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Christmas Reindeer Cookie Treat Bag

These Christmas reindeer cookie treat bags are super-easy and so cute! Make them for party favors or class Christmas gifts for friends and teachers.

reindeer cookie treat bag ideas for christmas

Looking for a fun way to share your homemade Christmas cookies?

I’m a sucker for cute cookie packaging and these adorable Christmas treat bag ideas are so easy and super-cute.

Even the kids can help make them!

We plan on bringing these reindeer cookie treats to school to hand out to friends before Christmas, using our own homemade cookies.

DIY Reindeer Treat Bag for Cookies

No special skills are needed to make these adorable reindeer cookie treat bags! Use your favorite ginger cookie recipe and follow our easy instructions to make your own.

Reindeer cookie treat bags DIY

What you’ll need:

cookie treat bag making supplies

translucent cellophane cookie bags
brown pipe cleaners (aka chenille stems)
small red pom poms
small googly eyes
brown cookies

Step 1: Secure the cookie in the treat bag

cookie in treat bag

Step 2: Use the pointy end of small scissors to poke two small holes above the cookie, about 1/2 apart.

scissors cutting hole in cookie treat bag

Step 3: Guide one end of a pipe cleaner from the backside to the front of the cookie bag

making reindeer cookie treat bag

Step 4: Then guide the other end through the other hole, so both ends are coming evenly out of the front of the cookie bag

making reindeer cookie treat bag

Step 5: Use your finger to twist the ends of the pipe cleaners into spirals

making reindeer antlers for cookie treat bag
making Christmas cookie treat bag

Step 6: Glue the eyes and nose into place. I was using liquid glue and used a cotton swab to put the glue on.

making reindeer cookie treat bag
gluing pom pom for reindeer treat bag

That’s it! Now you’re done with one and you can make a few more.

This is definitely something even small kids can help with. Parents may need to cut holes, but the kids can add their own reindeer faces and shape the antlers.

DIY reindeer Christmas treat bags

Whether you make these for cute Christmas gifts for the classroom, or just as a fun and special treat for your own kids, these sweet little reindeer are sure to bring smiles!

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