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170 Positive Affirmations to Start your Day (for Men, Women, and General)

The first few moments of your day set its direction. If you wake up and immediately check your phone, you could be bombarded with emails and reminders of all the tasks you have to deal with. This can shift your mindset to a negative and anxious space within the first few moments of your day. And that feeling can be difficult to shake as your day continues. So, what if you try beginning your morning with positive statements about yourself, your life, and all they can be? We firmly believe that positive affirmations can change our days which in time, can change our lives.

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Affirmations are simply a declaration in the form of a statement. Affirmations use the power of attraction to bring more positivity into the life of the speaker. In stating your affirmations, you can shift your mindset. Sometimes negative or unproductive thought patterns form in our heads and when they play in a repetitive loop, they tend to reinforce themselves and become harder to let go of. Affirmations create an opportunity to break those thought patterns and choose positivity.

This list of positive affirmations is meant to help bring positive energy into your day as soon as it begins. The first section deals with newness and the idea of beginning each day with a blank slate. The second section focuses on our physical state of being, it sends positivity into our bodies and establishes gratitude for our bodies. The third area helps to begin the day with positive intentions. The final part reminds us that self-love is the key to positivity.

We recommend saying them out loud as sometimes getting out of our heads can be the best medicine. Though, you may prefer to recite them in your head while you are commuting to work, while in the shower, or even making your morning cup of joe.

Starting your day off with positive affirmations can truly change its course. Start with a few at a time and keep adding. Monitor how they sit with you throughout the day and affirm whenever you feel yourself slipping into a negative space.

And remember, the more you can make reciting these positive affirmations part of your daily routine, the better each and every day will begin.

Either read the following affirmations off one by one or begin with the ones that resonate with you most. Say them with power and their meaning will manifest more effectively.

Starting Your Day off With a Blank Slate

I am so grateful to have another day affirmation

1. I am so grateful to have another day.

2. Today is a new day.

3. My life begins today.

4. Each day that I wake up is a blessing.

5. Today I will seize the day because it is a gift to wake up once more.

6. I can’t wait to take on the world today.

7. There is so much beauty in the world.

8. I have so much to be thankful for today and every day I wake up.

9. I am open to positivity today.

10. I am open to adventure today.

11. I will receive the kindness I deserve today.

I will accept love today affirmation

12. I will accept love today.

13. My light shines today, and I will light the way for those around me.

14. I let go of any residual emotions from yesterday and begin again today.

15. I free myself of stress.

16. My mind is open to opportunities.

17. I forgive myself.

18. I trust myself.

19. I greet today with confidence and resilience.

20. There are so many things I love in my life.

21. I accept yesterday and am at peace with tomorrow.

22. All that matters is right now in this moment.

Today, I am present in the moment affirmation

23. Today, I am present in the moment.

24. I let go of what happened before today.

25. I am not who I was yesterday.

26. I deserve a fresh start.

27. I am open to seeing myself from a new place today.

28. I am in the process of growing.

29. I am on track to become the very best version of myself I can be.

30. Each day is another opportunity to create the life I want to lead.

31. I free myself of the destructive thoughts I have thought in the past.

32. I know how to begin anew today.

33. I can push the restart button on my life today.

I free myself of worry affirmations

34. I free myself of worry.

35. I am not my negative thought patterns.

36. I am not my mistakes of yesterday.

37. The world is abundant today and I am in the perfect place to accept that abundance.

38. I am filled with forgiving energy today.

39. I forgive those who have wronged me in the past as I understand that each person fights their own battle.

I relinquish any feelings of self-doubt today affirmation

40. I relinquish any feelings of self-doubt today.

41. Life is a miracle.

42. The perfect moment is right now.

43. I am not afraid.

44. I welcome challenges today.

45. Every day I open my eyes in the morning, I give thanks for another opportunity to live.

46. Every day on earth is a day for me to strive to be my best self.

47. I support positive thinking today.

48. I am willing to learn today.

49. I attract light today.

Positive Physical Feelings to Begin Your Day

My immune system is strong and will protect me affirmation

50. My immune system is strong and will protect me.

51. I am feeling healthy today.

52. My body is strong.

53. Today my mind feels clear.

54. I can do anything today.

55. I am filled with energy today.

My body and spirit are healthy and happy today affirmation

56. My body and spirit are healthy and happy today.

57. My muscles are filled with energy today.

58. I love my body.

59. My body is the vessel that carries me through life and for that, I am so grateful for it.

60. My sleep has provided me with the energy I need to take on the day.

61. I am stronger today than any day before.

Everyone who sees me today will see the light I am affirmation

62. Everyone who sees me today will see the light I am.

63. I can do anything I set my mind to.

64. I am a beacon of light to all that see me today.

65. I am glowing today.

66. All I need to have an incredible day is within me right now.

67. I am so much more than my body.

I am choosing to fuel my body with good, wholesome energy today affirmation

68. I am choosing to fuel my body with good, wholesome energy today.

69. My imperfections make me who I am.

70. My flaws are beautiful.

71. I free myself of any self-doubt.

72. I free myself of negative thoughts towards my body.

Today, I will move with grace, power, and energy affirmation

73. Today, I will move with grace, power, and energy.

74. I look great today.

75. I feel full of pride for who I am today.

76. I am committed to my health.

77. I listen to my body and give it what it needs to flourish.

78. My body thanks me for how well I treat it.

Setting Intentions

I will breathe deeply today and take everything in stride affirmation

79. I will breathe deeply today and take everything in stride.

80. Today, I will do what serves me.

81. Today is going to be a very good day.

82. I have so much to look forward to today.

83. I am present in each moment today.

84. Good things will come to me today.

85. Good things will come to those in my life today.

86. I will surprise myself today.

87. Nothing will bring me down today.

88. I have a great mindset today.

89. I will impress those around me today.

90. I will be the best version of myself today.

91. Today is an opportunity to take a step in the right direction.

I will notice small things today and be grateful for how they contribute to my life affirmation

92. I will notice small things today and be grateful for how they contribute to my life.

93. Today, I can continue building the life I deserve.

94. So many exciting things are ahead of me today!

95. I can’t wait to get today started.

96. Today, I will be clear about the boundaries I need to set to flourish.

97. Everything will go my way today.

98. I am my own sunshine today.

99. Things will fall into place today.

100. I will be inspired today.

101. I am in charge of my destiny.

102. I can change the fate of my day with my positive and powerful mindset.

103. I will stop and smell the roses today.

104. Things will work in my favor today.

I won’t take negative things personally today affirmation

105. I won’t take negative things personally today.

106. Today, it will feel as though someone is watching over me to make sure everything is working well.

107. Time is on my side today.

108.I am more motivated today than I ever have been.

109. My family will show me the love I deserve today.

110. I trust my intentions today.

111. I trust myself today.

112. Today, I will make good decisions that my future self will thank me for.

113. I know I am capable of greatness today.

114. I know the way today.

115. My direction is clear.

116. I will be pleasantly surprised by all the wonders of the world today.

117. Joy is everywhere today.

I am a leader today and will light the way for my family affirmation

118. I am a leader today and will light the way for my family, for my friends, for my colleagues.

119. It feels as though the sun is following me around today and always shining onto my world.

120. Love is abundant today.

121. The things I have wished for will come to me today.

122. Today my attention span will take me far.

123. I am overflowing with creative energy today.

124. I choose to be happy today.

125. I feel light today.

126. Nothing can weigh me down.

127. I will succeed at all that I endeavor today.

128. My thoughts are positive today.

129. Today I’m building positive habits that will change my life for the better.

I will be impressively productive at work today affirmation

130. I will be impressively productive at work today.

131. I don’t have to rush today.

132. I don’t have to worry today.

133. I am free from overthinking today.

134. All that I want from life is already mine for the taking.

135. I am enlightened today.

136. It feels as though life’s puzzle is clear to me today.

137. I am in the right place at the right time.

138. I am here because I am supposed to be here.

139. My heart is open today.

140. My spirit is open today.

141. My soul is open today.

142. My life is about to become amazing.

Some Self-Love to Begin Your Day

I accept myself exactly as I am affirmation

143. I accept myself exactly as I am.

144. I am uniquely me.

145. I am so lucky to be me.

146. I love myself for all that I am, for all that I have been, and all that I will be.

147. Today, I’m doing it for myself.

148. I radiate love and affection.

149. I admire myself for all that I have been through and overcome.

150. I am whole.

Today, I am open to learning about myself affirmation

151. Today, I am open to learning about myself.

152. I grow each day and am stronger than I have ever been today.

153. Today, I will embrace myself without wanting to change anything at all.

154. I am at peace with my past and my future.

155. I am so proud of who I am.

156. I am so excited to be me today.

157. My self-love is palpable to those around me.

158. I spread love because my love for myself is so powerful.

I am powerful affirmation

159. I am powerful.

160. I am unique.

161. I contribute to the world around me by simply being myself.

162. I am beautiful.

163. I am strong.

164. I am a force of nature.

165. I celebrate who I am.

166. I am starting today from a place of love for myself and for the life I have created.

I am resilient affirmation

167. I am resilient.

168. I have built a beautiful life for myself.

169. I have so much passion for the life I lead.

170. Nothing that happens externally can influence the strength I have internally.

Today and every day, you have an opportunity to begin again. You can choose to begin your day from a place of positivity, gratitude, and abundance. The choice is yours and these affirmations will help align that choice with power and meaning.

Have a wonderful day.

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