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Winter Word Search Free Printable Kids Activity

Here’s a Winter word search puzzle for kids you can download and print for free. This is perfect for winter-themed parties, or just to have around on cold days when you’re stuck inside!

winter word search printable with cute penguins

When I was a kid, I absolutely loved doing word search puzzles. I would go through books of them, especially while traveling.  The thing that I liked most about them, was that I knew the answers had to be there…I just needed to find them. It was a fun challenge (as opposed to crossword puzzles which still stress me out today!).

Word search puzzles are challenging-yet-doable. They’re just the thing you need to have on hand when you need a low-key, yet engaging, activity for the kids.

And, this one couldn’t be cuter.  There’s a happy little penguin there to give you an encouraging smile when you start getting stumped. 🙂

Printable Winter Word Search Puzzle for Kids

The words on this puzzle go horizontally, vertically, and diagonally.  This word search is probably best for elementary-aged kids and up.

Don’t worry, I’m also including an answer key in case anyone needs to take a peak.

Enjoy this yourself, with your kids, or share with your class, but please do not use it for commercial purposes. Thanks and enjoy – And tell me in the comments: Are you a crossword person or a word search person? Or both!

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