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50 Best Dog Perler Bead Patterns, Designs and Ideas

For those of us who count our four-legged friends among life’s greatest joys, the love for dogs often extends beyond simple companionship. It spills over into our hobbies, fashion, home décor, and yes, our crafting endeavors. Dog lovers, it’s long overdue but we’re finally doing Perler bead dog designs!

Dog Perler Bead Patterns

Easy Dog Designs

Let’s start off with small designs that small children and Perler bead beginners can do.

Sweet Brown Dog

This little brown dog is the sweetest. It’s such a small piece but our favorite crafter Krysanthe was able to create a pup with such gentle eyes.

Blue Cap Dog

This pug in a blue cap is an absolute hoot. The detail on the pug’s face is amazing and the cap even comes with some shading.

Tiny Puppy

This little puppy with a red kerchief seems a bit sad. Is it tugging at your heartstrings, too?

Puppy Love

For you couples out there, you might be interested in these two dogs bumping noses. The pink heart over their heads is a nice touch.

Dog Head Set

What breed of dog do you have? If it’s any of these dog breeds, you might want to make it. Tweak the colors to your dog’s own coat to customize your design.

Dog Breeds

When my daughters were making Perler bead dogs, the first thing they asked was that we do Perler bead versions of our own dogs. We had a grand time hunting up the best Perler bead labs we could find. As dog owners, you will most likely want to make replicas of your own dogs.

I got you covered! Here are all the best designs of the different dog breeds.

Basset Hound

Look at this darling Basset Hound. Basset Hounds are a much-loved breed because of their droopy eyes, long ears, and somber expression. Their charming looks are evenly matched by their gentle temperament and patience with children.

Here is the pattern for your reference.

Did you know? Basset Hounds have a history of being scent hounds. They’re determined when on the scent but they also love lounging around the house. This pup looks like something interesting has caught its attention.


This is an amazing rendition of a Beagle. The details are lovely and the coloring is on point. A small to medium-sized dog, a Beagle is often friendly and playful.

Here is the pattern if you need it.

Boston Terrier

Boston Terriers are called the “American Gentleman” and it’s easy to see why. It’s probably the combination of its tuxedo-like black and white coat, short nose, big eyes, and upright ears. The matching heart dialogue is a cute addition.

It’s hard to make out the black beads so here is the pattern for your reference.


Bulldogs sometimes get a bad rap because of the public perception that they’re too scary, fierce, or aggressive. With proper care, training, and socialization, Bulldogs are actually affectionate and very loyal pets.

This piece was obviously crafted by somebody who loves their dog. Just look at how adorable its facial expression is. With their stocky build and wrinkled faces, bulldogs look tough and intimidating. However, they are often gentle and calm.


Here’s the world’s smallest dog breed! Chihuahuas are so funny because they’re so small yet so loud and feisty.

Did you know? Chihuahuas have the largest brain-to-body size ratios of any dog breed. This means even if they’re small, they have big-sized brains in proportion to their bodies.

Check out this twinning pair of chihuahuas. One is white and the other is dark brown.


This Perler bead Corgi look super adorable. The Corgi is easy to recognize because of its short legs, long body, pointy ears, and fluffy tail. It looks like it’s smiling and that makes sense because Corgis have very cheerful personalities.

One ancient folklore in Wales tells of how Corgis were gifts from the woodland fairies, and the unique markings on a Corgi’s coat were left behind from the saddles and harnesses of fairy warriors.


Here is a little Dachshund. The shading on this little pup is incredible, especially for such a small piece. Imagine this in just one color and you’ll realize how the use of different shades of brown and gray Perler beads all help to create the details.


If your mind immediately jumped to the Disney movie 101 Dalmations, I can’t blame you. The aforementioned movie made the Dalmatian dog breed famous all over the world. If you are choosing a Dalmatian pattern for a child, then they’ll love this cute Dalmatian puppy with this bright red background.

If you want something more realistic, check out this amazing poster. Everything is perfect although I would probably change the eye color to something that reminds me a bit less of The Terminator.


This Perler bead Doberman is looking sharp just like its original. Dobermans are known for their keen intelligence and strong work ethic. They’re been successfully trained and employed in roles such as police work, search and rescue operations, and even therapy.

French Bulldog

Look at those ears! Yes, it’s a French Bulldog. This dog breed is immediately recognizable thanks to its big, bat-like ears and flat face.

If you are noticing many friends having French bulldogs, don’t be surprised. They are super lovable. They make funny noises like snorts and grunts because of their short noses. They’re also sweet companions and enjoy being close to their hoomans.

This is another noteworthy French bulldog piece. The colors are very psychedelic, especially around its eyes.

German Shepherd

This is a very handsome specimen of a German Shepherd. Just like the other projects, the form and shading are exceptional. See its nose? One interesting trivia about German Shepherds is that their nose print is just like a human’s thumbprint. It’s unique for each dog. This means you could technically identify them from their nose prints alone!

Golden Retriever

It’s glowing! That’s because this is a Golden Retriever. The use of brown and orange Perler beads for the shading perfectly captures its beautiful coat and gentle face.

If you are having difficulty making out the beads used, here is the pattern for your reference.

Old English Sheepdog

This might be my favorite pattern in the whole list. The Old English Sheepdog is such a shaggy dog that I didn’t think anybody could make a pattern for it. If you are doing this pattern with Perler beads, you can skip the few loose squares as they might not stick too well to the other beads regardless of how great your ironing skills are.


This Perler bead design captures the pug’s wrinkled face and big, round eyes. It’s a little dog but it’s definitely overflowing with charm and personality. One of the most famous pugs in movies is Frank, the dog from Men in Black.


See that salt and pepper coat and stand-out beard? It’s a Schnauzer! The Schnauzer is alert, spirited, and very loyal to families. They make very good watchdogs because they get very vocal when strangers come near. (I am side-eyeing one of my favorite dogs, the Shih Tzu.)

Shih Tzu

Speaking of the Shih Tzu, look at this adorable dog with a clip on its head. Shih Tzus are easy to recognize because of their long, flowing hair and cute pushed-in faces. Nowadays though, they often sport trendy “puppy cuts” or “teddy bear cuts” just like the above.

Going back to watch dogs, Shih Tzus make for terrible guard dogs. If a burglar broke in, they’d be wagging their tail and asking for head pats. That’s how friendly and sociable they are.

Just look at this pattern. Isn’t it stinking cute?

Toy Poodle

The Toy Poodle is another cute dog especially when groomed well. This is a small Perler bead design but everyone is guaranteed to absolutely fall in love with it.


We end our Dog Breed section with the brave and lively Yorkie. It might be small in size but it has a big heart and lots of energy. This design captures the Yorkie’s bright and sparkling eyes.

Famous Dogs in Cartoons and Popular Media

How many of these iconic dogs can you name?


It’s Snoopy! Charlie Brown’s funny and imaginative beagle. Compared to the complex colors of the above dog breeds, this Snoopy pattern is simple and minimalist. Snoopy is a flat white color with an outline of black beads making this character very easy to do. The pink heart adds a cute splash of color.

Max of Pet Life

Has your family watched The Secret Life of Pets? If you have, then you would know Max, Katie’s loyal and lovable Jack Russell Terrier. This Perler bead design is such a dead ringer for the movie character. It’s perfect down to the blue collar.


I’ll be very impressed if you or your kids know this dog. It’s Snowy, the white Wire Fox Terrier of the intrepid young reporter Tintin from the comic “The Adventures of Tintin“. Snowy loves his bones so it’s adorable that the crafter showed this funny pup with its favorite food in the world.

Lady and the Tramp

It’s Lady from the 1955 animated Disney Film “Lady and the Tramp“. The crafter does a very good job doing Lady in Perler beads. The Cocker Spaniel’s silky ears, gentle eyes, and graceful nature carry over in this design.


There’s no need to ask who this goofy orange dog is. It’s Pluto, one of Disney’s most iconic characters. This design really shows off Pluto’s cheerful and playful personality. Be careful ironing its tail so it doesn’t separate from the body.

Scooby Doo

Scooby-Doo, Where Are You!

Scooby is here in Perler bead form. My children loved the Scooby Doo gang as they solved mysteries involving supposedly supernatural creatures. If your child hasn’t seen the series yet, now’s a good time to get them hooked.

Chase Paw Patrol

If your child loves Chase from Paw Patrol, then show them this cute design. Chase is looking very smart and brave in his blue police uniform. “Chase is on the case!”

101 Dalmatians

This is not just some random spotted puppy. It’s a Dalmatian pup from 101 Dalmatians. The design is 50% blue ball but both are super cute.

Pongo and Perdita

We can’t mention 101 Dalmatians without featuring Pongo and Perdita. Pongo and Perdita are winners of Best Parents and Best Matchmaker Duo awards in this beloved Disney classic.


It’s Bond, James Bond. No, not really. It’s Bond, Anya’s amazing precognitive pet dog. In keeping with the SPY x FAMILY tradition of each family member having secrets of their own, Anya’s adopted pet has the power to see future events. Just like its James Bond namesake, Bond is dashing in his black tie.

Beautiful Dog Portraits

This section is full of my favorite Perler bead dog works. Find out why.

Dachshund Puppy in Winter Sweater

This is such a humorous pattern of a Dachshund puppy wearing a winter sweater. It looks like a stretchy hotdog with ketchup.

Sleeping Puppy

This is one of the cutest Perler bead puppies in existence. Hats off to the crafter!

Pup with Red Kerchief

Here’s a portrait of a lively pup with a red kerchief. The use of colors in the background makes this work of art come alive.

Adorable Dog with Master’s Shoe

If your dog ever chewed your shoes or actually brings your house slippers to you the moment you arrive home, then you’ll love this adorable dog holding its master’s shoe in its mouth. The coloring of the design has a vintage feel to it, too.

Portrait of a Beagle

Beagle owners, you’ll find this Perler beadwork irresistible. The use of the colored beads is so masterful. Doesn’t this dog look so real?

Beagle in a Basket

Here is another irresistible puppy portrait. It’s a little dog in its basket. Works such as these remind us of what amazing projects can be done with just Perler beads.

Little Girl Feeding Dog with Icecream

This is one of my personal favorites on this list. It’s a little girl letting her puppy get a lick off her ice cream cone. It’s a heartwarming snapshot of a child’s innocence. It’s a reminder of carefree summer days and the uncomplicated joys of childhood.

The pattern for this is so big that it’s cut up in parts, but the first part is here. After clicking the link, scroll down to “More like this” to see the other parts of the pattern.


If you’re thinking of little gifts for friends, check out these dog crafts you can do with Perler beads.


You can turn any Perler bead design into a keychain. Just make sure to choose one that is small enough to put in a purse or bag. I highly recommend choosing a dog head design of your own pet breed.

Refrigerator Magnets

Similarly, you can turn a lot of the designs featured above into refrigerator magnets. Just buy magnets from your local craft store or online and then use a strong adhesive to fix them onto the back of your finished work.

Heart Pup

Who can resist this cute dog framed with a heart? You can customize this design by using your pet’s likeness.


For the book lovers out there, you can design your own Perler bead dog bookmark. See the paw print design running along this bookmark.

Hanging Photo Frame

If you want to tackle a big project, check out this hanging photo frame. You can put photos of your children or your fur babies in the frames.

Funny Poster

This dog’s bottom seems to be iconic because it’s everywhere. If you want a funny poster or door hanger, then check out this design. Notice that one bead has been skipped in the upper portion to make space for the string.

Photo Frames

Here are some photo frame ideas for you.

If you have a black-and-white aesthetic, check this out. It’s nice how this photo frame has been customized with the pet’s name. The little dog face on top is also adorable. You can customize this for your family by changing the name and the dog head.

Dog Sprites Wall

This is the ultimate dog breed collection. Can you find your pet dog in the photo? This collection would make for an awesome refrigerator magnet set. Alternatively, if you can recreate these dogs, you can put them up in a frame and hang the frame in your living room. It will surely become a great conversation piece for visitors.

If you enjoyed this post, please share it with your family, friends, and fellow dog lovers!

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