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22 Best Polymer Clay Butterfly Tutorials and Ideas

Craft the most magical butterflies in beautiful colors and shapes with these Polymer Clay Butterfly Tutorials and Ideas.

Polymer Clay Butterfly

Butterflies are nature angels and recreating their magic with some polymer clay couldn’t be a more exciting craft project. In these Polymer Clay Butterfly Tutorials and Ideas, you will learn the best polymer clay butterfly craft techniques in a flutter of butterfly wings.

To create those beautiful wings the cane technique is fast and easy to get your head around, but it’s not the only technique to craft them. In these tutorials, you will learn them all and will be able to customize them and re-create them in many different colors and styles.

Use your polymer clay butterfly creations to make ornaments, magnets, hairpins, earrings, brooches, and charms for pendants and bracelets. Happy crafting.

1. Polymer Clay Monarch Butterfly

In this Polymer Clay Monarch Butterfly video tutorial, you will learn how to make a stunning Monarch butterfly from a cane. With beautiful shades of colors, you could easily compare this creation to a real butterfly.

2. Polymer Clay Butterfly Brooch

Grab some colorful polymer clay and craft this adorable butterfly brooch with the help of this Polymer Clay Butterfly Brooch tutorial.

3. DIY Butterflies

These gorgeous blue butterflies are created from a polymer clay butterfly wing cane. Find out how to create them by following this DIY Butterflies visual guide.

4. Polymer Clay Butterfly Tutorial

You will love this bright Polymer Clay Butterfly Tutorial. In this video, you will be shown how to create a stunning yellow butterfly by working with a cane.

5. Eastern Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly

In this Eastern Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly tutorial you will learn how to craft this stunning Swallowtail butterfly cane from polymer clay. This one would make striking earrings.

6. Polymer Clay Monarch Butterfly

Love polymer clay? You will adore this Polymer Clay Monarch Butterfly tutorial. This YouTube video will teach you to create beautiful butterfly texture and the painting process to achieve a realistic-looking Monarch butterfly.

7. Galaxy Butterfly Polymer Clay Cane Tutorial

Here’s another amazing Galaxy Butterfly Polymer Clay Cane Tutorial to teach you how to sculpt beautiful butterfly galaxy-inspired wings from colorful polymer clay.

8. Red Glider Butterfly

Ready to make these striking beautiful bright red wings? In this wonderful Red Glider Butterfly video tutorial you will learn how to craft this native to Central Africa butterfly species.

9. Miniature Butterfly Tutorial

This easy Miniature Butterfly Tutorial will show you how to craft simple mini butterflies using polymer clay and acrylic paint.

10. Butterfly Focals Tutorial

Don’t miss this incredible Butterfly Focals Tutorial to learn how to create the most gorgeous polymer clay butterfly necklace. Head there now.

11. DIY Polymer Clay Butterfly

This funky DIY Polymer Clay Butterfly will make a fun craft project. This tutorial is using scrap polymer clay and the Millefiori technique.

12. Butterfly Cane Tutorial

Get butterfly wings crafting with this sweet Butterfly Cane Tutorial. Get creative and customize the colors and the shape of the wings.

13. Miniature Polymer Clay Butterfly Charm

Find out how to make this adorable Miniature Polymer Clay Butterfly Charm. This stunning butterfly-inspired jewelry would make the most special hand-crafted gift.

14. Polymer Clay Butterfly Hair Pin

Get excited to craft the cutest Polymer Clay Butterfly Hair Pin with this sweet tutorial. This project will be wonderful for little girls.

15. Polymer Clay Butterfly Tutorial

This paid Polymer Clay Butterfly Tutorial would make a great project for kids. Set some time aside and get crafting.

16. Polymer Clay Butterfly Cane Tutorial 

In love with blue butterflies? Craft a set of these enchanting creatures with this paid Polymer Clay Butterfly Cane Tutorial. 

17. Butterfly Brooches

Are you looking for the perfect polymer clay project? Have a go at making these gorgeous Butterfly Brooches with this paid tutorial. Wouldn’t they make magical handmade gifts?

18. Polymer Clay Butterfly Jewellery

Be inspired by this unique Polymer Clay Butterfly Jewelry. With added gems and a gold touch, this is a beautiful piece.

19. Polymer Clay Butterfly

There’s no end to techniques on how to use polymer clay. This twisted-style Polymer Clay Butterfly is magical and completely unique.

20. Polymer Clay Butterfly Earrings

Here is another beautiful example of Polymer Clay Butterfly Earrings. These are crafted using a cane method.

21. Polymer Clay Butterfly Earrings

Everyone will adore these Polymer Clay Butterfly Earrings. Have a go at making these with the selection of different canes to create a variety of colors and shapes.

22. Polymer Clay Butterfly Earrings

Just how pretty are these Polymer Clay Butterfly Earrings? With tiny polymer clay modeled flowers sitting nicely on the butterfly shape base, these earrings are truly special.

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