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30 Polymer Clay Halloween Ornament Tutorials & Ideas

Start planning a spooky handcrafted Halloween with the help of these fantastic Polymer Clay Halloween Ornaments Tutorials and Ideas.

Polymer Clay Halloween Ornaments

Ready to make your Halloween extra special this year? Craft your own Halloween ornaments with the help of these fantastic Polymer Clay Halloween Ornaments Tutorials and Ideas.

Learn how to sculpt spooky home decor and carve those scary pumpkins, chilling tombstones, frightening skulls and creepy spiders. Find out how to make a witch with her mystical cauldron and sculpt ghosts and bats. Complete your Halloween outfit with your own mysterious handmade jewelry with these simple polymer clay techniques.

These fabulous tutorials are here to support you to create the spookiest Halloween vibe. Grab some polymer clay, paints and sculpting tools and get crafting.

1. Polymer Clay Halloween Scene Tutorial

Get modeling with this cool spooky Polymer Clay Halloween Scene Tutorial. You will learn how to make mini pumpkins, tombstones, a creepy fence, stylized skulls, and a grassy base all from scratch with some polymer clay and acrylic paints.

2. DIY Halloween Pumpkins

In this DIY Halloween Pumpkins video guide you will be shown a step-by-step process on how to craft two different designs of scary yet cute Halloween pumpkins.

3. Polymer Clay Witch Tutorial

Excited to make this fabulous witch for Halloween? Find out how with this amazing Polymer Clay Witch Tutorial.

4. Miniature Pot with Bones and Eyes

This Miniature Pot with Bones and Eyes is perfect for your Halloween decorations. For this project, you will need some polymer clay, dry pastels and metal ringlets for the pot’s handles.

5. Polymer Clay Halloween Figurine Tutorial

Have a go at crafting this kid-friendly Halloween scene with the help of this Polymer Clay Halloween Figurine Tutorial.

6. Miniature Pumpkins Tutorial

Here’s another fantastic Miniature Pumpkins Tutorial. This video guide will show you how to sculpt and paint a mini Halloween pumpkin with polymer clay, acrylic paints and bendy wire stems.

7. Spooky Tree Candle Holder

If you’re not a fan of pumpkins why not craft this polymer clay Spooky Tree Candle Holder? Warm, fuzzy and creepy this candle holder is just the thing for DIY Halloween.

8. Miniature House for Halloween

Are you looking for the perfect polymer clay project? Have a go at this eerie handcrafted Miniature House for Halloween.

9. Polymer Clay Halloween Ghosts

Need something less scary for the little ones? Follow this simple tutorial and craft these adorable Polymer Clay Halloween Ghosts for a light-hearted Halloween.

10. Spider Web Canes Tutorial

This amazing Spider Web Canes Tutorial will teach you a step-by-step process to make spider web canes with some black and white polymer clay. Use them for making polymer clay beads and DIY Halloween decorations.

11. Halloween Eyeball Canes Tutorial

Get ready for Halloween with this Halloween Eyeball Canes Tutorial. Grab some colorful polymer clay and get crafting.

12. DIY Halloween Spider Tutorial

Learn the tricks and techniques to craft this scary realistic-looking spider with the help of this DIY Halloween Spider Tutorial.

13. Bat Halloween Pin Badge Tutorial

Getting your Halloween costume ready? Find out how to make this spooky bat badge by following this easy Bat Halloween Pin Badge Tutorial.

14. Polymer Clay Bubbling Cauldron Tutorial

This Polymer Clay Bubbling Cauldron Tutorial will show you a very simple way to craft a witch’s cauldron with black polymer clay, TLS and green pastel chalk.

15. Polymer Clay Halloween Mister Spider Ornament

Get creative and make this spooky Polymer Clay Halloween Mister Spider Ornament. This is a simple polymer clay project that kids would enjoy.

16. Polymer Clay Halloween Ghost Charm Tutorial

If you’re after cute Halloween ornaments you will enjoy this Polymer Clay Halloween Ghost Charm Tutorial to craft this simple adorable ghost.

17. Polymer Clay Eyeball Tutorial

Find out how to sculpt and paint this fantastically scary eyeball with the help of this Polymer Clay Eyeball Tutorial and simple modeling and painting techniques.

18. Polymer Clay Extendable Ear Tutorial

If you’re a huge Harry Potter fan you will love this Polymer Clay Extendable Ear Tutorial. This real-size polymer clay sculpted ear is the perfect Halloween prop.

19. DIY Gravestones Tutorial

In this thorough DIY Gravestones Tutorial, you will be taught the process of making two different designs of gravestones with polymer clay.

20. The Old Witch Tutorial

Here’s another fantastic polymer clay witch sculpture complete with her broom. Follow through to The Old Witch Tutorial to learn the sculpting process to make this Halloween-perfect ornament.

21. Miniature Pumpkin Tutorial

This wonderful Miniature Pumpkin Tutorial will show you a simple process of how to sculpt and paint a miniature pumpkin from start to finish.

22. Polymer Clay Halloween Pins Tutorial

Learn the techniques to sculpt these funky spooky pins with this Polymer Clay Halloween Pins Tutorial. And if you don’t like pins you can easily make them into pendants.

23. Easy Halloween Decorations Tutorial

Follow through to this Easy Halloween Decorations Tutorial and have a go at making these colorful and spooky black cat, turnip and Frankenstein hanging ornaments using glow-in-the-dark polymer clay.

24. DIY Cauldron Earrings

Need something to complete your Halloween outfit? Add a mystical layer to your costume by crafting yourself a pair of these DIY Cauldron Earrings by Artsy Fartsy Mama.

25. Halloween DIY Spider Ring

Get planning your spooky Halloween and make this super funky DIY Spider Ring by Craftaholique. You will need some black and green polymer clay, flat pad ring finding and super glue.

26. Jack O’Lantern Polymer Clay Tutorial

Sculpt a set of frightening earrings with the help of this Jack O’Lantern Polymer Clay Tutorial. Don’t need earrings, make them into little charms or simple Halloween ornaments.

27. Polymer Clay Halloween Charms Tutorial

Looking for fun Halloween craft ideas for kids? Start the fun with this Polymer Clay Halloween Charms Tutorial. You will be shown how to make a creepy brain cupcake, a cute Frankenstein, skull candy and candy corn in a mini glass bottle.

28. DIY Halloween Turtles

Want to know how to make these adorable DIY Halloween Turtles out of polymer clay? In this video guide, you will learn to make a trick-or-treat pumpkin turtle with a basket full of candy, a skeleton turtle and a witch’s cauldron brew turtle.

29. Polymer Clay Halloween Cupcakes

These miniatures Polymer Clay Halloween Cupcakes are perfect for your Halloween celebrations. This tutorial will show you how to model a Frankenstein monster, a pumpkin, a ghost, candy corn and bat cupcakes.

30. Kawaii Bat Tutorial

Looking for beautiful handmade Halloween-inspired charms? Follow through to this sweet Kawaii Bat Tutorial to learn to craft these with ease.

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