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50 Fun Things to Do for Earth Day

You can make Earth Day a fun and meaningful day that kids will always remember with this brilliant list of fun things to do for Earth Day. You’ll find R-R-R Crafts, nature activities and crafts, and special Earth Day Treats that everybody will love.

Earth day crafts activities and treats for kids

Celebrating Earth Day doesn’t just have to be about taking nature hikes (although I do support that 100%). There are tons of ways to make April 22 a fun day so your kids really connect with it.

Fun Earth Day Activities for Kids

So, shouldn’t every day be Earth Day?

Of course. But, it’s sort of like Mother’s Day in that way. We live on our Earth every day, and it’s easy to take it for granted that it’ll always be there. It’s nice to have a special day that’s all about celebrating this wonderful world we have that gives us so much.

When kids are involved, the best way to celebrate Earth day so that it has an impact is to make it totally about FUN (and honoring the Earth).

These activities are fun and memorable ways to celebrate Earth day while teaching kids about different ways to appreciate and respect our natural world.

Reduce Reuse Recycle Crafts

Help kids learn ways minimize what ends up in our landfills by coming up with creative ways to reuse household items, recyclables, and old toys.

Cardboard Projects

Everyone has cardboard at home, either from recent deliveries, cereal boxes, or old shoe boxes. Here are some fun ways to repurpose your old boxes and turn them into fun toys and games for kids.

Recycled Can Crafts

Grab some cans from the recycle bin and upcycle them into something fun and useful:

Reuse old toys

Unused toys can usually be donated or passed along to younger kids in the family. However, if some of your old toys are a little too bruised and broken to donate, there may be other ways you can reuse them and keep them out of the garbage for a little longer. Check out these cute repurposed toy projects.

Recycling Games for Kids

Sorting games are a fun way for kids to learn and some kids just really love sorting and organizing objects into groups. Use this to teach about the different properties of recycled materials with these two recycling game ideas.

Earth Day Activities: Caring for Wildlife

These activities are fun to do now, but get better when the kids can see animals using what they’ve made for them.

Make a Homemade Bird Feeder

Make a Simple Birdbath

  • enlist the kids to help you paint terra cotta pots to make a DIY bird bath

Bring in the Butterflies

  • if you have some space for plants, or some containers, try following these tips for planting a butterfly garden
  • if you don’t have room for plants, or are just not good at gardening, learn how to attract butterflies with fruit
  • grow your own butterflies to release in your garden with a butterfly habitat kit

Create an Animal Habitat

Earth Day STEM Activities for Kids

Weather Projects for Kids

Rainbow Science

Learn About Dirt and Rocks

Nature Appreciation Activities for Earth Day

Go on a Nature Scavenger Hunt

Go on an Animal Tracking Adventure

Collect Some Flowers

Go Cloud Watching

Planet Earth Arts and Crafts for Kids

Paper Plate Earth- this is a fun and simple craft kids will love making from The Resourceful Mama

Tissue Paper Earth – get a stained glass Earth look with tissue paper from Mom on Time Out

Handprint Earth – let the kids show off their Earth love this this paper plate Earth day craft

Coffee Filter Earth – create a watercolor effect with coffee filters and markers from About a Mom

Fun Earth Day Treats

Dirt Pudding Cups – You’ll get nothing but smiles and giggles when you make these dirt pudding cups from Oh Nuts.

Earth Day Cupcakes – Show your Earth love with this Earth Day cupcakes from Bird on a Cake

Flower Popsicles – Flower popsicles with read, edible flowers from The Nest

Terra Cotta Pot Cupcakes – Have some fun with bake-able terra cotta cupcake pops from Wilton and surprise your kids with flower pot cupcakes from Little Things

Earth Day cookies – I love these amazing Earth Day cookies from Tidy Mom

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Kids Earth Day activities to do
Earth day activities, crafts, and more ideas for kids
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