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33 Best Polymer Clay Flowers Tutorials & Ideas

Adore flowers? Find out how to sculpt stunning flowers with these wonderful Polymer Clay Flowers Tutorials and Ideas.

Polymer Clay Flowers

Do you love the beauty of flowers and fancy a feminine craft project? Find some colorful polymer clay and a few modeling tools and get started making with these fabulous Polymer Clay Flowers Tutorials and Ideas.

In this round-up, you will find step-by-step guides on how to model all the popular flowers like roses, peonies, pansies, orchids and lilies and colorful spring flowers like tulips and daffodils that you can use in various polymer clay craft projects and to make gorgeous handcrafted gifts.

I’ve also included a few tutorials on how to make pretty polymer clay jewelry like brooches, pendants, rings, earrings and hair pieces. Flower-themed jewelry is just stunning and you can adapt any of the flowers from these tutorials to craft your very own unique pieces.

Get inspired below.

1. Miniature Orchids Sculpture Tutorial

This wonderful Miniature Orchids Sculpture Tutorial will show you how to model these stunning miniature orchids with some translucent white and translucent pink polymer clay.

2. Polymer Clay Hibiscus Flowers Tutorial

Are you mesmerized by these gorgeous realistic-looking hibiscus flowers? Follow through to this Polymer Clay Hibiscus Flowers Tutorial to learn how to craft them.

3. Realistic Polymer Clay Rose Tutorial

Master modeling an immaculate polymer clay rose. This beautifully detailed Realistic Polymer Clay Rose Tutorial by Crystals and Clay will guide you through every step.

4. Polymer Clay Gardenia Tutorial

Would you love to know how to make this stunning gardenia flower? In this Polymer Clay Gardenia Tutorial by Fimo DIY, you will learn how to craft one with a mixture of white, yellow and red polymer clay.

5. Polymer Clay Daisy Flower Tutorial

Polymer Clay Daisy Flower

Sculpt the sweetest daisies by following this Polymer Clay Daisy Flower Tutorial. It will show you the modeling and texturing techniques to sculpt very pretty realistic-looking daisies.

6. Polymer Clay Tulips Tutorial

This Polymer Clay Tulips Tutorial will make a perfect Mother’s Day craft project. Learn how to make those beautiful ombre petals, stems and leaves with this video guide.

7. Grape Hyacinth Tutorial

In the mood for the perfect Spring time tutorial? This Grape Hyacinth Tutorial by Make It with Me will take you through the sculpting process of this Spring flower. Make it into a pretty brooch by adding a brooch pin.

8. Polymer Clay Pansies Tutorial

This lovely Polymer Clay Pansies Tutorial will show you all the tricks to make the prettiest pansies. Use it to craft individual pansy flowers or turn them into pretty charms.

9. Iris Flower Tutorial

Follow through to this Iris Flower Tutorial by Instructables and sculpt this gorgeous iris flower with some white polymer clay colored with acrylic paints.

10. Polymer Clay Peony Tutorial

Peonies are one of the most spectacular flowers to learn how to craft. Follow through to this lovely Polymer Clay Peony Tutorial for the instructions to make this gorgeous bloom.

11. Easy Polymer Clay Flowers Tutorial

Get excited to craft three polymer clay flowers with this Easy Polymer Clay Flowers Tutorial. You will be shown how to make a daisy, sunflower and gerbera with polymer clay.

12. Poppy and Poppy Seed Pod Tutorial

This fantastic Poppy and Poppy Seed Pod Tutorial will take you through all the steps to make this striking poppy flower with polymer clay and a bamboo stick. You don’t want to miss this one.

13. DIY Miniature Lilly Tutorial

Set aside some time and enjoy this polymer clay project with the help of this DIY Miniature Lilly Tutorial. You will need some yellow and green polymer clay and wire to make this beautiful lilly.

14. Cactus Flower and Lotus Flower Tutorial

This Cactus Flower and Lotus Flower Tutorial is another fantastic project to consider. It will guide you to make a gorgeous realistic cactus flower and a lotus flower picture with polymer clay.

15. Polymer Clay Plumeria Tutorial

Amuse yourself with this wonderful Polymer Clay Plumeria Tutorial by Crystals and Clay. Not only you will learn how to make this beautiful flower but seven more including a rose, peony, succulent Echeveria Runyonii, succulent Sedum Clavatum, succulent Graptoveria Tituban, hibiscus and pinecone.

16. Polymer Clay Cherry Blossom Tutorial

This sweet Polymer Clay Cherry Blossom Tutorial will take you on a dreamy cherry blossom journey. Use these pretty flowers to make little charms or a necklace.

17. Miniature Tulips Tutorial

Get your clay ready and settle down for some relaxing time with this Miniature Tulips Tutorial. For this project, you will need some polymer clay, wire and dry pastels.

18. Miniature Daffodils Tutorial

Looking for a fun, easy polymer clay tutorial with a great result? Follow through to this easy Miniature Daffodils Tutorial to craft a bouquet of these springtime flowers representing rebirth and new beginnings.

19. Lily Cane And Flower Tutorial

Learn the skills to craft the prettiest lilies with this step-by-step Lily Cane And Flower Tutorial. You will be taught the cane method in this visual guide.

20. Wild Rose Tutorial

In this lovely Wild Rose Tutorial you will learn how to create a stunning delicate wild rose from polymer clay to use in your projects.

21. Happy Rose Tutorial

Master the modeling techniques with this Happy Rose Tutorial. You will be shown how to craft this beautiful rose in four different color shades in this professional guide.

22. Simple Flower Tutorial

This Simple Flower Tutorial will guide you through the process of making a simple polymer clay flower with some more tips and ideas on how to take your creations to the next level and make them even more original.

23. Easy Flower Tutorial

Follow the simple directions in this Easy Flower Tutorial to model this fun and simplistic flower from polymer clay. This perfect-for-beginners tutorial only needs two shades of polymer clay and can be utilized in different polymer clay projects.

24. Funky Flower Tutorial

Have fun with this awesome Funky Flower Tutorial. In this video guide, you will be shown another beautiful simple flower design, this time embellished with dots.

25. Handmade Flower Bracelet Tutorial

Treat yourself to this gorgeous whimsical pink, peach, yellow and white flower bracelet with the help of this Handmade Flower Bracelet Tutorial.

26. Polymer Clay Rose Pendant And Earrings Tutorial

Would you love to find out how to craft stunning rose jewelry? This wonderful Polymer Clay Rose Pendant And Earrings Tutorial will teach you a quick easy step-by-step process.

27. Polymer Clay Flower Ring Tutorial

Bloom with this charming flower ring. Head to this Polymer Clay Flower Ring Tutorial by Fimo DIY and craft one just like this.

28. Bluebell Earrings Tutorial

Here’s another fantastic flower jewelry project for you. Learn how to make these enchanting bluebell earrings with this sweet Bluebell Earrings Tutorial.

29. Orchid Flower Pendant Tutorial

Just how stunning is this orchid flower pendant? Find out the sculpting and painting process to craft your own in this Orchid Flower Pendant Tutorial.

30. Long Fuchsia Earrings Tutorial

Make the most unique flower earrings with this Long Fuchsia Earrings Tutorial. For this project, you will need souffle, wisteria and white polymer clay for the inner layers and turnip color for the outer petals, tiger tail wire in fuschia color for stamens and different-sized beads for pollen grains.

31. Polymer Clay Flowers Earrings Tutorial

Here’s a Polymer Clay Flowers Earrings Tutorial with a difference for you. Head there now to craft this stunning pair of earrings with this video guide.

32. Polymer Clay Yellow Flower Ring Tutorial

You will shine like a sun with this pretty yellow ring. Find out how simple it is to make your own by following this simple Polymer Clay Yellow Flower Ring Tutorial.

33. Polymer Clay Forget-Me-Not Jewelry

Be inspired by this beautiful handmade Polymer Clay Forget-Me-Not Jewelry collection by Fimo DIY. Every girl should own a piece.

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