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40 Best Polymer Clay Animals Tutorials & Ideas

Are you an animal lover? Learn how to craft the most loved animals with these Polymer Clay Animals Tutorials and Ideas.

Polymer Clay Animals

You are in for a treat! With these Polymer Clay Animals Tutorials and Ideas, you will find some fantastic visual guides on how to craft the most adorable and popular animals on Earth with polymer clay. With the help of these, you can even challenge yourself and make a miniature Zoo.

Find out how to make adorable farm animals, cute pets, wild Safari animals, wildlife animals and sea animals. You will be shown how to make miniature realistic-looking animals including adding a fiber to resemble fur and how to craft cute cartoon-like animals.

There’s something for everyone. Get your polymer clay, paints and sculpting tools ready and get started.

1. Miniature European Robin Tutorial

Excited to learn how to make this stunning dollhouse polymer clay robin? Follow through to this Miniature European Robin Tutorial to see the step-by-step process.

2. Polymer Clay Miniature Fox Tutorial

Get playful with this fun Polymer Clay Miniature Fox Tutorial. For this project, you will need some wire, tin foil, polymer clay, pastel, acrylic paint and merino and angora fibers for the fur.

3. Miniature Owl Tutorial

This fantastic Miniature Owl Tutorial will teach you how to sculpt a beautiful realistic-looking mini owl that is the perfect size for dollhouses.

4. Polymer Clay Tit Bird Tutorial

Find out how to make this striking little bird with this wonderful Polymer Clay Tit Bird Tutorial. This one is a truly special project for bird lovers.

5. Polymer Clay Horse Tutorial

Master sculpting techniques with this skillful Polymer Clay Horse Tutorial and sculpt a horse you will be proud of.

6. Miniature Kitten Tutorial

This Miniature Kitten Tutorial shows you how to make this adorable realistic-looking kitten with some polymer clay, acrylic paints and fiber.

7. English Bulldog Tutorial

Are dogs your favorite pets? Learn how to make this loyal and friendly dog with the help of this English Bulldog Tutorial.

8. African Fat-Tailed Gecko Tutorial

This African Fat-Tailed Gecko Tutorial will teach you a step-by-step process of how to make this brown and beige-colored reptile.

9. Polymer Clay Elephant Sculpture

Have a go at making this mighty animal in polymer clay by following this amazing Polymer Clay Elephant Sculpture video guide. Grab some grey polymer clay, wire and aluminum foil and get started.

10. Miniature Giraffe Sculpture Tutorial

This fantastic Miniature Giraffe Sculpture Tutorial will show you how to sculpt a miniature giraffe emerging from an empty bottle of yellow acrylic paint. It’s a fun twist on more traditional giraffe sculpture.

11. Miniature Tiger Tutorial

Follow through to this Miniature Tiger Tutorial and have a go at making this tiny courageous tiger cub. You will learn how to sculpt and paint the tiger’s body and add fur for a realistic look.

12. American Bison Polymer Clay Tutorial

Get modeling with this inspiring American Bison Polymer Clay Tutorial and craft this largest mammal in North America out of some polymer clay.

13. Miniature Sloth Tutorial

Get some colorful polymer clay and have some slow-down time with this Miniature Sloth Tutorial.

14. Miniature Penguin Tutorial

Have fun sculpting this adorable polymer clay penguin. Set aside some time and head to this Miniature Penguin Tutorial by Hobbies and Crafts.

15. Polymer Clay Goldfish Tutorial

Mesmerized by this stunning goldfish pendant? This Polymer Clay Goldfish Tutorial will teach you how to craft a beautiful pendant inspired by Red Cap Oranda Goldfish.

16. Jellyfish Polymer Clay Sculpture

Become captivated by this skilled Jellyfish Polymer Clay Sculpture and learn how to make one with this time-lapse video.

17. Koi Fish Tutorial

This easy Koi Fish Tutorial will show you how to make Koi fish using white, orange and black polymer clay and simple modeling techniques.

18. Mini Pet Pig Tutorial

Ready to have a go and make the world’s most adorable pet pig? Follow through to this Mini Pet Pig Tutorial and have fun crafting.

19. Hedgehog Polymer Clay Tutorial

Do you adore hedgehogs? This Hedgehog Polymer Clay Tutorial will show you how to make these cute critters with their prickly spines out of polymer clay.

20. Polymer Clay Snails Tutorial

Learn the modeling techniques to sculpt these stunning snails with this wonderful Polymer Clay Snails Tutorial. These snails were used as decoration at a magical fairytale-themed wedding.

21. Mini Squirrel in a Peanut

Just how adorable is this Mini Squirrel in a Peanut? To make this cute miniature squirrel you will need some polymer clay, fibers of your choice, paint and pastel and glaze.

22. Miniature Baby Bunny Tutorial

This Miniature Baby Bunny Tutorial will teach you how to craft this tiny dollhouse-size bunny. Little girls will adore this one.

23. Miniature Hamster Tutorial

Kids will love this sweet addition to their dollhouses. This Miniature Hamster Tutorial will not only show you how to make this cute hampster but also how to make a bag of food and a box from paper.

24. Realistic Miniature Chickens

These Realistic Miniature Chickens look just like real chickens. This amazing video guides you in using polymer clay, thread and feathers to make these tiny chicken sculptures.

25. Baby Chickens Tutorial

Looking for the perfect Easter decorations? This Baby Chickens Tutorial will take you through the process to craft these cute delicate-looking chicks.

26. Realistic Polymer Clay Spider Tutorial

Exercise your molding skills with this fun Realistic Polymer Clay Spider Tutorial. Use it for Halloween-inspired decoration, costume jewelry or anytime to make pranks on your friends and family.

27. Miniature Raven Bird Tutorial

Are you looking for a little more challenge? Why not have a go at making this fabulous polymer clay raven with the help of this Miniature Raven Bird Tutorial?

28. Miniature Bear Tutorial

Follow this simple Miniature Bear YouTube Tutorial to make this semi-realistic bear with orange, pink, translucent and white polymer clay.

29. Easy Clay Animals for Beginners

Fancy a simple polymer clay project? This Easy Clay Animals for Beginners tutorial will show you how to make simple polymer clay Whale, Starfish, Sea Turtle, Octopus and Crab.

30. Cute Polymer Clay Animals Tutorial

Learn how to make cute Bunny, Deer and Baby Elephant with this sweet Cute Polymer Clay Animals Tutorial.

31. Polymer Clay Dolphin Charm Tutorial

Looking for beautiful handmade gifts for your friends? With this Polymer Clay Dolphin Charm Tutorial, you will soon know how to craft the sweetest dolphin charms.

32. Easy Clay Animals for Beginners

Keep your kids entertained with these Easy Clay Animals for Beginners. They will learn to make Bunny, Sheep, Duck, Pig and Frog.

33. Polymer Clay Monkey Tutorial

Let’s monkey around with this funky Polymer Clay Monkey Tutorial. Add some miniature fruit and a few palm trees to keep them entertained.

34. Easy DIY Clay Animals

Get your kids involved in this fun colorful polymer clay project. With this Easy DIY Clay Animals tutorial, you will be shown how to model Mouse, Hedgehog, Penguin, Giraffe and Snake.

35. Spotted Little Goat Tutorial

Have fun with this Spotted Little Goat Tutorial. It might look complicated but with this step-by-step process, you will be able to master it with ease.

36. Easy DIY Clay Animals

Love easy tutorials? This Easy DIY Clay Animals video guide shows you how to make five different animals – Bear, Seal, Puffer Fish, Fox and Blue Bird.

37. Polymer Clay Mufasa Tutorial

Looking for a fun, easy polymer clay tutorial with a great result? Try making the mighty Mufasa from Lion King with this easy-to-follow Polymer Clay Mufasa Tutorial.

38. Disney’s Bambi Tutorial

This wonderful Disney’s Bambi Tutorial is a must-try polymer clay project. The stunning sculpture inspired by Disney’s Bambi is simply adorable.

39. Miniature Polymer Clay Reindeer Tutorial

With this Miniature Polymer Clay Reindeer Tutorial, you will master techniques to craft this stunning reindeer. Perfect for your Christmas decorations.

40. Polymer Clay Panda Tutorial

Pick some black and white polymer clay and craft these adorable pandas by following this Polymer Clay Panda Tutorial.

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