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Easy Snail Perler Bead Pattern

This easy snail Perler bead pattern comes together fast and is so cute you’ll want to make an entire colony of snails!

Perler bead snails in red, yellow, and blue

Perler bead crafts are often our rainy day go-to craft when we’re looking for something fun and easy to do.

I love that these snails are a quick Perler bead pattern to put together because, frankly, we don’t always have the patience for big patterns with a lot of detail.

Plus, you can make your snail in your favorite color, or see below for an easy rainbow snail pattern!

How to Make Your Easy Perler Bead Snail

Perler bead snails in all colors of the rainbow

This pattern is very easy to follow, uses under 50 beads, and you can create your snail in any color you want.

Younger kids will need a parent for the ironing part. And, there is one extra step for ironing the snails antenna to make sure the beads melt together.

  • Perler beads in variety of colors
  • square peg board canvas
  • tweezers
  • two sheets of ironing paper (or use parchment paper)
  • iron
  • ironing surface
  • printable PDF pattern (optional)

Ready to get started making your Perler bead snails?

  1. Follow the pattern to create your snail on a square pegboard
  2. Iron one side of the snail using the ironing paper between the beads and your iron
  3. Carefully lift the beads off the pegboard with the ironing paper attached.
  4. Keep the snails attached to the ironing paper, but move the two top antenna closer to the base (see image below)
melty bead snail tutorial

5. Once the antenna are in place, use a second sheet of ironing paper to fuse the beads together, making sure that the antenna beads melt together

melty bead craft with colorful snails

Now Have fun with your cute Perler bead creations!

Now that your snails are finished, what will you do with them?

Need some ideas?

  • Use as a pendant on a necklace
  • Turn into a backpack hanger
  • Glue it onto a homemade greeting card
  • Add them to your fairy garden
  • Use them as gift toppers
  • Keep them as pocket pals
  • Put them in little frames and hang them on the wall

Have another idea? I’d love to know what you do with your finished Perler bead patterns. Let me know in the comments below!

Rainbow Snail Pattern

perler bead rainbow snail

The rainbow snail follows the same basic pattern as the other snails, but we used red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet beads to go around the shell.

You can use the image above as a guide to make your own.

Or, if it’s more convenient, you can download our free printable PDF to take with your wherever you might be crafting!

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Perler bead craft snails in rainbow colors
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