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35 Adorable Bunny Craft Ideas and DIY Projects

Looking for some fun and simple bunny craft ideas? You will love these Adorable Bunny Craft Ideas and DIY Projects we’ve selected for you here.

Bunny Craft Ideas and DIY Projects

Hello crafty friends and DIYers! Welcome to these Adorable Bunny Craft Ideas and DIY Projects, we’re sure you’ll love them as much as us. And if you’re obsessed with everything cute bunny crafts are a perfect project for you. Because is there anything more adorable than bunnies?

In this round-up, you’ll find bunny crafts for kids, DIY bunny decor, bunny paper and clay crafts, bunny crochet projects, and more! There is truly something here for everyone, whether you’re looking for a fun project for your Easter party craft table, need something to keep the kiddos busy over Spring Break, or just want a fun, seasonal project for yourself, we’ve got you covered.

Scroll through and find the bunny craft ideas with your name on it!

Bunny Crafts for Kids

1. Cute Bunny Finger Puppets

Cute Bunny Finger Puppets

These Cute Bunny Finger Puppets will fit the bill for an easy spur-of-the-moment craft. Great to entertain your preschoolers and would also work well for an Easter kids’ party craft activity.

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2. Flower Pot Bunny Craft

Flower Pot Bunny Craft

Kids will have a great time with this adorable Flower Pot Bunny Craft. Grab some terra cotta flower pots, acrylic paint and white craft foam for the ears and check out this tutorial. To make them even more fun line them with a cupcake liner and fill them with Easter candies.

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3. Pom Pom Bunny

Pom Pom Bunny

Learn how to craft this cute Pom Pom Bunny with this tutorial. It’ll teach you how to make soft and fluffy pom poms to add to the free printable bunny’s body template.

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4. Easter Bunny Spoon Puppets

Easter Bunny Spoon Puppets

Simple materials like felt and a few wooden spoons are all you need to make these Easter Bunny Spoon Puppets. Check out the instructions in this post for this fun kids’ activity.

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5. Sock Bunny Craft for Kids

Sock Bunny Craft for Kids

Find a good use for some of your pair less socks with this Sock Bunny Craft for Kids. This is a great Easter craft to do with kids or an easy gift to surprise them in their Easter basket.

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6. Paper Plate Bunny Masks

Paper Plate Bunny Masks

These fun and simple Paper Plate Bunny Masks would be a big hit at an Easter party craft table. You can find instructions and download the bunny ears and whiskers template in this post.

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DIY Bunny Decor

7. Felt Bunny Garland

Felt Bunny Garland

Excited to craft this festive Felt Bunny Garland? This lovely Easter craft is a perfect beginner sewing project which includes a PDF template for cutting the bunny shapes.

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8. Boho Bunny Wreath

Boho Bunny Wreath

Learn how to transform a simple bunny form into this gorgeous Boho Bunny Wreath. This macrame-style wreath is decorated with a faux flower and some greenery for stylish Easter decor.

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9. Burlap Bunny Wall Decor

Burlap Bunny Wall Decor

I love the simplicity and understated elegance of this Burlap Bunny Wall Decor. Crafted with an old frame, a piece of burlap, some paint and a bunny stencil this is an easy craft project for Spring.

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10. DIY Reclaimed Wood Bunny Statue

DIY Reclaimed Wood Bunny Statue

Make this charming DIY Reclaimed Wood Bunny Statue to greet your guests. This tutorial will show you a step-by-step process on how to make it with some reclaimed wood.

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11. Drop Cloth Bunny

Drop Cloth Bunny

Grab the free patterns to craft this sweet Drop Cloth Bunny. It’s wonderful for your Spring displays and if you don’t like drop cloth you can easily use linen.

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12. Moss Covered Bunny DIY

Moss Covered Bunny DIY

Bring nature into your home with this whimsical Moss Covered Bunny. For this project, you will need a DIY plastic, wood or resin bunny shape and preserved or artificial moss for crafting. Finish with a pretty ribbon and you have a beautiful Spring home decor.

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DIY Bunny Treat Holders

13. Drawstring Bunny Bags

Drawstring Bunny Bags

I adore these pretty Drawstring Bunny Bags. They’re just perfect to tuck into your kid’s Easter baskets. Check out this sewing tutorial on how to make them.

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14. Easter Bunny Mason Jars

Easter Bunny Mason Jars

Surprise your loved ones with these adorable Easter Bunny Mason Jars. Fill them with candy, homemade sugar scrub or bath salts for a lovely Springtime gift.

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15. DIY Printable Easter Bunny Boxes

DIY Printable Easter Bunny Boxes

These DIY Printable Easter Bunny Boxes are super cute and so easy to make. Just print and fold, and you can also add a little cotton ball to the back for extra cuteness. The boxes are small, but they can still fit plenty of tiny treasures that kids will love.

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16. Easy Paper Bag Bunny Treat Bags

Easy Paper Bag Bunny Treat Bags

Turn a regular brown paper bag into an adorable Bunny Treat Bag. This tutorial includes a free printable gift tag to make it even easier for you.

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17. DIY Felt Bunny Favor Bags

DIY Felt Bunny Favor Bags

Create eye-catching DIY Felt Bunny Favor Bags for your Easter party. These are easy to sew with some colorful felt, simple embroidery and glued-on ears.

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18. Simple DIY Bunny Treat Bags

Simple DIY Bunny Treat Bags

You won’t believe how quickly you can pull these Simple DIY Bunny Treat Bags together. Check out this tutorial on how to make them with a simple paper lunch bag.

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Clay Bunny Crafts

19. Polymer Clay Egg Cup Tutorial

Polymer Clay Egg Cup Tutorial

Egg cups become cute Easter decorations with this Polymer Clay Egg Cup Tutorial. And if you enjoy working with polymer clay this is a great craft to make with the kids during Spring.

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20. Air-Dry Clay Bunnies For Easter

Air-Dry Clay Bunnies For Easter

Here’s another adorable clay project for you, this time with air dry clay. These simple Air-Dry Clay Bunnies For Easter will make beautiful decorations in your home.

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21. Easy Air-Dry Clay Bunny Bowls

Easy Air-Dry Clay Bunny Bowls

For a bit of festive Easter decor, craft these Easy Air-Dry Clay Bunny Bowls using air-dry clay. This easy project is fun for kids and adults alike.

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Felt and Fabric Bunny Crafts

22. Felted Wool Bunny Tutorial

Felted Wool Bunny Tutorial

If you love using natural, raw materials this Felted Wool Bunny Tutorial is for you. Learn how to felt this adorable bunny with carrots and radishes in this tutorial.

Learn more: Lia Griffith

23. Felt Bunny Pocket Pals

Felt Bunny Pocket Pals

I just adore these gorgeous Felt Bunny Pocket Pals dressed in tiny felt overalls with cute buttons and a dress with patch pockets. If you fancy this beginner to intermediate craft project check out this tutorial.

Learn more: Lia Griffith

24. Handmade Felt Bunny Hand Puppets

Handmade Felt Bunny Hand Puppets

If you’re looking for a DIY Easter party favor, or a candy-free Easter gift for children, these Handmade Felt Bunny Hand Puppets will fit the bill. Visit the link below for project details and a free template.

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25. The Bunny Lovey

The Bunny Lovey

Isn’t there anything more special than making Bunny Lovey for a newborn? This sweet little blanket doll requires some basic sewing skills and if you fancy having a go you can get the instructions below.

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Bunny Yarn Crafts

26. Blythe Bunny Crochet Purse

Blythe Bunny Crochet Purse

Little girls will adore this pretty Blythe Bunny Crochet Purse. You can get this beginner-friendly crochet pattern in this post which also includes one for a bear. Perfect addition to their little wardrobe.

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27. Classic Crochet Bunny

Classic Crochet Bunny

This Classic Crochet Bunny is perfect for bedtime snuggling. To make this soft floppy ear bunny see this free crochet bunny pattern which can be made in a variety of yarns in this post.

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28. Bunny Crochet Snuggler

Bunny Crochet Snuggler

Here’s another cutie for little ones to snuggle with. This Bunny Crochet Snuggler is made with chenille yarn and you can get the free pattern via the link below.

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29. Amigurumi Bunny Crochet Pattern

Amigurumi Bunny Crochet Pattern

I might be making it difficult which adorable bunny project to choose by now! This Amigurumi Bunny Crochet Pattern is perfect to add to your collection of soft squishy bunnies.

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30. How to Knit a Bunny Softie from a Square

How to Knit a Bunny Softie from a Square

Learn how to make a Bunny Softie from a simple knitted square with this tutorial. This simple quick-knit project is great for beginning knitters.

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Origami Paper Bunnies

31. Giant Origami Bunnies

Giant Origami Bunnies

These fabulous Giant Origami Bunnies would make a beautiful feature at a kid’s Easter egg hunt or a birthday party. Also a great prop for an Easter photoshoot. Are you curious how to make them? Check out this tutorial.

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32. DIY Origami Bunny Garland

DIY Origami Bunny Garland

Decorate your home with this pretty DIY Origami Bunny Garland. Learn how to make simple origami bunnies and string them together for a lovely Spring decor.

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33. DIY Origami Bunny Baskets

DIY Origami Bunny Baskets

Celebrate Spring with these adorable DIY Origami Bunny Baskets. These cute baskets will look beautiful as part of your Easter table setting filled with chocolate eggs or other treats.

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34. Easy Origami Bunny

Easy Origami Bunny

This Easy Origami Bunny is a simpler project and easy enough for kids or beginners to have a go at. Grab some cute patterned paper and check out the instructions in this post to make them.

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35. Easy Origami Rabbit

Easy Origami Rabbit

If some of the above origami tutorials overwhelmed you and you’d like to get started with something super easy then check out this Easy Origami Rabbit tutorial. You can’t get this one wrong!

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