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26 Best Polymer Clay Octopus Tutorials & Ideas

Do you find octopuses fascinating? Find out how to make one with polymer clay with these Polymer Clay Octopus Tutorials and Ideas.

Polymer Clay Octopus

How do you feel about octopuses? Do you think they’re beautiful and mesmerizing or scary creatures? This eight-limbed sea animal with two eyes and a beaked mouth belongs to the cephalopod family and has fascinated us for centuries.

We have all heard stories about Kraken, a mythological octopus-like sea monster which lends itself beautifully to be recreated in polymer clay.

In these Polymer Clay Octopus Tutorials and Ideas, you will learn how to sculpt an octopus body with its fabulous tentacles. Some of these tutorials will teach you how to make realistic-looking octopuses and some to craft fantasy creatures.

Plus find out how to create beautiful octopus tentacle jewelry and charms all inspired by this stunning sea animal.

1. Galaxy Octopus Tutorial

Get some polymer clay and craft this fantastic planet-themed octopus with this step-by-step Galaxy Octopus Tutorial. Kids will love this one.

2. Octopus Sculpture Tutorial

Ready to sculpt the most spectacular octopus? This intricate Octopus Sculpture Tutorial by polymer clay artist Stephanie PetitPlat shows you how to build an octopus and craft an exquisite texture in this two-part time-lapse.

3. Polymer Clay Octopus Tentacles

Learn how to sculpt these sleek Polymer Clay Octopus Tentacles by JS Threads that you can blend into any creature you’re designing.

4. DIY Octopus Charms

Make these adorable DIY Octopus Charms with just a few simple supplies and this fun tutorial. They would make the perfect party favors for a sea-inspired party.

5. Tiny Polymer Clay Octopus

Would you like to know how to craft the tiniest octopus with some polymer clay? Follow through to this Tiny Polymer Clay Octopus tutorial and get started.

6. Kawaii Octopus Tutorial

This cute set of Kawaii octopuses is easy enough to craft with older kids. Set aside an afternoon and make it into a fun craft project with the help of this Kawaii Octopus Tutorial.

7. Polymer Clay Tentacles

This Polymer Clay Tentacles tutorial by Gayle Bird Designs shows a simple process on how to craft those perfect tentacles.

8. Polymer Clay Octopus Tutorial

Have some fun crafting this funky octopus with this Polymer Clay Octopus Tutorial. For this project, you will need some colored polymer clay, small glass beads for the eyes and a few sculpting tools to help you along the way.

9. Polymer Clay Steampunk Octopus Tutorial

Are you a big fan of Jules Verne? You will enjoy this amazing Polymer Clay Steampunk Octopus Tutorial that will show you how to make a steampunk-style octopus wrapped around a glass bottle with octopus ink.

10. Blue Ringed Octopus Tutorial

Are you looking for a little more challenge? This incredible Blue Ringed Octopus Tutorial will teach you how to sculpt a highly venomous blue-ringed octopus.

11. Polymer Clay Octopus Tutorial

This easy Polymer Clay Octopus Tutorial is a fun project to keep your octopus-loving kids entertained with.

12. Kraken Polymer Clay Tutorial

You will love this Kraken Polymer Clay Tutorial. In this fun project, a glass bottle is filled with some dried moss and UV resin mixed with some blue ink to resemble the sea and it’s wrapped with sculpted polymer clay Kraken.

13. Octopus Girl Sculpture

Find your inner sculptor and have a go at sculpting this stunning Octopus Girl Sculpture. This fantasy octopus girl makes a worthwhile craft project for polymer clay lovers.

14. Polymer Clay Octopus Tutorial

This easy Polymer Clay Octopus Tutorial will show you how to make a sweet little octopus charm. A perfect project for kids and adults alike.

15. DIY Small Octopus in a Bowl

Be mesmerized by this DIY Small Octopus in a Bowl inspired by a common octopus and a red octopus. This tutorial is using a mixture of polymer clay and resin.

16. Fantasy Octopus Tutorial

If you’re looking to create something truly special this Fantasy Octopus Tutorial will teach you how to create a stunning octopus with a mixture of opal, translucent and glow-in-the-dark polymer clay and two-part resin.

17. DIY Polymer Clay Octopus Necklace

Head to this fun DIY Polymer Clay Octopus Necklace tutorial and find out how to craft this fantastic octopus tentacle necklace.

18. DIY Tentacle Necklace

This adorable turquoise DIY Tentacle Necklace is very cool. To make this beautiful piece of jewelry you will need some translucent clay, pearl ex powder and gloss glaze.

19. Octopus Tentacle Earring Tutorial

Have you ever desired octopus earrings? This amazing Octopus Tentacle Earring Tutorial will show you how to make a set of these cute and fabulous earrings. Make a few sets in an array of colors.

20. Octopus Ring Tutorial

Isn’t this the coolest most unique ring you have ever seen? Learn how to sculpt your own with this step-by-step Octopus Ring Tutorial.

21. Polymer Clay Octopus Earrings

Here’s another fun tutorial for octopus girl fans to help you craft a set of dangly Polymer Clay Octopus Earrings.

22. Octopus and Pearl Pendant Tutorial

Follow through to this Octopus and Pearl Pendant Tutorial and learn the techniques to sculpt this stunning pendant. For this project, you will need some black polymer clay and real pearls.

23. Steampunk Octopus Bracelet Tutorial

Would you love to know how to make this unique piece of jewelry? This Steampunk Octopus Bracelet Tutorial will teach you how to make this distinctive bracelet in the steampunk style that you can wear in two ways, on the palm or on the wrist.

24. Octopus Jar Tutorial

Get your kids involved in this fun polymer clay project. This simple Octopus Jar Tutorial will show you how to craft this funky octopus jar that kids will love making.

25. Polymer Clay Octopus

Be inspired by this beautiful Polymer Clay Octopus in a bowl. This skillfully modeled polymer clay piece is perfect for inspiration.

26. Polymer Clay Octopus Brooches

Just how cute are these Polymer Clay Octopus Brooches? Tempted to craft your own set? They would make fantastic gifts for animal lovers.

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