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50 Powerful Grounding Affirmations

Sometimes in life, we tend to feel untethered; it is almost like the ground beneath our feet feels as if it is uneven. This unsettling feeling is undeniably tough, but the good news is that there are lots of ways to deal with it. One of these is by reciting grounding affirmations as a way of shifting your mindset and building positive mental patterns.

We have the power to change our mindset by attracting that which we desire into our life through affirmations. By reciting the following statements, you are attracting them into your life which can be a deeply effective method of grounding oneself.

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What Are Grounding Affirmations?

Grounding affirmations are affirmations that are meant to be recited when you need some balance in your life or in other words, to strengthen your foundation so you feel equipped to take on life’s many challenges.

We’ve put together two lists, each designed to ground the affirmer. The first is tailored to those moments when you feel as though you are floating and cannot quite feel the ground. These moments of anxiety, fear, and stress are absolutely normal and so there are several mechanisms out there to help mitigate them.

The second list is written to be affirmed more regularly, even when you are feeling well. Remember self-care is a practice and just as you do not stop going to the gym because you are already fit, you mustn’t stop taking care of your mental health simply because you are feeling well.

Consistency is key.

Grounding Affirmations When You Are Feeling Anxious

I choose to live abundantly affirmation

1. I choose to live abundantly.

2. All is well in the world.

3. I am not my thoughts.

4. My thoughts are not reality.

5. It is only a thought and I have the power to change my thoughts.

I feel compassion for myself and those around me affirmation

6. I feel compassion for myself and those around me.

7. I choose to live in this present moment.

8. It no longer serves me to live in the past.

9. I am loved and at peace with the world around me.

10. I am safe, secure, and protected.

This too shall pass affirmation

11. This too shall pass.

12. The universe has my back.

13. I am in control of my life.

14. I choose to think positive thoughts because they serve me.

15. I have all that I need to overcome any obstacles.

I trust the universe affirmation

16. I trust the universe.

17. I am well-equipped for this moment and all those that are to come.

18. I welcome joy into my life.

19. The past is finished. It is over. The present is all there is.

20. I trust the process.

With each breath I draw in, I am growing calmer affirmation

21. With each breath I draw in, I am growing calmer.

22. I am supported by the earth beneath my feet.

23. I am nourished and strong because I love myself and that is all I need.

Grounding Affirmations to Practice Regularly

I am enough affirmation

24. I am enough.

25. I am a strong, smart, and powerful person with the power to change my thoughts and ultimately, my life.

26. I choose to live in a positive frame of mind because it serves me better than a negative one.

27. I do not need to prove anything to anyone, especially to myself.

28. I understand that life has its ups and downs and I practice self-care so that I am always equipped to handle whatever comes my way.

It does not serve me to worry about the future affirmation

29. It does not serve me to worry about the future.

30. I am a beacon of light to all the people around me.

31. A beautiful life is mine for the taking.

32. I choose to live an examined life.

33. All that I need is within me.

Whatever comes to me today is meant to enter my path affirmation

34. Whatever comes to me today is meant to enter my path.

35. I am safe.

36. My heart is full.

37. I am focused on my goals, and I trust myself to achieve them.

38. I am connected, present, and prepared for anything.

I am right where I need to be affirmation

39. I am right where I need to be.

40. I am so grateful for the incredible life that I have.

41. I feel supported by my loved ones.

42. I radiate confidence.

43. I am constantly working on myself because I understand that this is the highest form of self-love.

I allow myself to breathe in joy and exhale self-doubt affirmation

44. I allow myself to breathe in joy and exhale self-doubt.

45. Today, I reject negativity and attract positivity.

46. Today, I am so grateful to wake up and have another opportunity to live my best life.

47. I am prepared to grow, learn, and flourish.

48. The earth beneath my feet grounds me.

I am capable of incredible things affirmation

49. I am capable of incredible things.

50. The present moment is the only place in which life exists.

Final Thoughts

If you are feeling untethered, you are not alone. Grounding affirmations can prove very helpful in shifting your mindset so you can come back down from a place of anxiety or stress.

Whether you take just two or three at a time or go through the entire list top to bottom, remember that you have the power to shift your mindset within you.

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