested, we only had 7mph winds and it was struggling.

Thankfully, my daughter said it was still fun to swing it around and watch the streamers.

Have fun making the kite, and may you have lots of wind!

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