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20 Best Polymer Clay Doll Tutorials & Ideas

Sculpt the most adorable handcrafted clay dolls with the help of these incredible Polymer Clay Dolls Tutorials.

Polymer Clay Dolls

Would you love to have a go at making your own unique handmade dolls? Polymer clay is a beautiful medium for sculpting and if you’re ready for a more advanced polymer clay project making dolls is perfect. Set aside an afternoon, grab some colorful polymer clay and modeling tools and get crafting.

In these Polymer Clay Dolls Tutorials, you will learn how to work with different sculpting techniques to sculpt dolls’ faces and bodies using polymer clay. Find out how to craft beautiful hair and how to create stunning dresses.

Bring to life some of your favorite Disney characters with these step-by-step tutorials.

1. Polymer Clay Face Sculpting Tutorial

Polymer Clay Face Sculpting

Craft a beautiful doll’s face with this step-by-step Face Sculpting Time Lapse Tutorial. Grab your clay sculpting tools and get started.

2. Doll’s Torso and Arms Tutorial

Find out how to sculpt with polymer clay in this Doll’s Torso and Arms Tutorial. You will learn how to create a torso and sculpt the arms with a few strips of clay and join the arm to the shoulder of your doll.

3. Polymer Clay Doll Head Tutorial

In this fantastic Polymer Clay Doll Head Video Tutorial, you will learn how to sculpt a fairy doll head for ooak art doll with polymer clay.

4. Polymer Clay Doll Body Tutorial

Follow through to this Polymer Clay Doll Body YouTube Tutorial and craft a beautiful fairy doll body for ooak art doll.

5. Polymer Clay Doll Hair

This quick Pinterest Polymer Clay Doll Hair video tutorial will show you exactly how to craft those beautiful locks for your dolls.

6. Doll’s Hair Tutorial

Here’s another fantastic Doll’s Hair Video Tutorial that will show you how to sculpt three different hairstyles for your polymer clay dolls.

7. Doll’s Dress Tutorial

Dress your polymer clay dolls in stunning dresses. This step-by-step Doll’s Dress YouTube Tutorial will teach you how to create three different dress types.

8. Elsa’s Dresses Tutorial

Love Frozen? You will love making Elsa’s dresses from Disney’s Frozen movies. Find out how with this amazing Elsa’s Dresses Video Tutorial.

9. Disney’s Rapunzel Polymer Clay Tutorial

Get excited about this wonderful Disney’s Rapunzel Polymer Clay Tutorial. Learn all the polymer clay techniques on how to make your favorite character from the movie Tangled.

10. Frozen Polymer Clay Snow Princess Tutorial

This beautiful Frozen Polymer Clay Snow Princess Tutorial by Polymer Clay Craft Gossip will show you how to model a snow princess from polymer clay with glitter accents.

11. Polymer Clay Princess and the Frog Tutorial

Follow this quick step-by-step Polymer Clay Princess and the Frog Tutorial and you will soon have your own handmade princess character creation.

12. Polymer Clay Tiny Doll Tutorial

How gorgeous is this flute-playing doll? Why not craft your own with this Polymer Clay Tiny Doll Tutorial?

13. Polymer Clay Mermaid Tutorial

Little girls will adore this lovely Polymer Clay Mermaid Tutorial. This stunning creation of Ariel is a wonderful polymer clay project.

14. Polymer Clay Forest Chibi Tutorial

Be enchanted with this magical Polymer Clay Forest Chibi Tutorial and have a go at sculpting your own.

15. Polymer Clay Elf Fairy Chibi Doll Tutorial

Fall in love with the cutest elf. In this Polymer Clay Elf Fairy Chibi Doll Tutorial, you will learn how to craft your very own.

16. Polymer Clay Flower Baby Fairy Tutorial

How adorable is this polymer clay baby doll? This Polymer Clay Flower Baby Fairy Tutorial consists of using a mixture of polymer clay and cold porcelain.

17. Polymer Clay Butterfly Fairy Tutorial

Do you find fairies magical creatures? Would you love to craft your own fairy doll? This Polymer Clay Butterfly Fairy Video Tutorial will teach you all the magical techniques.

18. Polymer Clay Steampunk Girl Tutorial

Get funky with this fabulous Polymer Clay Steampunk Girl Tutorial. This pretty doll made with polymer clay is a piece of art.

19. Polymer Clay Doll on Mug Tutorial

Create this adorable doll mug with the help of this thorough Polymer Clay Doll on Mug Tutorial. This one would make a beautiful handmade gift for someone special.

20. Polymer Clay Doll on Mug Tutorial

This sailor doll is perfect for sailing fans. Craft your own with this wonderful Polymer Clay Doll on Mug Tutorial.

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