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30 Best Hot Drink Recipes for Fall & Winter

These hot drink recipes will warm your up from the inside out. They’re perfect for holiday parties, or curling up by the fire, and I know you’ll find a new favorite on this list.

30 hot drink recipes for fall and winter

Hot drink recipes are here just in time for cooler nights to set in. Nothing is more soothing and relaxing than fixing up a nice hot cuppa something and snuggling under a warm cozy blanket, unless of course you also want to bake up some soft warm fall cookies.

Share with a friend, or enjoy by yourself with a good book or your favorite show. I guarantee you’ll find something delicious to enjoy in this collection of hot drink recipes I’ve rounded up just for you.

Hot Drink Recipes: 10 Hot Chocolate Drinks

1. Rich Creamy Hot Chocolate

Delicious hot chocolate starts with the finest quality cocoa. See what I use to make my standard cup of cocoa (I treat myself to this three to four times per week!). Rich creamy hot chocolate recipe

recipe for rich creamy hot chocolate using Dutch Processed cocoa

2. Mint Hot Cocoa Recipe

Mint and chocolate are a perfect pair. See how Lil Luna mixes it up with her mint hot cocoa recipe.

3. Mexican Chocolate Hot Drink Recipe

Last winter I saw Mexican hot chocolate on the menu of one of our favorite Mexican restaurants and I had to give it a try. The taste was chocolatey with a little spice, and completely delicious. Check out Little Spice Jar to see how to make your own.

Homemade mexican hot chocolate, plus a ton of other amazing hot drink recipes to try


4. Pumpkin White Hot Chocolate Recipe

Pumpkin is the quintessential ingredient of the season, and this recipe from Tornadough Allie is sure to please my pumpkin loving readers.

Can't wait to try this Pumpkin White hot cocoa recipe. There are also lots of other hot drink recipes to check out here.


5. Malted Hot Chocolate Mix Recipe

If you’re of a fan of malt balls, you must try this malted hot chocolate mix from The Cookie Rookie. I love how she turns this into a gift-worthy mix for the holidays.

Make your own malted hot chocolate mix. Plus so many other hot drink recipes I can't wait to try.


6. Nutella Hot Chocolate Drink Recipe

Hazelnut and cocoa are a delicious combination. Check out this Nutella hot chocolate recipe from Cafe Delites.

How to make Nutella Hot Chocolate. Lots of delicious hot drink recipes here.

7. Earl Grey Hot Cocoa Recipe

I’m a huge fan of Earl Grey tea, but I would have never thought to pair it with hot cocoa. If you’re in the mood for something with a more grown-up taste, try this Earl Grey hot chocolate recipe from The Baking Fairy.

Delicious hot drink recipes, including this Earl Grey Hot Chocolate recipe

8. London Fog Hot Chocolate Recipe

Kayley from The Kitchen McCabe doubles down on the Earl Grey hot chocolate idea with some truly inspired ingredients in her London Fog Hot Chocolate recipe.

Try this London Fog hot chocolate recipe when you want a warm, cozy drink. There are so many great hot drink recipes here.

9. Caramelized White Hot Chocolate

Jane from Little Sugar Snaps walks you through the process of caramelizing white chocolate to make this delicious caramelized white hot chocolate.

Make this delicious white chocolate hot cocoa drink, plus many more must-try hot cocoa recipes

10. Buttered Chai Hot Chocolate

Take a break from your ordinary Chai tea with this rich Buttered Chai Hot Chocolate recipe from Raias Recipes.

Try this buttered chai hot chocolate recipe, plus check out some other delicious hot drink recipes

Hot Drink Recipes: 6 Delicious Ciders to Keep You Cozy

Fall is the time for apple picking, cool weather, and family gatherings. This, in my opinion, makes a simmering pot of cider the perfect drink for this time of year. Some of the cider recipes here can be made quickly with jarred juices and simple spices. But, if you have the time, be sure give an old fashioned, made-from-scratch, apple cider recipe a try. Trust me. When you walk into a home with a homemade cider, it’s like the whole house is giving you a warm hug.


11. Simple Apple Cider

If you’re new to making your own apple cider, start here. This basic recipe from Betty Crocker is as easy as it is tasty.

This apple cider is quick to make and is perfect for cool Fall nights. Check out this recipe and other hot drink recipes you'll want to try.

12. Salted Caramel Apple Cider

Sure, you can wait for a trip to the fair to indulge in some caramel apples, or you can make your own caramel apple in a cup, so to speak, wit this Salted Caramel Apple Cider recipe from Kitchen Meets Girl.

Try this delicious salted caramel apple cider recipe. So many good hot drink recipes here.

13. Crock Pot Apple Cider

Slow cooking your cider is super-easy and totally delicious. Check out this slow cooker apple cider recipe from Gimme Some Oven

This slow cooker apple cider recipe is a real crowd pleaser. All of the hot drink recipes here look so good!


14. Hot Mulled Cider Recipe

Check out this recipe from Simply Recipes for a traditional hot mulled cider.

Make this delicious hot mulled cider for your next gathering, or a cozy night at home. So many great hot drink recipes here.


15. Cranberry Apple Cider

This recipe from Culinary Hill is cooked in a crock pot. I love the addition of cranberries for an interesting blend of flavors.

This cranberry apple cider is easily made in a crock pot and will make your home smell so good! Make it this Fall and share with friends!


16. Sleepy Time Spiced Apple Cider

Apple cider paired with calming, chamomile tea makes for a soothing way to end your day. See Reclaiming Yesterday for the details on how to incorporate this Sleepy Time Spiced Apple Cider into your nighttime routine.

Must try this Sleepy-time spiced apple cider recipe. Then I'll check out the other cider recipes here!

Hot Drink Recipes: 9 Amazing Teas to Try

With half the caffeine of a cup of coffee, black teas are the perfect choice to enjoy on a relaxing Fall afternoon. Or, choose an herbal variety and sip away the day at bedtime which watching your favorite evening program. In either case, you can really create some wonderful flavors with these hot drink recipes of delicious teas.

17. Homemade London Fog

The first time I ever tried a London Fog, I instantly fell in love. The subtly sweet, and satisfyingly creamy. Plus, the warmth brings instant comfort.  It’s easy to make your own at home and Buttered Side Up shares how to do it!

See how to make a delicious London Fog (Earl Grey Tea Latte) at home.

18. Cinnamon Milk Tea

I’m in love with this simple tea because it hits all the right spots. Visit Hello Little Home for the details.

Try his sweet cinnamon milk tea recipe, plus 30 other hot drink recipes to check out.


19. Maple Chai Tea Latte

Your basic Chai Tea gets an upgrade with the addition of delicious maple syrup at Through Her Looking Glass.

Maple chai tea latte recipe, plus 30 other hot drink recipes to try.

20. Almond Roobios Tea Latte

Roobios tea has a special place in my heart because of its many wonderful qualities. It has a bold taste of a black tea, but is naturally caffeine free. Plus, it’s high in antioxidants which is a huge bonus!  If like to try lovely tea recipe using Roobios, check out this one from Beginning with Bergamot.

Add this almond roobios tea latte drink to your evening wind down ritual. You won't regret it!

21. Ginger Pear tea

You’ll find perfect, in season pears at the market in the Fall. So, go ahead and pick some up and give this ginger pear tea from Gather and Dine a try. The combination of the ginger and pear (plus dates!) will be a treat for your mouth.

Ginger pear tea sounds perfect for a cool Fall night. Also must check out the other hot drink recipes.

22. Vanilla Bean Black Tea

Bonnie at Thirsty for Tea has me convinced that making this vanilla bean black tea with real vanilla beans is way to go. It’ll take a couple weeks for the tea to be ready for drinking, but it looks totally worth the wait.

Must-try list of hot drink recipes for Fall.

23. Masala Chai Spiced Tea

Add some interest to your chai with this Masala Chai Spiced Tea recipe from Spiced

Grab a cozy blanket and make this masala chai spiced tea tonight!

24. Rosehip Chamomile Tea Latte

Meg is Well created this beautiful tea with a homemade rosehip syrup. Adding a layer of frothy milk on top really brings this tea home.

Rosehip chamomile tea latte recipe. Also a ton of other interesting hot drink recipes to try.

25. Vegan Chai Latte with Tahini

Will Frolic for Food shows how to create this creamy latte, vegan-style, with some well chosen ingredients.

Vegan chai latte with tahini recipe. Perfect cozy drink for Fall!

Hot Drink Recipes With Alcohol

The recipes in this section will surely warm you up from the inside out. Share some beautiful Fall evenings with special friends and some cozy hot drink recipes from the list below.

26. Hot Buttered Kahlua

This warm concoction is the type of thing you can prepare ahead of a time and then easily make as needed. Check out The Accidental Happy Baker for the details.

This hot buttered kahlua recipe is perfect to share with friends around a cozy fire this Fall.


27. Spicy Spiked Chai

Confetti Kitchen shares how to turn up the heat on your Chai latte with a pinch of cayenne pepper and a splash of bourbon. Can you feel the heat yet?

Add some spice to your life and try this spicy spiked chai recipe.

28. Apple Cider Hot Toddy

Hot Toddy is a popular, tried-and-true home remedy for coughs and colds. So, if you’re looking for an excuse to make this, there’s that. But, if you just want a little something tasty and relaxing, click over to Port and Fin for the recipe of this spin on an old classic.

This apple cider hot toddy will hit you in all the right places. Check out the recipe, plus see what other hot drink recipes you want to try.

29. Cognac and Hazelnut Hot Chocolate

Yum, yum. Another hazelnut and cocoa combo, but this time it’s for the 21 and over crowd. Visit Creme de Citron if you’d like to give this hot drink recipe a try.

Looking for something a little more grown up than your basic hot chocolate recipe? Check out this cognac and hazlenut hot cocoa recipe.

Simple Hot Drink Recipes

This is as simple as it gets folks. Sometimes warm and cozy can be as simple as warm milk and honey.

30. Warm Honey Milk

I grew up thinking that the cure for insomnia was warm cup of milk and honey. From what I can tell, there’s no research to support this, but I do know that a little bit of warmth and some attention from Mom was a lovely way to end the night. I cherish those memories and still indulge in this favorite of mine occasionally. Plus, I have passed the tradition of having a little cup of warm milk and honey on to my own kids.

This drink doesn’t really need a recipe, as it’s super-simple and based on individual tastes.

Here’s what you need:

  • microwavable mug or cup
  • 8-10 oz of milk
  • 3-5 swirls of honey (about 1-2 tablespoons)
  1. Swirl the honey into your mug of milk then place your mug directly into the microwave without stirring (otherwise the honey will just stick to the spoon).
  2. Heat milk for about one to one and a half minutes, depending on your tolerances. You want it nice and warm, but not boiling.
  3. Carefully remove from microwave and stir.
  4. Enjoy!

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30 best hot drink recipes for fall and winter





































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