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Polymer Clay Frog Tutorials & Ideas

Obsessed with frogs? With these fun Polymer Clay Frog Tutorials and Ideas, you will soon be crafting your own frog creations.

Polymer Clay Frog

Find out how to make realistic-looking frogs and fantastic frog sculptures out of polymer clay. Learn to craft this earth’s most poisonous frog species. Master sculpting techniques to craft those mesmerizing large bulging eyes and warty skin and the painting style for the perfect realistic finish with these fun Polymer Clay Frog Tutorials and Ideas.

Or would you prefer making adorable frog charms and cute little frogs in an assortment of colors? With these fantastic visual guides and ideas, you will have so much fun crafting a collection of frogs that you’ll be proud of.

Use your creations for decor to brighten your day or give them away as gifts to your animal-loving friends.

1. Polymer Clay Frog Tutorial

How realistic-looking is this stunning frog? Find out how to make it with this fantastic Polymer Clay Frog Tutorial. For this project, you will need some polymer clay, wire, tin foil and acrylic paints.

2. Miniature Frog Sculpture

In this two-minute Miniature Frog Sculpture tutorial you will be shown how to craft these funky colorful frogs out of polymer clay.

3. Frog Sculpture Tutorial

This step-by-step Frog Sculpture Tutorial makes a worthwhile polymer clay project. In this video guide, you will learn the sculpting and painting process to craft this toady frog.

4. Red Eyed Tree Frog Sculpture

You will adore making this Red Eyed Tree Frog Sculpture. This stunning polymer clay interpretation of this bright-colored frog includes directions to paint a bright green body and blue and yellow stripes on the side for a realistic-looking Red Eyed Tree Frog.

5. DIY Polymer Clay Frog Tutorial

Exercise your molding skills with this fun DIY Polymer Clay Frog Tutorial by Fimo DIY. This is an easy polymer clay project that is perfect for kids.

6. Polymer Clay Frog Tutorial

This funky Polymer Clay Frog Tutorial is wonderful for beginners. Grab some green and white polymer clay, Mica and glitter and get started.

7. Polymer Clay Frog Charm

Be inspired by this quick Polymer Clay Frog Charm video and craft a sweet little frog charm to use in bracelets, pendants and keyrings.

8. Kawaii Frog Tutorial

This amazing Kawaii Frog Tutorial will teach you the exact steps to craft a frog charm that all your friends will want.

9. Polymer Clay Frog Tutorial

Who can’t get enough of these cute polymer clay frogs? Here’s another fun Polymer Clay Frog Tutorial to learn to sculpt them in an easy, fun and happy way.

10. Frog Pond Tutorial

Fancy making something different? Have a go at creating this adorable pond with the help of this Frog Pond Tutorial.

11. Poison Dart Frog Tutorial

Excited to learn how to make a poison dart frog? This wonderful Poison Dart Frog Tutorial will teach you the sculpting and painting process to make this brightly colored poisonous frog.

12. Poison Frog Polymer Clay Tutorial

Find out how to create the most toxic frog on this earth also known as the golden dart frog out of polymer clay by following this Poison Frog Polymer Clay Tutorial.

13. Poison Dart Frog

Here’s another wonderful polymer clay interpretation of the Poison Dart Frog. Grab some polymer clay and blue and black acrylic paint to make your own version.

14. DIY Polymer Clay Frog

Have fun crafting this happy frog playing the guitar with the help of this DIY Polymer Clay Frog tutorial. You will need some black polymer clay and antique bronze and spring green pigments for this project.

15. DIY Glass Eyed Tree Frog

Captivated by this DIY Glass Eyed Tree Frog? This visual guide is a great introduction to making a sculpture with polymer clay and glass eyes.

16. Harry Potter’s Chocolate Frog

Are you a huge Harry Potter fan? Find out how to make Harry Potter’s Chocolate Frog out of polymer clay. To resemble chocolate this tutorial is using polymer clay in burnt umber color.

17. Polymer Clay Frog Prince Tutorial

This fantastic Polymer Clay Frog Prince Tutorial will teach you how to sculpt a beautiful frog prince sculpture including a throne, crown and sceptre. It would make a truly special handmade gift.

18. Polymer Clay Pepe Tutorial

Find out how to sculpt Pepe the Frog, a famous cartoon character and Internet meme with this fun Polymer Clay Pepe Tutorial. This sweet polymer clay Pepe miniature is perfect to make into a brooch, keychain or magnet.

19. Polymer Clay Minecraft Frogs Tutorial

Boys will love this Polymer Clay Minecraft Frogs Tutorial. This fun activity would make a fantastic addition to a Minecraft-themed birthday party.

20. Polymer Clay Frog Pins Tutorial

Bring a touch of charm to your pin board by making a few of these cute frog pins with this easy Polymer Clay Frog Pins Tutorial.

21. Polymer Clay Frog Figurine

This skillfully painted and sculpted Polymer Clay Frog Figurine is a beautiful polymer clay piece to draw inspiration from.

22. Miniature Polymer Clay Frogs

Now that you’ve learned all the techniques to craft the most beautiful frogs have a go at making a whole miniature frog collection in your favorite colors.

23. Polymer Clay Miniature Frogs

These super simple Polymer Clay Miniature Frogs are easy to make and they would make sweet good luck charms for your desk or you could use them as fridge magnets.

24. Red Eyed Tree Frog Pendant

Be inspired by this stunning Red Eyed Tree Frog Pendant. This bespoke polymer clay necklace is such a unique piece of jewellery. Fancy creating your own interpretation?

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