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20 Gingerbread House Ideas, Tips, and Tricks

You won’t believe how easy it is to create stunning gingerbread house displays with these simple Gingerbread House Ideas, Tips and Tricks from the pros.

25 Gingerbread House Ideas, Tips and Tricks

Ready to master the ultimate Gingerbread House with these amazing Gingerbread House Ideas, Tips and Tricks? Scroll below to get started. In this round-up post, I’m sharing the best practices for fool-proof gingerbread house making with plenty of recipes and decoration ideas.

Create Stunning Gingerbread Houses with These 5 Simple Tips

Tip #1: Decorate Before You Assemble

Decorate before you assemble
Image by Fraiche

I have never tried this before, but now that I think about it, I can totally see how much easier it would be to decorate first and then assemble the house. If you’re using a lot of piping or intricate decorations on your pieces, it will be much easier to decorate them with the house still in its flat form. Once you have your decorations, go ahead and glue the sides together then the roof and just touch up where needed.

Tip #2: Make the Strongest Icing “Glue”

Have you ever had a gingerbread house fall apart or cave in while you’re putting your finishing touches on it? You need a strong icing for your home construction, whether you’re using a store-bought kit or a homemade gingerbread house. I’m including two strong Icing Recipes below guaranteed to keep your gingerbread house standing strong.

Gingerbread House Icing

Gingerbread House Icing

Keep your gingerbread house decorating day frustration-free with this three-ingredient Gingerbread House Icing. For the recipe click the link below.

Learn more: Simple Joy

Gingerbread House Icing Recipe

Gingerbread House Icing Recipe

Here’s one more strong icing recipe for you. This Gingerbread House Icing Recipe is soft, easy to pipe and will hold everything together perfectly on the day of decorating.

Learn more: Sugar and Charm

Tip #3: Keep your Icing Workable by Covering it with a Damp Cloth

The icing is one of the most important components of your gingerbread house. It’s used to hold the house together, to glue your colorful candies into place and can be used as a stand-alone decoration when piped onto roofs.

The gingerbread icing is meant to harden so that it does its job well. However, the last thing you want when you’re making your beautiful gingerbread house is for the icing to harden before you’re ready.

A great tip to keep icing from hardening is to place a damp cloth over your bowl of icing so that it will stay the right consistency for decorating and glueing.

Tip #4: Choose Big Candy for Big Impact

Candies that are big and showy are perfect for making eye-catching gingerbread house displays without relying on piping skills and hours of intricate work. Check out these examples of big candy-making light work decorating a gingerbread house.

Marshmallow Rope Roof

Marshmallow Rope Roof 

This gorgeous gingerbread house with a Marshmallow Rope Roof is a perfect example of using colorful candy for a big impact.

Learn more: Gingerbread Journal

Large Swirly Lollipops

Large Swirly Lollipops 

Kids will love gingerbread houses decorated with Large Swirly Lollipops and other bright candy. This white and red themed candy gingerbread house looks magical.

Learn more: Sweetopia

Tip #5 Use Store-Bought Fondant for Custom Gingerbread House Decorations

Use a plain white tub of fondant to create custom decorations for your gingerbread house. The fondant is perfect because you can dye it any color you need, and either cut or roll it into the shapes you need.

In this gingerbread house, fondant was used for the roof, the candles, the window treatments, the door, and the Christmas trees.

fondant on gingerbread house

Now that you have these pro tips under your belt, you can get started on making your own amazing gingerbread houses. We make them every year as a part of our Christmas traditions.

Keep reading for more great DIY Gingerbread House resources. I’ve done the legwork for you and I found the best gingerbread house recipes and inspiration on the web. Get inspired below.

5 Homemade Gingerbread House Recipes

I have only ever used gingerbread house kits in the past. But after seeing some of these homemade recipes, I think that making my own gingerbread house would be totally doable.

In fact, if you plan on hosting a gingerbread decorating event, you will save money by making your own. Plus, making your own gingerbread house from scratch offers the most creativity for making the size and shape you like the best.

1. How to Make a Gingerbread House

How to Make a Gingerbread House

Have fun making this fabulous Gingerbread House with this recipe. This guide will take you through making a gingerbread house from scratch and decorating tips.

Learn more: House of Nash Eats

2. Gluten-Free Gingerbread House

Gluten-Free Gingerbread House

if you’re following a gluten-free diet check out this Gluten-Free Gingerbread House recipe decorated with orange-flavored icing, chocolate buttons, sweets and sprinkles.

Learn more: My Gluten-Free Guide

3. Gingerbread House Recipe

Gingerbread House Recipe

Learn how to bake the whole Gingerbread House Village with this amazing recipe. Head to the link below and have fun.

Learn more: Supergolden Bakes

4. Woodland Cottage Gingerbread House

Woodland Cottage Gingerbread House

This magical Woodland Cottage Gingerbread House is a recipe with a difference. Inspired by an English fairy tale cottage this gingerbread house is decorated with crushed shredded wheat, chopped dates, pumpkin seeds, almonds, chocolate and shredded coconut.

Learn more: Under a Tin Roof

5. Vegan Gingerbread House

Vegan Gingerbread House

Your house will smell gorgeous for days to come by baking this delicious Vegan Gingerbread House. And if you’re after a vegan gingerbread house with eggless royal icing check out this recipe.

Learn more: Addicted to Dates

5 Free Printable Homemade Gingerbread House Templates

If you aren’t using a gingerbread house kit, you’ll need to cut your own house pieces.

One simple option is to buy a gingerbread house cookie cutter that you can use every year. Or, take a peek at these free gingerbread house recipes with templates in a variety of shapes and sizes.

1. Gingerbread House Recipe

Gingerbread House Recipe

This wonderful Gingerbread House Recipe includes a free printable gingerbread house template to make your gingerbread house construction a breeze.

Learn more: Recipes by Carina

2. Gingerbread House Recipe

Gingerbread House Recipe

With this amazing Gingerbread House Recipe with a free gingerbread house template, you will learn how to bake, construct and decorate your gingerbread house with royal icing and buttercream.

Learn more: Sally’s Baking Recipes

3. Making a Gingerbread House from Scratch

Making a Gingerbread House from Scratch

Find out all about Making a Gingerbread House from Scratch with this guide. In this post, you will find a free printable template and tips on assembling and decorating your gingerbread house.

Learn more: Sweetopia

4. Mini Gingerbread Houses

Mini Gingerbread Houses

These Mini Gingerbread Houses are just adorable. With this free downloadable template, you can create a mini gingerbread house village in no time.

Learn more: Baked Ambrosia

5. Gingerbread Cottage Template

Gingerbread Cottage Template

If you’re looking for something with a difference this whimsical Gingerbread Cottage Template is a true showstopping festive centerpiece. This post includes recipes, templates and decoration tips.

Learn more: Twigg Studios

5 Different Gingerbread House Ideas for Rooftops That Shine

The roof is one of my favorite parts of the gingerbread house because there are just so many ways to go about decorating it. Do you love all the hand-piping details? Or are you more into finding creative candy covers for your gingerbread roof?

Here are some beautiful gingerbread house ideas for rooftops to get you inspired.

1. Gingerbread House Recipe

Gingerbread House Recipe

I love the simplicity of this piped roof with a sprinkling of snow. It doesn’t have to be complicated to create a beautiful rooftop. Head to this Gingerbread House Recipe for full instructions to bake this lovely gingerbread house.

Learn more: Sugar and Charm

2. How to Make a Curved Roof Gingerbread House

How to Make a Curved Roof Gingerbread House

Excited to learn How to Make a Curved Roof Gingerbread House? This guide with show you all the steps including making a template and assembling the house.

Learn more: Sugar Geek Recipes

3. Pink Gingerbread House

Pink Gingerbread House

This whimsical Pink Gingerbread House with a roof decorated with white icing and soft pink colored candy is simply magical.

Learn more: Sweetopia

4. How to Make Gingerbread Shingles for a Gingerbread House

How to Make Gingerbread Shingles for a Gingerbread House

Learn How to Make Gingerbread Shingles for a Gingerbread House in this guide. This is an inexpensive and very effective way to make a roof entirely out of gingerbread.

Learn more: Tikkido

5. Rustic Nutty Gingerbread House

Rustic Nutty Gingerbread House

In this Rustic Nutty Gingerbread House, pecans are used as shingles on the roof. It’s a very creative and healthier alternative to traditional candy.

Learn more: The First Year Blog

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Nancy Bennett

Saturday 3rd of November 2018

Thanks so much for so many helpful gingerbread house building ideas. We do a big family gingerbread party in December and every year I need to improve what I have for my grandchildren, great nieces and nephews and family friends are going to do. Nana


Sunday 4th of November 2018

I'm so glad you liked the ideas I shared, and I absolutely love your gingerbread party family tradition! The kids and I always look forward to decorating a gingerbread house every year, and I know they'll grow up with happy memories they can pass on to their kids. Enjoy your gingerbread house decorating this year! -Chrissy