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25 Demon Slayer Perler Bead Patterns, Designs and Ideas

Greetings, Demon Slayer fans! Are you looking for Perler bead designs of your favorite characters? If so, then you’ve come to the right place.

Demon Slayer Perler Bead Patterns

When I first watched Demon Slayer, I was going in blind. I thought, oh, look at those adorable characters with their almost chibi-like appearances and big innocent eyes. That all changed by the end of the episode as events unfolded. Hopefully, your favorite characters survived unscathed at the end of both seasons.

Here are Perler bead designs you can make to show off to friends and keep as mementos.

Nezuko and Tanjiro

The story of the Demon Slayer revolves around siblings Tanjiro and Nezuko. Before the attack, they were just a normal family living in a remote region in Japan. However, a random act of violence by one of the members of the Twelve Demon moons left them all changed forever. Easy contenders for the best siblings in any anime, it’s no wonder that there are a lot of Perler bead works of these two.

Nezuko Chibi

Here is a beautifully designed Perler bead work of Nezuko. See her lovely black hair, pink kimono, and the ever-present bamboo piece that keeps her from biting humans.

Here is the pattern for your reference.

Nezuko in Action

A very skilled crafter also made this beautiful piece of Nezuko in mid-flight with her hair and robes billowing around her. You’ll need 4 boards for this one and a good number of black and gray beads.

Nezuko Large Size

If you thought the piece earlier was big, check out this 12-board work by My Pixel Art World. Isn’t it stunning? It looks exactly like Nezuko from the anime. If you click on this link, it will take you to the crafter’s Instagram account where she shows the ironing process.

Tanjiro Chibi

Next up is Tanjiro. Tanjiro is best bro as he dedicates his life in becoming a Demon Slayer so he can protect and hopefully find a cure for his only remaining sister. This little Tanjiro chibi captures his look very well. It’s got his hair style, coat, and even earrings down pat.

Tanjiro with Sword

If you want Tanjiro’s character bigger, here is Tanjiro with his beloved Nichirin blade alongside him.

Tanjiro + Water Breathing

One of the interesting parts of the Demon Slayer lore are each fighter’s specialized techniques and fighting styles. Tanjiro’s Water Breathing style, in particular, improves his speed, strength and agility. Just like water, it is flowing and graceful. Best of all, it can cut through the toughest demon flesh.

This Perler bead work shows off Tanjiro and his Water Breathing technique.

Tanjiro and Nezuko

It’s somehow more natural to keep these two characters together so here is a pair of Tanjiro and Nezuko chibis.

Team Tanjiro

Now it’s time to check out Team Tanjiro. When Tanjiro set out on his wild and desperate adventure (with Nezuko hidden behind him in her box), he met up with some bizarre characters that would eventually end up being his closest friends and allies.


Sometimes, it’s easy to forget that Inosuke is actually a young man since he acts and looks so much like a wild beast. Here he is wearing his famed mask — a boar’s head.

Inosuke – Knives Out

With that boar mask and blades, it’s hard to miss Inosuke.

Inosuke in Action

Inosuke’s weapons are as wild as this young man raised by wild boars. Here he is wielding his double swords with their signature serrated edges. His “Beast Breathing” technique makes them very deadly.


At first glance, Zenitsu looks like an angelic young man. And then you realize he’s girl crazy and cowardly to boot. Just when you’re about to write him off, suddenly, he surprises like no other. It’s a big irony that his big moments happen when he’s unconscious but that’s one quirk of his combat ability.

Zenitsu Chibi

Here is a Zenitsu chibi where he is looking especially angelic and blonde. You’ll need a lot of yellow beads for this pattern.

Here is the pattern for your reference.

Zenitsu Thunderclap and Flash

Zenitsu’s thunder technique is a big favorite of many Demon Slayer fans. Zenitsu has an extreme fear of demons. In order to fight, his body responds by shutting down his mind and letting his body take over. When this happens, he can generate devastating electric charges and move at an unbelievable speed.

Here’s Zenitsu about to attack with his Thunderclap and Flash technique.


The Hashira are the most powerful in the Demon Slayer Corps. Because of this, they are highly revered by the other demon slayers and humans. Beware getting attached to them though, because they are far from invincible.


We learn more about Tengen and the people he cares about in the Entertainment District arc. This was a thrilling yet funny cross-dressing episode where Tanjiro and his friends work undercover and then later fight for their lives against powerful demons.

Even if it’s just a chibi, you can see Tengen’s identifiable traits in this design especially his white hair, bejeweled head wrap, and bright red eye makeup.


Rengoku’s selfless and heroic actions during the events of the “Mugen Train” arc cemented his place as one of the most inspiring and memorable characters in the series. Please pass the tissues.


Tomioka is the Water Hashira. His mastery of the Water Breathing style is unmatched, surpassing that of Tanjiro’s, allowing him to execute lightning-fast attacks in a moment’s notice. Here is a chibi of Tomioka wearing the demon slayer uniform.

Rengoku + Tomioka

Here are Perler bead characters of Rengoku and Tomioka side by side. It’s funny seeing these two paired together because of the extreme differences in their personalities. One is flamboyant and loud, while the other is stoic and calm. The crafter did an amazing job showing off their water and fire elements.


Despite her petite stature and gentle disposition, this Insect Hashira is a skilled poisoner utilizing various poisons and antidotes in her combat strategy. Shinobu’s weapon of choice is a pair of razor-sharp butterfly blades, which she wields with deadly precision.

The semi-transparent beads used on Shinobu are so pretty. They’re not common though so if you don’t have them, use white beads instead.


Muichiro, while a little air-headed most of the time, possesses incredible sensory abilities, allowing him to detect even the slightest movements or changes in the environment. He also has extreme perception, which he uses to track down the aura of demons and other enemies.

Muichiro wears the standard demon slayer uniform, but still, he is recognizable because of his spiky bangs and almost-glowing mint-green eyes.


Who can forget Sanemi provoking Nezuko to the fullest to show that all demons were evil creatures? It was a heartbreaking scene and one that Nezuko passed with flying colors.

As a chibi, this Sanemi might seem cute and adorable. The real thing, however, is a wild child with crazed eyes.


In contrast to Sanemi’s crazy vibes, Gyomei is a towering figure with a very gentle personality. He is so soft-hearted that he’ll be crying and shedding tears while sending you to the afterlife.

Here he is as a chibi with his disinctive eyebrows and olive green long coat.


Mitsuri has one of the shortest screen time in the anime, but she’s striking enough to have a Perler bead work done of her. As deadly as the other demon slayers, Mitsuri possesses inhuman strength.

Her appearance is striking, with her long pink hair, bright green highlights, and distinctive butterfly-shaped earrings. Doesn’t her chibi look so cute and eye-catching?


Obanai is the Serpent Hashira. See that white snake peeking out from behind his head? Obanai’s family has been cursed to sprout serpents from their bodies. Unsuprisingly, his technique is called “Serpent Breathing” which incorporates deadly snake-like and venomous attacks.

Mitsuri + Obanai 3D

Here are 3D Perler bead figures of Mitsuri and Obanai, one of the cutest romantic pairs in the show. While they start off as seemingly incompatible, they eventually find common ground and develop a deep connection with each other.

You can find more 3D works from the same crafter in this Reddit page.

Mitsuri and Obanai 3D

Demon Slayers


After a lifetime of abuse, Kanao was adopted by Shinobu’s family. Because of this Kanao also wears a butterfly pin on her hair gifted by Shinobu as a sign of their bond. Kanao is known for her exceptional eyesight, ability to read a person’s expression, and her proficiency in the Breath of Flower combat style which was taught to her by Shinobu’s sister Kanae.

Kanao + Shinobu

It’s not surprising to see Kanao and Shinobu created together. These two share a love for one who has passed away – Kanae Kocho. To Shinobu, she was a beloved older sister. To Kanao, she was an adoptive mother and mentor. Kanae’s memory serves as inspiration and motivation for these two girls.

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