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22 Best Polymer Clay Bowl Tutorials & Ideas

Learn how to create beautiful handcrafted oven-bake clay bowls with these step-by-step Polymer Clay Bowls Tutorials.

Polymer Clay Bowls

Making polymer clay bowls is a fun DIY project that you can finish in one afternoon giving you the satisfaction of creating and seeing the final result within a couple of hours. And, if you’ve never worked with polymer clay, crafting some simple bowls is a great way to get started.

Polymer clay bowls make beautiful handmade gifts and stylish addition to your home decor and small polymer clay bowls are perfect to organize your jewelry and accessories.

In this Polymer Clay Bowls Tutorials round-up you will explore different techniques on how to work with polymer clay, create patterns and textures and finishing touches to achieve beautiful unique handmade creations you will be proud of.

Scroll below and get started.

1. Marbled DIY Polymer Clay Bowls

Pick a few shades of blue and teal polymer clay and craft these beautiful Marbled DIY Polymer Clay Bowls by Hello Said The Dawn. With sea tones, marbling effects and gold touch these bowls will make a great homemade gift.

2. DIY Check Pattern Clay Bowls

Learn how to make these DIY Check Pattern Clay Bowls in this step-by-step process tutorial by Paper & Stitch. You will love the clever hack to make the checkered finish.

3. Stamped Clay Bowls

Keep your jewelry organized with these pretty gold-trimmed Stamped Clay Bowls. This fabulous DIY project by The Sweetest Digs using polymer clay and small letter stamps will add boho flair to any room.

4. DIY Marble Clay Bowl

This DIY Marble Clay Bowl is simply stunning. Find out how to make your own faux marble polymer clay dish finished with a glaze and gold leaf with the help of this tutorial by Moving with the Military.

5. Polymer Clay Ring Dish

Follow through to this Polymer Clay Ring Dishes Video Tutorial and have a go at making one of these pretty little colorful ring bowls.

6. Swirly Polymer Clay Bowls

Looking for beautiful handmade gifts for your family and friends? These Swirly Polymer Clay Bowls by Oven Hug are perfect.

7. Polymer Clay Flower Trinket Bowl

Learn new techniques on how to work with polymer clay with this amazing Polymer Clay Flower Trinket Bowl YouTube Tutorial.

8. DIY Colourful Clay Dishes

Get your kids involved in this colorful polymer clay project. These happy DIY Colorful Clay Dishes by The Pretty Life Girls are a fun way to spend an afternoon.

9. Frosted Polymer Clay Bowl

In this detailed Frosted Polymer Clay Bowl Tutorial, you will learn how to use alcohol inks, a stencil and cling wrap to create a stunning veneer with polymer clay.

10. DIY Galaxy Polymer Clay Jewelry Bowl

Craft this fabulously galactic DIY Galaxy Polymer Clay Jewelry Bowl with the help of Ann’s Entitled Life blog. With the beautiful swirling colors of pink, purple and blue this cute dish is perfect for space lovers.

11. DIY Polymer Clay Bowls

Follow these simple directions by Think Make Share and make these stylish DIY Polymer Clay Bowls. These simple elegant dishes look like they’re made and fired from real clay.

12. DIY Polymer Clay Kaleidoscope Bowl

Are you looking for a little more challenge? Have a go at making this stunning DIY Polymer Clay Kaleidoscope Bowl.

13. DIY Marble Clay Jewelry Bowls

Looking for thoughtful gifts with a personal touch? Everyone will love these sweet DIY Marble Clay Jewelry Bowls by Three Happy Folk.

14. DIY Polymer Clay Coiled Bowl

Visit Polymer Clay Craft Gossip to learn how to make this modern-style rustic DIY Polymer Clay Coiled Bowl using an extruder.

15. Magnetic Pin Bowl

This Magnetic Pin Bowl makes a perfect handmade gift for a sewing lover. Craft your own with the help of Swoodson Says.

16. Wobble Ring Trinket Bowls

You will adore these cute Wobble Ring Trinket Bowls by Polymer Clay TV made with polymer clay, floral stamps, inks and a touch of Inka gold.

17. Sea Foam Polymer Clay Bowl

This Sea Foam Polymer Clay Bowl Video Tutorial will show you how to create a stunning bowl with leftover polymer clay. Please note there’s sanding involved with this technique.

18. DIY Polymer Clay Yarn Bowl

Make the prettiest DIY Polymer Clay Yarn Bowl to keep your yarn with just a few simple supplies and step-by-step instructions by Homemade Heather.

19. Easy Marbled Clay Bowls

Add lots of color and character to your home with these handmade Easy Marbled Clay Bowls by Delicious and DIY. This polymer clay project is easy, fun and satisfying.

20. Easy Polymer Clay Dishes

Set aside an evening for this polymer clay project. In this Easy Polymer Clay Dishes Video Tutorial, you will learn texturing techniques and how to add embellishments to your bowls.

21. Polymer Clay Bowls

Here’s another quick and easy Polymer Clay Bowls Tutorial that’s perfect for a rainy day and fun craft activity with your kids.

22. Sparkle Polymer Clay Ring Dish

Love all things that sparkle? Get creative and make this Sparkle Polymer Clay Ring Dish by Artsy Karma.

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