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110 Powerful Self-care Affirmations for Physical and Mental Health

Oftentimes, both physical and mental health is a product of self-care. Of course, certain challenges are greater than others but building resilience and cultivating strength and power comes from within. Self-care is not selfish; it is crucial to well-being.

Self-care Affirmations for Physical and Mental Health

When certain inevitable parts of life come along such as physical injuries or mental trauma, it can be extremely difficult to move forward. However, our ability to do so is strengthened by our capacity to care for ourselves. Being able to understand what your body and spirit need will allow you to operate with a strong foundation. When a storm comes, it is the buildings with the strongest foundations that stay upright, and the same holds for us. If you have those roots, you can withstand the storm much better than if you are simply floating through life ungrounded.

Now, this form of self-care, the one that grounds you in the storm, is more than a bubble bath and cup of tea. Though the power of a bubble bath is wildly underestimated, you may find you have to supplement it with some other self-care techniques. That’s where these affirmations come in.

The following list of affirmations will help you strengthen this foundation we continue mentioning. Affirmations use the power of attraction. When you read one out, allow it to resonate with you by saying it factually. Even if you don’t necessarily believe in it right now, say it as though it’s already true and it will begin to manifest within you.

We have three lists to get you started on this self-care journey. The first relates to your physical health, the second works to stimulate your mental health and the final list focuses on self-care as it relates to the first two lists. Pick one or two and repeat them a few times or start with the very first and work your way down.

Affirmations for Physical Health

I deserve good health affirmation

1. I deserve good health.

2. I am worthy of excellent physical health.

3. I am strong.

4. I am fit and healthy.

5. My body does what I need and want it to do.

6. I am focused on progress.

7. My body is perfect as it is right now.

8. I do not need to change my body.

9. I choose to invest in my health.

10. I eat good food to fuel my growth.

I prioritize my rest and well-being affirmation

11. I prioritize my rest and well-being.

12. My body is a temple.

13. My body moves me throughout the world and for that, I am grateful.

14. I listen to my body.

15. My body speaks to me and tells me what it needs.

16. My body is full of power.

17. I am in charge of my health and well-being.

18. I am not afraid of a physical challenge, in fact, I welcome it.

19. I am open to physical change.

20. I am open to growth.

21. I make time to exercise.

My body knows how to heal affirmation

22. My body knows how to heal.

23. I take excellent care of my body.

24. Good health is important to me.

25. My health is amazing.

26. Health is a pillar of my life that I am filled with gratitude for.

27. My body heals effectively.

28. I do not compare my body to other bodies.

29. My body is uniquely mine.

30. I can do exceptional things with my body.

31. All that I need to live a healthy and happy life is within me in this present moment.

32. I can see progress when I commit to my health.

I embrace my strength affirmation

33. I embrace my strength.

34. I love how far I have come.

35. I am strong and resilient.

36. I am perfect as I am.

37. I can do anything I set my mind to.

38. I will beat my personal best in the gym.

39. I can channel negative energy into positive energy.

40. I can rest when I need to.

41. No one can hold me back except me and I won’t hold myself back any longer.

42. My goals are achievable.

43. I practice self-acceptance and kindness.

Affirmations for Mental Health

I am not weighed down by negative thoughts affirmation

44. I am not weighed down by negative thoughts.

45. I let go of that which no longer serves me.

46. I deserve to feel good.

47. I love myself.

48. I know that I have power over my thoughts.

49. My mindset is positive.

50. I can change my mindset.

I attract positive energy affirmation

51. I attract positive energy.

52. I nourish my mind, spirit, and soul.

53. I do not need to change who I am to be happy.

54. My diagnosis does not define me.

55. I hold the power to change my mindset.

56. I am worthy of self-compassion.

57. I believe in myself.

58. I am enough.

59. I am happy to be who I am.

60. I am more than what I have experienced.

61. My past does not define me.

62. I am mentally resilient.

63. I challenge myself daily.

I am powerful both physically and mentally affirmation

64. I am powerful both physically and mentally.

65. I got this.

66. It’s all going to be okay.

67. This too shall pass.

68. Nothing will break me because I am strong.

69. I have been through tough times and come out the other side.

70. I feel grounded and centered.

71. Today, I can take each moment at a time.

72. Mind over matter.

Healing is possible affirmation

73. Healing is possible.

74. I can turn my day around with the power of my thoughts.

75. I permit myself to take a mental health day.

76. I make time for my mental health in the same way I do for my physical health.

77. Deep breaths will help.

78. My thoughts and feelings are valid.

79. I will not feel this way forever.

80. I do not need to worry about that which I cannot control.

81. I am allowed to feel whatever I feel right now.

Affirmations for Self-Care

I deserve it all affirmation

82. I deserve it all.

83. I am ready to care for myself.

84. I deserve self-care.

85. I am worthy of my own care and attention.

86. Caring for myself will have a positive impact in my life.

87. I am grateful for who I am.

88. I deserve attention.

89. I deserve to sit back and rest.

90. I deserve to be pampered.

91. I deserve to eat well.

92. I deserve to sleep well.

93. I am allowed to go to bed early.

94. I embrace my well-being.

95. I put my own well-being ahead of others because I need it in order to show up as my best self.

96. I care for myself every day.

I release the need to be productive every single day affirmation

97. I release the need to be productive every single day.

98. My ability to care for myself makes me strong.

99. I love caring for myself.

100. I carve time out of my day to practice self-love.

101. I love myself unconditionally.

102. I am allowed to take time off to recharge my batteries.

103. I permit myself to spend time on myself.

104. I can say no to plans.

105. I have the tools I need to succeed, and I strengthen them through self-care.

106. I practice self-care every single day.

107. My progress is bolstered by my ability to take care of myself.

108. Taking care of myself is a priority for me.

109. Those who I choose to surround myself with understand and respect when I need time for myself.

110. It’s okay to relax.

As previously mentioned, we can’t always change our physical or mental health in the sense of what life hands us. However, we can strengthen our resilience and cultivate our power so that when life’s mysteries come our way, we can handle them better.

Self-care is a key ingredient in both mental and physical well-being so run that bubble bath and read out your affirmations.

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