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30 Best Dinosaur Perler Bead Patterns, Designs and Ideas

Almost everybody has had a dinosaur phase in their lives. My daughters definitely did. We had dinosaur trivia at the dinner table and watched dinosaur documentaries on TV. We bought dinosaur books, collected dinosaur plushies, and yes, we made dinosaur crafts.

Dinosaur Perler Bead Patterns

For all the children out there and the kids-at-heart adults who love their dinosaurs, this post is dedicated to you.

Dinosaur Patterns and Designs

Let’s look at some dinosaur patterns and designs that you can do. These are arranged from easy to complex. You can make them as is or make usable crafts out of them like refrigerator magnets or keychains.

The Smallest Perler Bead Dinosaur

Here is a super easy Perler bead dinosaur your child can do. You’ll only need a few beads and you can even tweak it to your child’s favorite colors.

If you need a pattern to follow, you can use this.

Easy Dino Pattern

Here is another easy pattern for your little ones. Children love the color green for their dinosaurs.

Chibi Dinosaurs

Aren’t these the cutest dinosaur chibis? The bead colors used are such a happy pop of color, too. I spy a stegosaurus, a T-rex, and a brontosaurus.

Dinosaur with Volcano

When dinosaurs roamed the planet, there were no icy poles. The whole planet was warmer, dense forests covered the land, and volcanoes were aplenty. Here is a really good Perler beadwork of a dinosaur looking over its shoulder at a lava-spewing volcano.

Cute Dinosaur Pattern

If you want a full-body pattern of a friendly-looking dinosaur, then this is perfect for you. This dino has such a really sweet smile and a gentle look about it.

Dinosaurs with Hearts

Looking for a couple project? This is a pair of dinosaurs holding a heart between them. The interesting coloring comes from the striped Perler beads. If you don’t have this type of beads, just use regular ones.

Hug Me Dino Love

What happens when two T-rex dinosaurs want to give each other a hug? Well, now you know. This will make a perfect project or gift for a beloved somebody who loves cute and humorous things.

Dinosaurs with Colorful Hat

Here’s something you don’t see every day. It’s a dinosaur bedecked in a Mexican hat. It’s giving party vibes!

Dino Painter

This dinosaur painter is another whimsical take on these ancient creatures. It’s blue, wears a beret, has multi-colored plates on its back, and it paints.

The Dinosaur Directory

It’s rather ironic that dinosaurs are often used as cute designs for children’s merchandise like bags and clothing. Historically, the predator types were ferocious and aggressive. Even the smaller species and herbivores were formidable. If you want more lifelike renditions of these ancient creatures, check out our Dinosaur Directory.


The Brachiosaurus was a massive dinosaur with a long neck and legs. It was an herbivore, eating plants from tall trees. While it probably wasn’t red with yellow feet, the form is more or less a good approximation.


The Brontosaurus was a large dinosaur with a long neck and tail. It walked on four sturdy legs and ate plants. It didn’t have sharp teeth or claws and didn’t seem to be built for aggressive hunting. It’s probably why it is often depicted as a gentle animal in most tales and stories. One popular Brontosaurus is Dino from The Flintstones.


The Diplodocus was a long-necked dinosaur with an even longer tail. It was an herbivore that ate plants. Did you know that unlike other dinos that had their nostrils in front of their snouts, the Diplodocus had its nostrils farther back and closer to the top of its head. This led scientists to hypothesize that this dino may have lived partly submerged in water.


As you can see, the Parasaurolophus (what a mouthful!) had a very interesting form. It’s known for the long curved crest on its head.

Notice how it is upright in both designs? The Parasaurolophus was a dinosaur that walked on two legs. Scientists theorize that its crest may have been used for breathing, communication, or temperature regulation.


The Stegosaurus is one of the most distinctive and easily recognizable dinosaurs due to its unique features. As can be seen clearly from the above, it had two rows of large bony plates that ran down its spine. And for all its big size and seeming ferocity, it actually had a very small brain. The size of a walnut, this often became a point of interest and amusement among paleontologists and dino enthusiasts like my family.


The Triceratops is another popular species of dinosaur. It had three sharp horns on its face and a large frill at the back of its head. It was an herbivore that walked on four sturdy legs. This dino design is a very good depiction of a Triceratops.

If you want a smaller and easier design to follow, check out this little guy.

Dinosaur Sets

If you have a huge dinosaur fan at home, then you might want to do a lot of different dinosaurs. Did you know? At least one of the above is NOT a dinosaur. I actually had to pull out some really good Perler bead designs of the Plesiosaur and the Pterodactyl because they belonged to a different subgroup.

The Plesiosaur was a marine reptile that swam in our ancient oceans and fed on fish and squid. The Pterodactyl, in the meantime, was a flying pterosaurus that lived alongside dinosaurs. Pterosaurus are flying reptiles.

Popular Dinosaur Cartoon Character

There are many well-known and well-loved dinosaurs in movies, cartoons, and modern pop culture. See how many you know.

Chrome Dinosaur

Have you ever played the Dino Runner? This unassuming character is the Chrome Dinosaur. Also called the T-Rex game or Dino Runner, it’s a hidden offline game in the Google Chrome browser.

When you’re unable to connect to the Internet, this Chrome dino shows up. You then press the spacebar and this little guy will start running. You can spend hours of fun jumping over cacti and dodging Pterodactyls.

Rex – Toy Story

The Toy Story gave us so many beloved characters like Woody and Buzz Lightyear, but Rex, the toy Tyrannosaurus Rex was an equally unforgettable character. He had quirky fears and insecurities. Rex was one of the funniest characters in the movie with lines like, “I can’t look. Could somebody please cover my eyes?”

The pattern for Rex is here.

Arlo – The Good Dinosaur

Stories of little ones getting separated and trying to find their way back to their families are always emotional and heart-tugging. Arlo of The Good Dinosaur is no different. Doesn’t Arlo look so cute? Fortunately, the movie ends on a happy note with Arlo making his way home and becoming a stronger and braver dinosaur.

Here is a pattern of Arlo for your reference. Just change the blue to green.

Little Foot – The Land Before Time

The Land Before Time is a classic when it comes to dinosaur cartoons. Released in theaters in 1988, it is the story of a band of young dinosaurs trying to find the Great Valley, a haven safe from predators and natural disasters. This is Little Foot, the main character of the movie. A kind and adventurous youngster, Little Foot made for a wonderful leader with a strong sense of justice.

Cera- The Land Before Time

Cera is another main character from The Land Before Time. If Little Foot was an Apatosaurus, Cera is a Triceratops. Can you recognize her distinctive features? In the movie, she is famously proud and stubborn.

Spike – The Land Before Time

While some viewers loved the strong personalities of Little Foot and Cera, other viewers were drawn to the laidback nature of Spike the Stegosaurus. He doesn’t talk and is often seen quietly munching on plants.

Rexy – Jurassic Park

If Rexy looks like a scary dinosaur, that’s because she IS one. Rexy is the fan’s nickname for the female Tyrannosaurus Rex that makes several appearances in the Jurassic Park franchise. How did she get so popular? While she’s definitely had moments terrorizing the human characters, she also inadvertently helped them escape a number of times.

Momma Dino – Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs

Isn’t this a terrifying dinosaur design? The dinosaur’s menacing form and shading are perfect to a T. This is Momma Dino from the movie Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs. Running along the same vein as Rexy, Momma Dino starts out as an antagonist but later becomes an ally to Sid and the other characters.


Yes, Godzilla isn’t real but I couldn’t resist. Isn’t this Godzilla cartoon too adorable? The little city behind him and the clouds floating about are perfect little touches.

And if you want your Godzilla looking bloodthirsty, well, here you go.

Dinosaur Crafts

Finally, let’s look at what Perler bead crafts you can do with dinosaur designs.

Dinosaur Keychain

You can make any Perler bead dinosaur into a keychain. Make sure to choose something small and iron it well. These particular keychains are so aesthetic because of the little pompoms and accessories.

Dinosaur Earrings

Aren’t these wee Triceratops earrings too cute? Having them in different colors makes the pair interesting, too.

Here is a pair of little Stegosaurus dinosaurs. They’re colorful and fun. It will be easy to pair these with your outfit of the day.

Dinosaur Necklace

Make a fun statement with this dinosaur necklace. I can’t decide whether the faux pearls are giving the whole thing a campy or classy look. Either way, it’s a fun and bold fashion piece.

Dinosaur Refrigerator Magnets

What’s more fun than tiny Perler bead dinosaur refrigerator magnets? Have them in different colors to make your kitchen look lively.

Dinosaur Stand

This T-Rex is so adorable with a heart bubble on top of his head. You can make any of your finished projects upright simply by making a stand.

You can make a pair of stands like these. Change the beads to the color of your Perler bead project so they blend in with the whole piece.

An alternative to stands is making a flat base. Leave the middle open, and then slot in your work just like these ducks and chickens.

Dinosaur Poster

Fancy a dinosaur poster for your room made entirely of Perler beads? Here is a cute pattern you can follow.

And last but not least, here’s another dino poster. It could just be my twisted sense of humor but I think it’s very funny and witty.

If you enjoyed this post, please share it with your family, friends, and fellow dinosaur enthusiasts!

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