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21 Polymer Clay Coaster Tutorials & Ideas

Do you often run out of coasters? Why not craft your own with the help of this Polymer Clay Coasters Tutorial round-up?

Polymer Clay Coasters

Everyone needs coasters, so why not make it into a fun craft project? These handcrafted coasters will add a stylish touch and color to any room as well as protect your furniture from damage. Plus, they will transform your drinks when they sit on your own fabulous creation.

You could use your handmade polymer clay coasters as housewarming gifts, bridal showers and wedding gifts, as well as gifts for your friends and family. They also make a fun addition to your table setting at your parties and gatherings. Scroll below and be inspired by the most exciting designs and tutorials in this Polymer Clay Coasters round-up and start crafting.

1. DIY Agate Coasters

Make your own stunning faux DIY Agate Coasters for a fraction of the cost of a real agate stone with the help of this tutorial from Jen Woodhouse. To craft these you will need polymer clay, acrylic paints, gloss glaze and gold liquid leaf.

2. DIY Polymer Clay Coasters

Visit this short video tutorial and find out how to make these incredibly vibrant DIY Polymer Clay Coasters. Their impeccable design is sure to impress.

3. River Stone Polymer Clay Coaster Tutorial

In this professional and detailed River Stone Polymer Clay Coaster Video Tutorial by Jessama Tutorials, you will learn how to create a polymer clay coaster using pastels and a simple texturing technique to create a pebble pattern.

4. Polymer Clay Coaster Tutorial

Are you looking for a little more challenge? Craft these hexagonal Polymer Clay Coasters with a sweet new cane design with this easy-to-follow YouTube video tutorial.

5. How to Make DIY Polymer Clay Coasters

These chic black and white DIY Polymer Clay Coasters by Let’s Craft Instead with a marbled effect will add a stylish touch to any room.

6. DIY Mix and Match Clay Coasters

These colorful DIY Mix and Match Clay Coasters by Pretty Life Girls are so much fun! Created with polymer clay and painted with acrylic paints they are made in half circles to create different designs.

7. “Knitting” Clay Coasters

This quick one-minute knitting Youtube tutorial will teach you how to make these “Knitting” Clay Coasters. This simple braided clay technique to make knit-look coasters will have you enchanted.

8. DIY Confetti Coasters

These adorable DIY Confetti Coasters will make fantastic gifts for your friends and family. Learn how to make them by following this super easy tutorial by Best Friends for Frosting.

9. Marbled Clay Coasters with Monograms

Grab some fun colorful polymer clay and make these elegant Marbled Clay Coasters with Monograms with the help of this short YouTube tutorial.

10. DIY Polymer Clay Coasters

These stylish DIY Polymer Clay Coasters in soft colors by Something Peach are worth your attention. Follow this simple tutorial and craft your own version.

11. Tutti Frutti Polymer Clay Coasters

Add a touch of color to your tables with these handmade Tutti Frutti Polymer Clay Coasters. These fresh bright coasters by Perles & Co will have your guests mesmerized.

12. DIY Marbled Clay Coasters

These DIY Marbled Clay Coasters with a metallic gold paint rim by Everyday Dishes are another fun polymer clay project to set aside time for.

13. How to Make Coasters with Kids

Looking for fun craft ideas for kids? Keep them entertained with this polymer clay tutorial by The Artisan Duck using shape cutters to make functional coasters.

14. Colorful Clay Coasters

It couldn’t be simpler to make these Colorful Clay Coasters by Oh Joy! Inspired by colorful clay necklaces, they are fun and funky and perfect for your drinks.

15. Checked Clay Coasters

These Checked Clay Coasters are a super cool and very sleek addition to your tablescape. Follow this fabulous step-by-step tutorial by Collective Gen to craft your own.

16. DIY Faux Agate Coasters

Make your own DIY Faux Agate Coasters in black, grey, white, silver and gold tones. These unique coasters by Autodesk Instructables are perfect for your summer parties.

17. DIY Polymer Clay Agate Coasters

If you adore Polymer Clay Agate Coasters as much as me here’s a YouTube video tutorial to craft your own. You can make them in a rainbow of colors.

18. DIY Squiggly Coasters

You will adore these DIY Squiggly Coasters by Your DIY Family. With an abstract wavy design and neutral colors, these cute coasters make a stylish addition to your home design.

19. DIY Terrazzo Coasters

Spruce up your coffee table with these right-on-trend DIY Terrazzo Coasters. Follow this simple tutorial by Gathered and see how easy it is.

20. Sculpey Clay Coasters

Protect your furniture with these chic Sculpey Clay Coasters. This simple-to-make polymer clay project by Amy Latta Creations uses stamps to add a personalized touch.

21. Quick and Easy DIY Coasters

These Quick and Easy DIY Coasters by Pine + Poplar have beautifully handcrafted quality. With the golden tone, they would make the perfect bridal shower or wedding gift.

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