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25 Best Polymer Clay Dragon Tutorials & Ideas

Be captivated by these spectacular dragon designs and sculpt your own with these Polymer Clay Dragon Tutorials and Ideas.

Polymer Clay Dragon

Dragons are majestic mythical creatures that have captivated our imagination for centuries. They come in so many different shapes and sizes and their design holds endless possibilities. There’s no limit but your own imagination when it comes to crafting your own dragon.

Using polymer clay, pastels or acrylic paint and a few tools you can easily create a broad variety of designs from simple to more intricate. In these Polymer Clay Dragon Tutorials and Ideas, you will find cute simple little dragons and more advanced tutorials if you fancy more of a challenge.

Get inspired below and have a go at sculpting one of these dragons and ultimately design and craft a spectacular dragon of your own design.

1. Easy Mini Polymer Clay Dragons

How cute are these mini dragons? Follow this Easy Mini Polymer Clay Dragons tutorial and learn how to sculpt three dragon variations using three colors of polymer clay.

2. Polymer Clay Dragon

Watch this Polymer Clay Dragon sculpting guide and sculpt the most adorable dragon in your choice of colors.

3. How to Make a Clay Dragon Tutorial

Learn How to Make a Clay Dragon with this step-by-step wikiHow visual guide. All you need is polymer clay, acrylic paints and knitting needles for finer details.

4. Polymer Clay Sea Dragon

Here’s a fun Polymer Clay Sea Dragon time-lapse video on how to sculpt this detailed red, blue and black sea dragon. Have lots of fun sculpting!

5. Polymer Clay Pastel Dragon

This wonderful Polymer Clay Pastel Dragon tutorial with lots of delicate details will teach you how to make this adorable female dragon complete with a butterfly.

6. Polymer Clay Dragon Tutorial

You will love this funky Polymer Clay Dragon Tutorial. You will learn how to sculpt a dragon from light and dark purple clay with a base of aluminium foil.

7. Polymer Clay Haku Dragon Tutorial

Learn how to craft the Haku character from Spirited Away movie with some polymer clay. Follow through to this Polymer Clay Haku Dragon Tutorial to be guided to make this stunning dragon.

8. DIY Polymer Clay Haku Dragon

Here’s another beautiful re-creation of Haku’s character from Spirited Away movie. Sculpt one just like this with this DIY Polymer Clay Haku Dragon YouTube tutorial.

9. Miniature Dragon in a Bottle

Set aside some time and make this adorable Miniature Dragon in a Bottle. For this cute charm, you will need some polymer clay, a glass bottle, tiny rocks, dry moss and craft jewels.

10. Baby Dragon Necklace Tutorial

Find out how to make this sweet dragon necklace by following this fun Baby Dragon Necklace Tutorial. This little red baby dragon is ready to explore the world with you.

11. Pink Polymer Clay Dragon Tutorial

This Pink Polymer Clay Dragon Tutorial will teach you how to sculpt an adorable mini dragon that you can use as a charm.

12. Polymer Clay Dragon Tutorial

Grab some polymer clay and head to this Polymer Clay Dragon Tutorial to find out how to sculpt this spectacular black and white dragon.

13. Polymer Clay Dragon Pendant Tutorial

Are you looking for a little more challenge? Check out this incredible Polymer Clay Dragon Pendant Tutorial to craft your very own dragon pendant using polymer clay and labradorite crystal.

14. Polymer Clay Dragon Necklace

With this visual guide, you will learn how to make a gorgeous Polymer Clay Dragon Necklace with a small mirror from polymer clay.

15. Polymer Clay Dragon Bracelet Tutorial

Would you love to know how to craft this fabulous dragon bracelet? Head over to this Polymer Clay Dragon Bracelet Tutorial, grab some polymer clay and get sculpting.

16. Polymer Clay Dragon Tutorial

This Polymer Clay Dragon Tutorial guides you on how to design and create your own dragon so you can create your own unique designs working with polymer clay and your own imagination.

17. Clay Dragon Sculpting Tutorial

This one and half hour super-detailed Clay Dragon Sculpting Tutorial by Dragon of My Dreams will take you through the step-by-step process of how to sculpt this wonderful dragon.

18. Baby Toothless Tutorial

Kids will enjoy making Baby Toothless from the How to Train Your Dragon movie out of polymer clay. Grab some clay and learn how to with this fun Baby Toothless Video Tutorial.

19. Polymer Clay Dragon’s Eye

Looking for fun craft ideas for older kids? Keep them entertained making Polymer Clay Dragon’s Eye with the help of this tutorial by Get Creative with Nana.

20. Polymer Clay Dragon Sculpture

This beautiful Polymer Clay Dragon Sculpture is crafted with polymer clay and you can watch the time-lapse video to inspire you to create your own.

21. “Drogon” Polymer Clay Tutorial

Love Game of Thrones? Learn how to sculpt The Last Dragon of Daenerys, Drogon with this Polymer Clay YouTube Tutorial.

22. Polymer Clay DIY Dragon

Here’s another funky Polymer Clay DIY Dragon to add to your dragon collection. Get inspired and make your own version and color combination.

23. Polymer Clay Baby Dragon Tutorial

This Polymer Clay Baby Dragon Tutorial by Fimo DIY is perfect for the little ones. Make this into fun craft activity for the whole family.

24. Fairy Dragon with Butterflies

Be inspired by this beautiful Fairy Dragon with Butterflies. With lovely shades of lilacs and blues and lovely sculpting techniques, this dragon is an impressive example of a polymer clay craft.

25. Sculpting Dragon Eyes

This paid downloadable video tutorial will teach you shortcuts for creating stunning sculpted Dragon Eyes textures and details out of polymer clay.

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