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27 Best Polymer Clay Unicorn Tutorials and Ideas

Discover the magical land of unicorns and learn to sculpt these enchanting beings with these Polymer Clay Unicorns Tutorials and Ideas.

Polymer Clay Unicorns

Have you always wanted to learn how to craft unicorns with polymer clay? Get ready to create some magic with these wonderful Polymer Clay Unicorns Tutorials and Ideas. You will learn the perfect techniques to sculpt, shape and craft different styles of these majestic beings.

Find out how to craft a beautiful unicorn body with a horn and stunning hair in polymer clay in a rainbow of colors. Craft the cutest unicorn charms, ornaments and jewelry.

Sculpt miniature polymer clay unicorn food and cake toppers and learn how to decorate a mug with a unicorn. Soon you will sprinkle unicorn magic everywhere you go.

1. Miniature Unicorn Tutorial

This stunning unicorn is crafted with polymer clay, Tencel fiber hair and glitter horn. Find out how to make it with this wonderful Miniature Unicorn Tutorial.

2. Unicorn Tutorial

Would you love to learn how to sculpt this enchanting unicorn? This Unicorn YouTube tutorial will show you how to create this pastel unicorn magic.

3. Polymer Clay Rainbow Unicorn

Kids will love this adorable unicorn. Get some colorful polymer clay and get everyone crafting with this fun Polymer Clay Rainbow Unicorn tutorial.

4. Mini Unicorn Tutorial

Get excited to craft this adorable miniature Kawaii unicorn figure. Follow through to this Mini Unicorn Tutorial and get started.

5. DIY Polymer Clay Unicorn

You will have so much fun crafting this majestic DIY Polymer Clay Unicorn. Craft a few in different styles and color combinations.

6. Mini Unicorn Enchanted Forest

Find your inner sculptor and sculpt this magical Mini Unicorn Enchanted Forest. In this ten-minute video tutorial, you will learn how to make a tiny unicorn in a hidden waterfall forest scene.

7. DIY Pastel Unicorn Ornament

Follow this simple tutorial and craft this adorable DIY Pastel Unicorn Ornament. These gorgeous ornaments are perfect for your Christmas decorations.

8. Unicorn Horn Tutorial

Who wants to know how to craft a magical tri-colored unicorn horn? Head over to this fun Unicorn Horn Tutorial and craft one just like this.

9. DIY Polymer Clay Unicorn Themed Mug

Looking for thoughtful gifts with a sweet personal touch? Why not have a go at making this charming DIY Polymer Clay Unicorn Themed Mug?

10. DIY Miniature Unicorn

Keep your kids entertained with this DIY Miniature Unicorn tutorial. It’s the perfect craft activity for your little unicorn fans.

11. Polymer Clay Unicorn Charm

Just how adorable is this Polymer Clay Unicorn Charm? Craft a few of these and use them to make magical unicorn bracelets or necklaces.

12. Mini Unicorn Tutorial

Pick a few pastel shades of polymer clay and craft this sweet unicorn with this Mini Unicorn YouTube Tutorial.

13. Rainbow Unicorn Charms

Can you imagine wearing these Rainbow Unicorn Charms as earrings? They will add instant charm and would also make a sweet little gift.

14. DIY Unicorn Donut Necklace

Make this cute DIY Unicorn Donut Necklace with just a few simple supplies and step-by-step instructions by The Tiny Honeycomb.

15. Polymer Clay Unicorn Mug

Your drinks will taste amazing in one of these Polymer Clay Unicorn Mugs. Unicorn hot chocolate anyone?

16. Unicorn Pusheen Cat

Experience joy with this fun Unicorn Pusheen Cat tutorial. Set aside some time and get crafting this adorable polymer clay being.

17. Unicorn Christmas Ornament

Add this Unicorn Christmas Ornament to your Christmas tree decoration collection. It will bring good wishes and magic to your home.

18. Unicorn Cake Topper

Making a unicorn birthday cake? Learn how to make the ultimate polymer clay unicorn cake topper with this fantastic Unicorn Cake Topper tutorial.

19. Unicorn Cake Topper

Here’s another superb Unicorn Cake Topper Youtube tutorial to add that unicorn magic to your birthday cake.

20. 7 DIY Miniature Unicorn Foods

This 7 DIY Miniature Unicorn Foods tutorial will teach you how to craft the funkiest polymer clay unicorn food. You will learn how to make macarons, ice cream cones, waffles, doughnuts, brownies, cupcakes and a unicorn cake. Make them into fun charms, magnets or use them for your dollhouse.

21. Miniature Macaroon Unicorn

Just how adorable is this polymer clay macaroon unicorn? Craft one with this fun Miniature Macaroon Unicorn tutorial and add it to your polymer clay food collection.

22. Christmas Unicorn Cake

Get super creative and craft this adorable Christmas Unicorn Cake. It would make enchanting Christmas ornaments.

23. DIY Miniature Unicorn Cupcake

This sweet DIY Miniature Unicorn Cupcake is crafted especially for Valentine’s Day. Have fun making a collection of these polymer clay cupcakes with different toppings.

24. Fantasy Unicorn Necklace

Be inspired by this stunning Fantasy Unicorn Necklace made with polymer clay. What a beautiful craft project this would make.

25. Pink Polymer Clay Unicorn

Here’s more polymer clay unicorn inspiration. This stunning Pink Polymer Clay Unicorn shows how much magic you can create with polymer clay, some sequence and a little glitter.

26. Purple Polymer Clay Unicorn

Little girls will adore this gorgeous Purple Polymer Clay Unicorn. Confident to craft one like this?

27. Blue Polymer Clay Unicorn

Love a good craft project? Have a go at sculpting this artistic Blue Polymer Clay Unicorn with some of the techniques you’ve learned.

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