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50 Best Polymer Clay Food Tutorials & Ideas

Love crafting with polymer clay? You will adore creating these sweet food miniatures with this Polymer Clay Food Tutorials round-up.

Polymer Clay Food

Ready to make your own miniature polymer clay food? Get inspired and start crafting the ultimate polymer clay food collection with these fun tutorials. Learn how to craft polymer clay meals, desserts, bread, cheese, vegetables and fruits. You can find all of your favorites here and craft a miniature food selection for your doll house.

Or why not make them into charms and create colorful handcrafted jewelry, like a bracelet, earrings or a necklace? Create the most adorable fruit bracelet for yourself or use it as a handmade gift. Or how about making them into funky fridge magnets? Ready to get started? Get inspired below.

1. Polymer Clay Macarons

These macarons made with polymer clay look so real you won’t be able to tell the difference. Find out how to craft them with this Polymer Clay Macarons video tutorial.

2. Miniature Strawberry Shortcake Roll

Just how delightful is this strawberry shortcake roll? Add this to your polymer clay food collection with this Miniature Strawberry Shortcake Roll tutorial.

3. Miniature Lemon Cake

Grab some polymer clay and craft this cute lemon cake with the help of this Miniature Lemon Cake YouTube tutorial.

4. Miniature Chocolate Cupcakes

This Miniature Chocolate Cupcakes tutorial will show you how to make cupcakes from mold and how to craft frosting for the top.

5. Polymer Clay Cookies

Follow through to this sweet Polymer Clay Cookies tutorial and craft these realistic-looking choc chip cookies.

6. DIY Polymer Clay Cherry Cheesecake

Oh my, this cheesecake makes your mouth water! Find out how to create one with this DIY Polymer Clay Cherry Cheesecake tutorial.

7. Polymer Clay Chocolate

Learn eight ways to sculpt miniature clay chocolates in under eight minutes with this amazing Polymer Clay Chocolate tutorial.

8. Polymer Clay Donut

This fabulous Polymer Clay Donut tutorial will teach you exactly how to sculpt the most delicious-looking realistic miniature doughnuts.

9. Miniature Sugar Cookies

Set some time aside and craft these stunning Miniature Sugar Cookies. Visit the Life in Mini blog for the step-by-step tutorial.

10. Polymer Clay Sprinkles

Learn how to make gorgeous polymer clay sprinkles for food miniatures with this Polymer Clay Sprinkles tutorial.

11. Polymer Clay Fruit Pastry

Fall in love with these sweet fruit tarts. Find out how to craft them with this Polymer Clay Fruit Pastry tutorial. You will learn how to make polymer clay puff pastry tarts filled with cream and fruit.

12. Miniature Apple Pie

You need this sweet apple pie in your polymer clay food collection. Get some clay and craft one or two with this Miniature Apple Pie YouTube tutorial.

13. Polymer Clay Pumpkin Pie

Make your own handcrafted Polymer Clay Pumpkin Pie. For this project by Instructables, you will need white, beige and orange polymer clay and a bottle cap.

14. Miniature Strawberry Cake

Isn’t this the sweetest strawberry cake ever? Find out how to make it complete with sponge fingers and strawberries with this wonderful Miniature Strawberry Cake tutorial.

15. Banana Split

You will have so much fun crafting this delightful dessert. Follow this Miniature Polymer Clay Banana Split tutorial and craft banana halves with ice cream scoops, whipped cream and cherries.

16. 7 DIY Miniature Cakes

In this 7 DIY Miniature Cakes Video Tutorial, you will learn how to make miniature cake charms which can be used for bracelets, necklaces or dollhouses.

17. Frosting 5 Different Ways

You will love this Frosting 5 Different Ways Tutorial. It will teach you five different ways to craft a frosting for your clay creations.

18. Polymer Clay Coconut

Follow this simple Polymer Clay Coconut YouTube tutorial and make this cute polymer clay coconut that can be used as a charm for a fruity bracelet.

19. Miniature Lime Cane

This short Miniature Lime Cane tutorial will show you how to sculpt the cutest realistic miniature limes and lime cane.

20. Tomato Cane Tutorial

Have fun making polymer clay tomato canes with this Tomato Cane Tutorial. Use them for making jewelry or in your polymer clay burgers.

21. Orange Cane Tutorial

Follow this colorful zesty Orange Cane Tutorial and craft these adorable polymer clay oranges and orange cane.

22. Miniature Apples

How adorable are these miniature apples? Build a crate and sculpt miniature apples with polymer clay with the help of this Miniature Apples YouTube tutorial.

23. Miniature Pears

Ready to make some polymer clay pears? In this simple Miniature Pears tutorial you will be shown how to craft the sweetest pears.

24. Polymer Clay Bananas

Follow these simple directions with this Polymer Clay Bananas tutorial and craft yourself some funky bananas.

25. Polymer Clay Strawberries

Want to learn how to create the juiciest red polymer clay strawberries? Follow the simple instructions in this Polymer Clay Strawberries tutorial. Use them in your polymer clay sweets or make colorful jewelry.

26. Polymer Clay Apricots

Here’s another fabulous polymer clay fruit tutorial. Learn the steps to sculpt the most realistic Polymer Clay Apricots.

27. Peaches in Syrup

Grab some polymer clay and craft these adorable peaches. For this Peaches in Syrup project, you will need some polymer clay, a tiny jar, cloth and string.

28. DIY Miniature Nuts

In this DIY Miniature Nuts tutorial you will learn how to make polymer clay walnuts, peanuts, pecan nuts and almonds.

29. Bread Basket Tutorial

Craft a stunning polymer clay bread basket with this amazing Bread Basket Tutorial. You will learn how to create several types of bread and bread rolls.

30. Miniature Cheese Tutorial

Set aside some time and craft these adorable polymer clay cheeses with this incredible Miniature Cheese Tutorial.

31. Miniature Burgers

You know you want to master the perfect polymer clay burger! Learn how to with this Miniature Burgers video tutorial.

32. French Fries

How adorable are these polymer clay French fries? Would you love to learn how to craft them with this simple French Fries tutorial?

33. Ham Sandwich Polymer Clay Tutorial

This Ham Sandwich Polymer Clay Tutorial will show you how to craft the tastiest polymer clay sandwich for your doll’s house.

34. DIY Miniature Spaghetti with Meatballs

Would you even guess that this DIY Miniature Spaghetti with Meatballs is made with polymer clay? Excited to make your own?

35. Steak and Potato Wedges

In this fun Steak and Potato Wedges tutorial you will learn how to make miniature polymer clay steak with baked potato wedges.

36. Miniature Ground Beef

Excited about this Miniature Ground Beef tutorial? For this project you will need pale pink and red polymer clay, pointed sharp tools and brushes.

37. Polymer Clay Lasagna

Love all things Italian? Craft everyone’s favorite dish with this fun Polymer Clay Lasagna tutorial.

38. Polymer Clay Cured Ham

Here’s another food classic to master crafting with polymer clay. This Polymer Clay Cured Ham tutorial will teach you the steps to craft the tastiest-looking cured ham.

39. Miniature Sushi

Here’s a funky Miniature Sushi YouTube tutorial on how to sculpt realistic-looking polymer clay sushi.

40. Polymer Clay Roast Chicken

Do your dolls enjoy having a roast dinner? Why not surprise them with the most delicious Polymer Clay Roast Chicken?

41. Miniature Potatoes

This super easy Miniature Potatoes tutorial will teach you exactly how to craft those realistic-looking spuds. You can serve them alongside the roast chicken.

42. Miniature Carrots

Fancy a simple polymer clay project? How about sculpting these adorable carrots with this Miniature Carrots video tutorial?

43. Miniature Lettuce

Don’t miss this amazing Miniature Lettuce tutorial. In only three minutes you will learn how to craft the most crunchy-looking lettuce.

44. Miniature Tomatoes

This Miniature Tomato YouTube tutorial will leave you speechless about how incredibly easy is to make juicy polymer clay tomatoes.

45. Red Onion Tutorial

For this fun Red Onion Tutorial, you will need purple and white translucent polymer clay, twine and semi-gloss varnish.

46. Corn on the Cob

This must be the cutest Corn on the Cob I’ve ever seen. Craft one just like this with this superb video tutorial.

47. Polymer Clay Pickles Tutorial

Would you love to know how to sculpt pickles? Find out how with this quick Polymer Clay Pickles Tutorial.

48. Basket with Mushrooms

This Basket with Mushrooms tutorial is so inspiring, you just want to craft a basket full of those cute mushrooms.

49. Miniature Breakfast

Learn how to craft Miniature Breakfast with polymer clay including eggs, bacon and potatoes with this step-by-step process by CDHM.

50. French Pancakes

Would you love to find out how to craft the fluffiest French pancakes with polymer clay? Follow this French Pancakes YouTube tutorial for a detailed process.

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