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25 Best Air Dry Clay Ideas For Kids

Looking for fun craft projects for kids? Keep them entertained with these amazing Air Dry Clay Ideas For Kids.

Air Dry Clay Ideas For Kids

Air dry clay is a wonderful medium to explore with kids to express their creativity and learn new skills. Kids of all ages will have great fun exploring air dry clay and in these Air Dry Clay Ideas For Kids, you will find wonderful crafts for kids of all ages, from toddlers and preschoolers to older kids.

Your whole family can spend hours enjoying these air dry clay projects and most of them are perfect for birthday party activities too. They will also make beautiful handcrafted gifts for family and friends your kids will be proud of. Ready to get started? Grab your clay and get inspired below.

1. Clay Monsters

Gather your kids and some air dry clay and have a go at making these cute hand-sculpted Clay Monsters. Head to One Little Project to find out the step-by-step process to make them and have your kids design their own clay monster family.

2. Dinosaur Fossils

Here’s a fun activity for all those kids who are obsessed with dinosaurs. These Dinosaur Fossils made with air dry clay by Discovering Mommyhood will keep them busy and happy.

3. Mosaic Clay Treasure Jars

Occupy your kids making these whimsical and fun Mosaic Clay Treasure Jars by Handmade Charlotte. These hand-painted pinch pots are perfect to store their little treasures.

4. Heart Shaped Clay Rainbow Fish

These Heart Shaped Clay Rainbow Fish are a super simple activity for toddlers and preschoolers. Visit Glued to My Crafts for simple instructions for this adorable air dry clay project.

5. Air Dry Clay Fairy Houses

Get your kid’s imagination flowing with these nature-inspired Air Dry Clay Fairy Houses. This magical project by Artful Parent will keep them busy for hours.

6. Nature Pinch Pots

These beautiful Nature Pinch Pots by Little Pine Learners make a simple nature craft that’s perfect for a nature-inspired party activity or to make sweet handmade gifts. All you need is some air dry clay, flowers and Mod Podge.

7. Air Dry Clay Earth

Celebrate Earth Day with this fantastic air dry clay project. You could even throw an Earth Day party for your kids and their friends and get everyone to make Air Dry Clay Earth with the help of this tutorial by Adventure in a Box.

8. Air Dry Clay Frog Sculpture

This happy Air Dry Clay Frog Sculpture is a wonderful introduction to sculpting for kids. All you need to get started is air dry clay, acrylic paint, a paintbrush and toothpicks. Visit One Little Project for the step-by-step tutorial.

9. Handmade Clay Snake Pots

Boys will enjoy rolling out and making their very own Handmade Clay Snake Pots. Find the simple instructions on how to make them in this post by This Crafty Family.

10. Fantasy Dragon Eggs

Keep your kids busy creating these fantastic Fantasy Dragon Eggs with air dry clay embellished with jewels and precious stones. You can find this sweet tutorial on Adventure in a Box blog.

11. Air Dry Clay Unicorn Bowl

Are your kids obsessed with unicorns? This adorable Air Dry Clay Unicorn Bowl by Messy Little Monster will make an amazing craft project for all little unicorn lovers.

12. Mid-Century Ceramic Hand Dish

These Bitossi-inspired Mid-Century Ceramic Hand Dishes by My Poppet Makes are a wonderful project for kids to get tucked in. Each child creates their own size hand-shaped dish with mid-century decoration.

13. Air-Dry Clay Sunflower Bowls

These beautiful bright Air-Dry Clay Sunflower Bowls by Emma Owl are a wonderful girly craft. Why not make a few different flower variations with this simple tutorial?

14. Easy Leaf Pinch Pots

Looking for ways to keep your younger kids entertained? These Easy Leaf Pinch Pots by Red Ted Art are a wonderful Autumn-inspired craft and a great finger-strengthening exercise for preschoolers.

15. Air Dry Clay Turtle

Get your little sculptors to practice their sculpting skills by making this adorable Air Dry Clay Turtle. Visit One Little Project to check out the simple instructions.

16. Cute Clay Cats

Be inspired by these Cute Clay Cats. You can make them simply by rolling out some air dry clay and then cutting out a cat-shaped head. Use colorful paints and pencils to draw adorable little cat faces.

17. Seashell Necklaces

Keep your kids entertained by making these beautiful Seashell Necklaces by Moms & Crafters. Get them to play around with different seashells, colors, textures, and strings to create their own unique designs.

18. DIY Clay Unicorn Magnets

These gorgeous DIY Clay Unicorn Magnets by Glued to My Crafts would bring magic to any space or make the perfect unicorn party favors. A wonderful project for little unicorn fans.

19. Easy Pinch Pot Hearts

Looking for beautiful handmade gifts kids could make for Valentine’s or Mother’s Day? These adorable Easy Pinch Pot Hearts by Red Ted Art made with air dry clay are the perfect gift idea and fun activity.

20. Mosaic Pasta Craft for Kids

Engage kids of all ages in this colorful fun Mosaic Pasta Craft for Kids. This lovely tutorial by 123 Homeschool 4 Me will show you how to create magical pasta pictures by pressing different colored pasta into air dry clay.

21. Chestnut Snail Craft for Kids

This Chestnut Snail Craft for Kids by Easy Peasy and Fun is an easy activity for the Autumn season. Take your kids for a lovely walk, pick up a few chestnuts and have fun with this nature-inspired project.

22. Snowman Pinch Pots

Here’s the perfect winter and Christmas craft for your kids. Find out how easy it is to make these adorable Snowman Pinch Pots by visiting Red Ted Art.

23. Clay Ghost Tealights

Get ready for spooky Halloween with these super simple Clay Ghost Tealights by The Mad House. For this project, you will need air dry clay, polystyrene ball and LED tea lights.

24. Air Dry Clay Mushrooms

Kids can easily have a go at crafting these whimsical Air Dry Clay Mushrooms by One Little Project. They will make a wonderful addition to a little fairy garden.

25. Whale Phone Holder Craft

This Whale Phone Holder Craft by Doodle & Stitch is a fantastic craft idea for older kids. All you need for this cool project is air dry clay, blue paint and a black marker.

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