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25 DIY Teacher Gifts Anyone Can Make

Explore the absolute best DIY Teacher Gifts for Teacher Appreciation Week. Some are easy printables for when you need something quick, and other ideas are more fun to make. I promise that they are all gifts that teachers will actually like!

DIY Teacher Gifts Anyone Can Make

I think we can all agree that teachers deserve a ton of praise and thanks for all of their hard work. We all try to make sure our thanks are known throughout the school year, but Teacher Appreciation Week really gives us a chance to put it all out there and say “You’re the Best” in whatever ways we can. These DIY teacher gifts are a great way to put a little bit of yourself into a thoughtful gift for the teachers in your life.

Teacher Appreciation Week 2024 runs

from Monday May 6 – Friday May 10.

Don’t wait until the last minute! DIY teacher gifts are often pretty simple and easy, but that doesn’t mean they don’t take some planning ahead. Instead of making guesses about what your teacher’s interests are, grab out our free printable teacher questionnaire and get all the information you need to get exactly what they love.

What kinds of DIY teacher gifts will teachers like?

I have spent some time as a teacher’s assistant and a substitute teacher at public and private schools, and I can only answer this question based on my own experiences.

The best teacher gifts are

  • practical
  • simple with a little handmade touch from a student
  • something that doesn’t need a permanent place (because teachers are often short on storage!)

Gift cards are never out of style, so you can always pair your thoughtful handmade gift with a special gift card to their favorite place.

Check out the list below to find some inspiration and ideas that your teachers will surely appreciate.

Practical DIY Teacher Gifts

1. DIY Coffee Sleeve

DIY Coffee Sleeve

Coffee and tea are pretty standard fare for the teachers we know. Why not make a special or personalized DIY Coffee Sleeve? This beautiful reversible coffee cozy tutorial includes a free cozy pattern and easy instructions to make it. Find two pretty patterned scraps of fabric and have fun with this project.

Learn more: Apple Green Cottage

2. DIY Personalized Clipboard

DIY Personalized Clipboard

This DIY Personalized Clipboard teacher gift hits the mark in two of my favorite areas: personalized and practical. Check out this fun tutorial for the details on how to jazz up a plain clipboard with some gold, pink and glitter.

Learn more: Kara Creates

3. Personalized Tote Bags with Printable Tag

Personalized Tote Bags with Printable Tag

I don’t think teachers can ever have enough tote bags. It’s not unusual to see teachers coming and going from the school with multiple bags hanging from their shoulders. They have so much stuff to lug around! Help them with their load by gifting them with a very practical and functional tote bag.

I love this Personalized Tote Bag with the personalized monogram in the corner (made using freezer paper stencilling technique) and printable fantastic gift tag “You’re a tote-lly terrific teacher”.

Learn more: Uncommon Designs

4. Fabric Tassel Bookmarks

Fabric Tassel Bookmarks

These Fabric Tassel Bookmarks are a lovely way to give something functional and pretty to your child’s teacher. Bookmarks make a great teacher’s gift in general because they’re small, simple, and useful. These lovely bookmarks are made with fabric, embroidery floss and small wood beads.

learn more: Purely Katie

5. DIY Teacher Appreciation Bookmark

DIY Teacher Appreciation Bookmark

I also had to add this printable DIY Teacher Appreciation Bookmark for those of you who need something super-quick. This is about as simple as it gets, folks. Just print it out, add your name, color it in and maybe find a good book or bookstore gift card to pair with it. Optionally you can laminate the bookmark and add a pretty ribbon. Find the free printable bookmarks below.

Learn more: Crafting a Lovely Life

6. DIY Hands Down Teacher Appreciation Gift

DIY Hands Down Teacher Appreciation Gift

This DIY Hands Down Teacher Appreciation Gift idea gives me a chuckle, but it’s no secret that teachers are exposed to so many germs from all of those kids they hang around. An extra bottle or two of hand sanitizer would be appreciated by any teacher. Add a nice touch with a handwritten handprint gift tag.

Learn more: Modern Mom Life

7. Cute & Creative “Note” Gift Idea for Teacher

Cute & Creative “Note” Gift Idea for Teacher

Notebooks are very handy for teachers and a pretty notebook with a little message is a thoughtful gift. This Cute & Creative “Note” Gift Idea for Teachers includes a cute printable tag so all you need is to find a nice notebook to go with it.

Learn more: Crazy Little Projects

8. DIY Periodic Table Clipboard

DIY Periodic Table Clipboard

I love this DIY Periodic Table Clipboard that uses the elements to spell “notes”. This would be a perfect DIY teacher gift for the science teacher in your life. If you love this idea, visit this tutorial for the details of how to bring this project to life, as well as to download the SVG cutting file.

Learn more: Hey, Let’s Make Stuff

9. Spray Painted DIY Teacher Gift Jar

Spray Painted DIY Teacher Gift Jar

Apples for teachers may be a cliche, but I still think they’re adorable. This little Spray Painted DIY Teacher Gift Jar would be super useful for holding paperclips, erasers, or any other tiny items that need to be contained.

Learn more: Mad in Crafts

10. Simple Post-It Note Teacher Gift

Simple Post-It Note Teacher Gift

Remember two seconds ago, when I said this is as simple as it gets? Well, I think this Simple Post-It Note Teacher Gift is the second runner-up. If you need a simple, practical, last-minute gift, stop at any dollar store or grocery store on your way to school and print out the “Thank you for ‘sticking’ with me” tag from this post. Instant teacher gift that your child’s teacher will be sure to use.

Learn more: The Happy Scraps

11. Umbrella with Poem

Umbrella with Poem

Here is a sweet way to turn something as simple and boring as an umbrella into a truly thoughtful practical teacher gift. Make this Umbrella with Poem gift even more meaningful by getting the kids involved in writing or decorating the poem.

Learn more: Mom Always Finds Out

Pampering DIY Teacher Gifts

12. DIY Bath Bombs with Printable Gift Tags

DIY Bath Bombs with Printable Gift Tags

A good soak at the end of the day will help wash away the stress of the day. You can use these perfect Printable Bath Bombs Gift Tags along with store-bought bath bombs, or you can make your own homemade bath bombs. Either way, the sentiment is that you know your child’s teachers work hard and need some rejuvenation and relaxation at the end of the day.

Learn more: Kristen Duke Photography

13. Easy Peppermint Foot Soak DIY

Easy Peppermint Foot Soak DIY

Teachers spend a lot of time on their feet throughout the day, so you better believe those feet need some love!Sometimes a nice foot soak is all you need at the end of the day to wind down and relax. This Easy Peppermint Foot Soak is made with only three ingredients and includes a free printable label to keep things looking pretty and gift-worthy.

Learn more: Suburban Simplicity

14. “Reach For My Dreams” Teacher Appreciation Gift

“Reach For My Dreams” Teacher Appreciation Gift

Here’s another lovely pampering idea for Teacher Appreciation Week. To create this thoughtful “Reach For My Dreams” Teacher Appreciation Gift download this free printable tag and team it with lavender bubble bath, bath oil or bath gel and finish with raffia or purple ribbon.

Learn more: Avas Alphabet

15. Toe-tally Awesome Teacher Gift

Toe-tally Awesome Teacher Gift

Keep it fun and funky with this Toe-tally Awesome Teacher Gift. Pick some pretty nail polish colors and a cellophane bag, download this “Toe-tally Awesome Teacher” tag and finish with a pretty ribbon and you have a fabulous teacher gift.

Learn more: Eighteen 25

Food and Drinks DIY Teacher Gifts

16. Granola Jars with Free Printable Gift Tags

Granola Jars with Free Printable Gift Tags

Say thank you to your teacher with a healthy homemade treat. These Granola Jars with Free Printable Gift Tags are a wonderful idea and come with a little poem that’s perfect for a ‘healthy’ treat. And if you’re not sure about granola why not bake some healthy cookies?

Learn more: A Hundred Affections

17. Easy Lemonade Themed Teacher Gift + Printable Tags

Easy Lemonade Themed Teacher Gift + Printable Tags

I have to say I do love Mason jar gift ideas. You can get really creative as to what to put in them. This Easy Lemonade Themed Teacher Gift including a free printable tag is simply created with a Mason jar filled with yellow paper shread, lemonade mix packets, a sweet printable tag and twine.

Learn more: Mama Cheaps

18. Taco Gift Card Holder

Taco Gift Card Holder

This fun and unique Taco Gift Card Holder is an awesome gift for male teachers. If you love this idea download the printable file below, print it onto white cardstock, write a short message inside and add the gift card to your favorite taco place.

Learn more: The Craft Patch

19. Nacho Average Teacher Gift Basket

Nacho Average Teacher Gift Basket

Foodie gifts are sometimes simply the best. This awesome Nacho Average Teacher Gift Basket filled with all the nacho essentials like chips, salsa and queso and finished with a “Nacho Average” teacher tag is a superb fun idea. You can also add a cute cactus sipper cup or a gift card to your favorite Mexican restaurant if you want to take it next level.

Learn more: See Vanessa Craft

20. Thanks a Latte Teacher Appreciation Gift Idea

Thanks a Latte Teacher Appreciation Gift Idea

Does your teacher love lattes? Here’s a Thanks a Latte Teacher Appreciation Gift Idea that you can put together very quickly. Get an extra cup when purchasing the gift card and fill it with some crinkle paper, add the gift card and tie the free printable tag with a lovely bow to the top.

Learn more: Just Add Confetti

Fun and Unique DIY Teacher Gifts

21. DIY Succulent Gift with “Thanks for Helping Me Grow” Printable

DIY Succulent Gift with “Thanks for Helping Me Grow” Printable

Plants are such a wonderful, calming presence in our surroundings, and a plant gift would likely go over well for a teacher to keep in the classroom or bring home to enjoy. The free printable tag is what makes this gift shine as a teacher’s gift. Check out this DIY Succulent Gift with “Thanks for Helping Me Grow” Printable on how to put this gift together with ease.

Learn more: A Pumpkin and a Princess

22. Flower Pails Teacher Appreciation Gift Idea

Flower Pails Teacher Appreciation Gift Idea

If you really love the plant gift idea here’s one more option to inspire you. This adorable Flower Pails Teacher Appreciation Gift Idea comes with a free printable personalized message for your teacher to trace the design with Sharpies paint pens onto the pot so head to this tutorial and get potting your favorite flowers.

Learn more: Brendid

23. “Keep Calm” Teacher Shirt

“Keep Calm” Teacher Shirt

This awesome “Keep Calm” Teacher Shirt was made using a Silhouette cutting machine and heat transfer vinyl with beautiful results. If you don’t have access to those, you can still create this shirt using the freezer paper stencil method (it might just not be as quick or as easy). Click on the link below for the DIY details and to download the cutting file with the design.

Learn more: Thinking Closet

24. Candle Teacher Gift DIY

Candle Teacher Gift DIY

I think gifting a customized candle is a great Teacher Appreciation Week gift idea. This wonderful Candle Teacher Gift DIY post has two different label designs for you to download and what’s great is that you can stick them onto any candle you pick.

Learn more: Down Redbud Drive

25. DIY Photo Gift Card Holder

DIY Photo Gift Card Holder

We all know that teachers buy a lot of their own supplies. A gift card to the bookstore or office supply store is always a hit. Or, maybe treat them to a massage or pedicure at your local spa? Either way, this DIY Photo Gift Card Holder turns a “boring” gift card into a special DIY teacher gift from your child. Check out this tutorial on how to create your own.

Learn more: It’s Always Autumn

Have more DIY teacher gift ideas?

I really love these ideas, but no matter what I do, I always feel like it could never be enough to truly show my appreciation. As somebody who has been on the receiving end of teacher gifts, I always felt humbled by the show of support from parents. At the end of the day, I think the best gifts are from the heart and have a little bit of your child’s personality thrown in – even if it’s just a simple note, hand-drawn picture, signature, etc.

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