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30 Best Polymer Clay Cat Tutorials & Ideas

Craft the most adorable polymer clay cats with just a few simple supplies and step-by-step instructions in these Polymer Clay Cats Tutorials and Ideas.

Polymer Clay Cats

Meow. Are you a cat person and would love to learn how to make the cutest cats in some polymer clay? With these Polymer Clay Cats Tutorials and Ideas, you will soon have all the skills and tricks to craft even a realistic-looking cat from a photo.

Cats are known for their independence, graceful movements and cleanliness. They make affectionate family pets and we just love them. And how exciting is to learn to craft them with some polymer clay, paints and optional fibers for fur.

In these visual guides, you will be shown how to sculpt realistic-looking cats and cartoon-style cats and how to make cat-inspired jewelry and cute little charms. Grab some polymer clay and scroll below to get started.

1. Realistic Miniature Cat Tutorial

Learn the sculpting and painting techniques on how to craft a stunning realistic-looking polymer clay cat by following this step-by-step Realistic Miniature Cat Tutorial. This guide includes applying wool to create beautiful fur.

2. Polymer Clay Cat Sculpture

This gorgeous Polymer Clay Cat Sculpture is made by France-based polymer clay artist Stephanie Petitplat. In this video guide, she shares one of her painting techniques which includes using a toothpick to apply small bits of different-hued polymer clay.

3. Polymer Clay Cat Sculpting Tutorial

This Polymer Clay Cat Sculpting Tutorial will teach you the sculpting process of crafting the cat’s body and texturing the clay to resemble fur.

4. Realistic Miniature Cat Tutorial

Ready for some serious cuteness? In this amazing Realistic Miniature Cat Tutorial, you will learn all the tricks to craft this stunning beige cat.

5. Polymer Clay Cats Tutorial

Get excited to craft five adorable cats out of polymer clay. In this Polymer Clay Cats Tutorial, you will learn the realistic and Kawaii styles to make an Orange Cat, Cat and Fish, Ragdoll Cat, Black and White Cat and British Shorthair Blue Cat.

6. Paint a Realistic Miniature Cat Sculpture

This Paint a Realistic Miniature Cat Sculpture video will show you the painting process of a custom order for a miniature version of a tabby cat named Sizzy.

7. Polymer Clay Cats Tutorial

Kids will love this Polymer Clay Cats Tutorial. Get some polymer clay and make these three cute little cats including Siamese Cat, American Shorthair Cat and Bombay Cat.

8. Cute Kitten Tutorial

This Cute Kitten Tutorial will take you through the process to craft this sweet kitty. To make it into a pendant add an eye pin before baking.

9. Kawaii Bookworm Cat Tutorial

In this fantastic Kawaii Bookworm Cat Tutorial, you will learn how to create a polymer clay Kawaii cat charm altogether with cute glasses and three books.

10. Black Polymer Clay Cat

Black Polymer Clay Cat

Explore this simple visual guide by Fimo DIY to craft a Halloween-inspired Black Polymer Clay Cat. For this project, you will need black, orange and yellow polymer clay and a needle modeling tool or toothpick.

11. Miniature Kitten Tutorial

You will adore this sweet Miniature Kitten Tutorial which teaches you how to make a dollhouse size kitten using armature and polymer clay to craft the body and milk protein fiber and white angora for the fur.

12. Polymer Clay Cats Tutorial

Set aside an afternoon and have a go at making these adorable polymer clay cats with the help of this Polymer Clay Cats Tutorial. You will learn to craft two different styles of cat and a cat hairpin.

13. Polymer Clay Kitten Tutorial

Follow through to this simple YouTube Polymer Clay Kitten Tutorial and find out how to make the cutest kitten with the most magical eyes.

14. Polymer Clay Cat Sculpture Tutorial

Experience lots of fun with sculpting and pastel painting these adorable miniature cats with the help of this Polymer Clay Cat Sculpture Tutorial.

15. Cat Portrait Pendant Tutorial

This Cat Portrait Pendant Tutorial is simply amazing. Learn the step-by-step techniques to craft this beautiful pendant that is perfect for handcrafted gifts.

16. Cheshire Cat Brooch

Are you a big fan of Alice in Wonderland? Learn how to make this mysterious Cheshire Cat Brooch with this wonderful video guide.

17. Black Polymer Clay Cat Tutorial

This simple one-minute Black Polymer Clay Cat Tutorial will show you how to model this little spooky black cat that is perfect for Halloween decoration.

18. DIY Miniature Cat

Find your inner sculptor by following this sculpting DIY Miniature Cat YouTube video. All you need is some black polymer clay and assorted sculpting tools.

19. Polymer Clay Cat Tutorial

Looking for fun craft ideas for kids? Keep them entertained with this easy Polymer Clay Cat Tutorial. You know they will love it.

20. Jiji Cat Charm Tutorial

This funky Jiji Cat Charm Tutorial will teach you how to make a cute little Jiji cat from Kiki’s Delivery Service, a Japanese animated fantasy film.

21. Misty Cat Tutorial

In this Misty Cat Tutorial, you will learn how to make a Misty cat sitting on a pink cushion, a character from the Kitty Collector’s game and app Neko Atsume.

22. Kawaii Succulant Cat Tutorial

How adorable is this Kawaii succulent cat in a pot? Would you love to make your own? Follow this fun Kawaii Succulent Cat Tutorial and get started.

23. Polymer Clay Fruit Cats Tutorial

You will absolutely love this Polymer Clay Fruit Cats Tutorial. Learn how to craft a banana cat, grape cat and cherry cat with polymer clay in Kawaii style.

24. Kawaii Lucky Cat Charm

Get creative and make this adorable Kawaii Lucky Cat Charm. For this project, you will need white, gold and pink polymer clay, an eye pin and a glaze.

25. Pusheen Cat in Clay

Fancy a simple polymer clay project? Here’s a sweet little tutorial on how to make an adorable Pusheen Cat in Clay.

26. Polymer Clay Earrings Tutorial

Make your own handcrafted dangling earrings inspired by the Chococat character from Sanrio by following this wonderful Polymer Clay Earrings Tutorial.

27. Polymer Clay Cat Pendant Tutorial

Here’s another fun Polymer Clay Cat Pendant Tutorial. This pendant is made with polymer clay teamed with wire and finished with Mica powder and gloss varnish.

28. Polymer Clay Cat Beads Tutorial

This Polymer Clay Cat Beads Tutorial will show you how to make tiny cat beads with a beautiful carved look from polymer clay that you can use in necklaces, pendants or charms.

29. Polymer Clay Cat Sculptures

These beautiful Polymer Clay Cat Sculptures are wonderful pieces to draw inspiration from. Just how adorable are they?

30. Sleeping Cat Tutorial

Love simplicity? Have a go at making this simplistic cat with the help of this Sleeping Cat Tutorial by Cara Jane.

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