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21 Best Polymer Clay Bunny Tutorials & Ideas

Get ready to craft the cutest bunnies out of polymer clay with the help of these Polymer Clay Bunnies Tutorials and Ideas.

Polymer Clay Bunnies

Bunnies are one of the most adorable animals and crafting them out of polymer clay can be so much fun. They are not just an essential Easter decoration, we simply love bunnies all year long.

Polymer clay bunnies make the sweetest little charms or miniature pets for dollhouses and you can even sculpt spectacular bunny-inspired pendants and brooches.

In these Polymer Clay Bunnies Tutorials and Ideas, you will learn how to craft adorable miniature bunnies, Easter bunnies and even realistic-looking rabbits with fur.

Learn how to craft beautiful bunny-inspired jewelry and sweet little charms. Excited? Let’s get started.

1. Polymer Clay Bunny Tutorial

This cute Polymer Clay Bunny Tutorial by The Artisan Duck will teach you a step-by-step process on how to sculpt the most adorable Spring bunnies, one with a flower bouquet and one with an Easter egg.

2. Bunny Pendant Tutorial

Grab some polymer clay and craft this adorable bunny pendant with the help of this Bunny Pendant YouTube Tutorial. It’s easier than you think.

3. Polymer Clay Bunny Tutorial

This Polymer Clay Bunny Tutorial will show you how to make the cutest miniature bunny. Add an eye pin to make it into a beautiful charm.

4. Miniature Bunnies

You will adore crafting these realistic-looking bunnies. This Miniature Bunnies video tutorial will show you how to sculpt bunnies out of polymer clay and add fiber to resemble fur.

5. Easter Painter Bunny Tutorial

Would you like to learn how to craft this sweet Easter bunny complete with a paintbrush and Easter egg? Follow through to this Easter Painter Bunny Tutorial.

6. Simplistic Bunny Tutorial

This Simplistic Bunny Tutorial would make a great craft project to tackle with kids, especially during those rainy afternoons.

7. Kawaii Bunny Tutorial

Looking for a fun, easy polymer clay tutorial with a great result? This sweet Kawaii Bunny Tutorial will teach you how to craft an adorable bunny with a carrot charm. Use it to make a beautiful necklace, keyring or bracelet.

8. Polymer Clay Easter Bunny

This quick two-minute Polymer Clay Easter Bunny tutorial will show you how to make a polymer clay bunny to use as an Easter gift or Easter decoration.

9. Polymer Clay Easter Bunny Tutorial

Follow through to this Polymer Clay Easter Bunny Tutorial and have a go at making this simple bunny charm. Use it in your bunny-inspired jewelry.

10. Polymer Clay Rabbit

Find your inner sculptor and sculpt this realistic-looking Polymer Clay Rabbit with the help of this detailed picture tutorial by Holly’s Creations in Clay.

11. Polymer Clay Rabbit Head

Have you got some black polymer clay? Make this gorgeous Polymer Clay Rabbit Head and turn it into a stylish brooch.

12. Polymer Clay Garden Bunny

How adorable is this Beatrix Potter’s Peter Rabbit? This hand-sculpted Polymer Clay Garden Bunny is mounted on a natural stone and painted with crushed chalk pastels.

13. Bunny’s Dream Pendant Tutorial

If you fancy crafting something truly special, get modeling by following this inspiring Bunny’s Dream Pendant Tutorial and make this unique artistic pendant.

14. White Rabbit Brooch Tutorial

Master sculpting techniques with this White Rabbit Brooch Tutorial. This Alice in Wonderland inspired piece is truly stunning.

15. Polymer Clay Young Dutch Bunny

Looking for fun craft ideas for kids? Keep them entertained with the help of this adorable Polymer Clay Young Dutch Bunny tutorial. You know they will love it.

16. Miniature Baby Bunny Tutorial

This Miniature Baby Bunny Tutorial teaches you how to craft a realistic-looking bunny that is the perfect size for dollhouses.

17. Polymer Clay Bunny Brooch

Get creative and make this cute Polymer Clay Bunny Brooch as a hand-crafted gift for someone special. This one is perfect for Valentine’s Day.

18. Polymer Clay Rabbit

This funky polymer clay rabbit is simpler to make than you think. Find out how to craft one with this Polymer Clay Rabbit video tutorial.

19. Polymer Clay Rabbit Racer

Kids will have so much fun making this cute Polymer Clay Rabbit Racer. This rabbit carrot kart is ready to go and race.

20. Polymer Clay Easter Bunny Tutorial

Grab all the colorful polymer clay you’ve got and get crafting with this bright and fun Polymer Clay Easter Bunny Tutorial.

21. Bunny with Big Ears Charm

Little girls will love making this sweet and girly Bunny with Big Ears Charm. Find some white and pink polymer clay and get started.

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