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100+ Fun Holidays for Kids to Celebrate in 2021

A little celebration can brighten just about anyone’s mood. We’ve assembled a massive list of fun holidays for kids to help children and their parents enjoy offbeat holidays all through the year.

Celebrating holidays like “Tongue Twister Day” or “Howl at the Moon Day” can be great bonding experiences for families. Our free printable calendar (available below) provides ideas to fight boredom and create fun new traditions as a family.

Fun holidays for kids are also a great way to incorporate themed crafts and learning activities. You might bake chocolate cupcakes together, learn about penguins, study constellations, or make origami, just to name a few.

Over 100 fun holidays for kids - free printable 2021 calendar

Especially when stuck at home, fun holidays for kids can help add a little excitement to the weeks. Give kids something to look forward to by posting the monthly calendar on the wall.

Made-up holidays might seem silly, but that’s exactly the point! Try not to take them too seriously–just have fun with your kids.

Under each of the fun holidays for kids on this list, I’ll include some ideas for celebrating, such links to activities and more.

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Here’s to making 2021 a year of fun for your family!

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Fun Holidays for Kids

You can download a beautiful printable with all these fun holidays using the button below.

Jump to Month:


January 4: Trivia Day

January 5: Bird Day

January 11: Learn Your Name in Morse Code Day

January 13: National Rubber Ducky Day

January 15: Hat Day

  • Raid the closets or the thrift shop for a most fabulous hat.
  • Make or decorate your own hats and have a hat fashion show.

January 17: Kid Inventors Day

  • Provide a variety of scrap materials for the kids and see what they can create.
  • Draw your own invention and present it to the family.
  • Make a Rube Goldberg machine.

January 18: Martin Luther King Jr Day of Service

January 19: National Popcorn Day

  • Try creating your own different flavors of popcorn.
  • Pop popcorn using different methods and see which works the best.
  • Try to catch popcorn in your mouth.
  • Have a popcorn and movie night.

January 20: Penguin Awareness Day

January 21: Squirrel Appreciation Day

January 24: Compliment Day

  • Give compliments to each other and as many people as you like!

January 25: Opposite Day

  • Wear pajamas during the day.
  • Have breakfast for dinner.
  • Speak in opposites.
  • Swap names for the day.

January 28: International Lego Day

January 29: National Puzzle Day

January 31: Backwards Day

  • Wear your clothes backwards.
  • Learn how to moon walk.
  • Eat dessert first.
  • Try mirror writing.


February 1: Eat Ice Cream for Breakfast Day

  • This one is pretty self-explanatory–enjoy! 🙂

February 2: Groundhog Day

February 4: Thank Your Mailman Day

  • Make a card or craft for your mail carrier.
  • Wave to your mail carrier and thank them.

February 9: National Pizza Day

  • Try making your own pizza at home.
  • Make a pizza craft to celebrate pizza.

February 11: Make a Friend Day

  • Meet someone new at school or in your neighborhood.

February 12: Chinese New Year

February 13: World Radio Day

February 14: Valentine’s Day

February 15: Presidents Day

February 17: Random Acts of Kindness Day

  • Do acts of kindness with your kids.

February 20: Love Your Pet Day

  • Make a special homemade treat for your pet.
  • Draw a picture of your pet.
  • Give your pet extra play or snuggle time.

February 26: Tell a Fairy Tale Day

  • Read a cherished fairy tale.
  • Make up your own fairy tale story together. “Once upon a time…”

February 27: International Polar Bear Day


March 1: Pig Day

March 2: Dr. Seuss’s Birthday

March 4: March Forth and Do Something Day

  • Volunteer together.
  • Try something new.

March 5: Learn What Your Name Means Day

  • Research your name’s meaning.
  • Talk about family names.
  • Make a craft with your name.

March 9: Napping Day

  • Everyone gets a nap today (especially mom–definitely my favorite of the fun holidays for kids).

March 10: Mario Day

March 14: Pi Day

March 17: St. Patrick’s Day

March 19: Absolutely Incredible Kid Day

  • Tell your kid how amazing they are.
  • Give your child an award for something.
  • Write your kid a letter describing their awesomeness.

March 20: World Storytelling Day

  • Read a story to your child.
  • Tell a story together, making up one sentence at a time (alternating turns). You can also use Tell Tale cards for inspiration.

March 22: International Goof Off Day

  • Get silly together!
  • Try out your best Goofy voice.
  • No chores allowed today!

March 25: Waffle Day

  • Make yummy waffles together, complete with toppings (I recommend trying chicken and waffles).
  • Find out the history of the waffle.

March 26: Make Your Own Holiday Day

  • Kids get to choose a new holiday.
  • Craft your own advertisements for the new holiday.
  • Celebrate in your own style and create a new family tradition.

March 30: Take a Walk in the Park Day

  • Get outside and enjoy a walk in the park together.


April 1: April Fool’s Day

  • Play a small (and not too unkind) joke on someone.

April 3: Find a Rainbow Day

  • Look for a rainbow or make your own rainbow at home.
  • Paint your own rainbow or color one in sidewalk chalk.

April 4: Easter

  • Have an Easter egg hunt.
  • Dye Easter eggs.

April 8: Zoo Lover’s Day

  • Visit a zoo or check out a zoo’s live animal camera feeds online.
  • Watch a nature documentary.
  • Make a craft of your favorite animal.

April 9: Unicorn Day

April 10: Siblings Day

  • Make your sibling(s) a card.
  • Give your sibling(s) a hug.
  • Play a game of your sibling’s choice.

April 12: Grilled Cheese Day

  • Make grilled cheese sandwiches together.
  • Sample different types of cheeses and make your own custom blend.

April 13: Scrabble Day

April 14: Look Up at the Sky Day

  • Lie on the ground and look at the shapes of the clouds.
  • Go stargazing.
  • Draw or paint the moon.

April 18: Haiku Poetry Day

April 22: Earth Day

  • Pick up litter.
  • Start a home compost bin.
  • Make something out of scrap material.
  • Collect and drop off recycling.

April 23: Take Your Kid to Work Day

  • Take your child to work, or if you can’t, tell them some neat things about your job.
  • Let your child dress as what they want to be when they grow up.

April 25: DNA Day

April 26: Pretzel Day

April 30: Arbor Day

  • Plant a tree.
  • Learn about different types of trees (hint: go for a nature walk if you can).
  • Collect and label different leaves. Make leaf rubbings.
  • Draw or paint your favorite tree.


May 1: May Day

  • Make a flower crown.
  • Dance around a May pole.
  • Plant some flowers.
  • Have a picnic.

May 2: Free Comic Book Day

  • Visit a comic book store.
  • Read comics together.

May 4: Star Wars Day

May 5: Cinco De Mayo

  • Make your own salsa.
  • Learn about Mexico.
  • Listen to Mexican music.

May 7: National Space Day

May 8: National Train Day

May 9: Mother’s Day

  • Make mom breakfast.
  • Make a card for mom.
  • Read a book to mom.

May 10: Clean Up Your Room Day

  • While arguably not one of the most fun holidays for kids, it can bring a great sense of accomplishment.
  • Make cleaning up a game and have a reward at the end.
  • Play fun music while cleaning up.

May 12: Kite Day

May 13: Frog Jumping Day

May 14: Dance Like a Chicken Day

  • Cluck, cluck! Have a chicken dance competition.

May 21: Talk Like Yoda Day

  • Challenging this will be. Fun you will have.

May 24: Scavenger Hunt Day

May 28: Hamburger Day

May 31: Memorial Day


June 1: International Dinosaur Day

June 4: National Donut Day

  • Eat donuts of course!
  • Draw your own special donut creations.

June 6: Yo-Yo Day

June 8: World Oceans Day

  • Do a craft of your favorite sea creature.
  • Visit the beach (or play ocean in the bathtub).
  • Watch an ocean documentary or Finding Nemo.
  • Sing the Baby Beluga song.

June 11: Corn on the Cob Day

  • Eat corn on the cob however you like it.
  • Find out where corn comes from.

June 12: Magic Day

June 14: Monkey Around Day

  • Have a water balloon fight.
  • Make funny faces at each other.
  • Play hide and seek.

June 15: Nature Photography Day

June 18: International Picnic Day

  • Have a nice picnic outside.

June 19: World Juggling Day

June 20: Father’s Day

  • Make a Father’s day card.
  • Take dad on a special outing like fishing, boating, or whatever he enjoys.
  • Play a game with dad.
  • Try out your best dad jokes to make him laugh.

June 23: Pink Day


July 1: International Joke Day

July 3: Compliment Your Mirror Day

  • Give yourself a compliment–you deserve it. Self-love is a great practice to learn young.

July 4: Fourth of July

July 8: Macaroni Day

July 10: Teddy Bear’s Picnic Day

  • Make invitations.
  • Prepare small snacks or sandwiches.
  • Have a picnic with your teddy bear(s).

July 11: Barn Day

  • Go on a drive and look for barns (if feasible).
  • Read books about barns like The Big Red Barn.
  • Watch Charlotte’s Web.

July 12: Paper Bag Day

  • Recycle plastic bags.
  • Make a pledge to use paper bags.
  • Make paper bag puppets (the easiest craft ever).

July 15: Gummi Worm Day

  • Make edible dirt complete with gummy worms.
  • Play with your gummi worms, then eat them.

July 17: World Emoji Day

  • Write a story in emojis.
  • Solve emoji riddles.
  • Draw your own emojis.

July 18: Ice Cream Day

  • Visit an ice cream shop for a treat.
  • Make your own ice cream.
  • Try an ice cream craft.
  • Invent a new flavor of ice cream.

July 20: Space Exploration Day

July 24: Cousins Day

  • Make cards for your cousins.

July 26: Aunt and Uncle’s Day

  • Draw pictures for your aunts and uncles.

July 31: Uncommon Musical Instrument Day


August 1: Sister’s Day

  • Make a card for your sister.
  • Play a game of your sister’s choice.
  • Do something nice for your sister.

August 3: National Watermelon Day

  • Eat watermelon!
  • Have a watermelon seed spitting contest.
  • Make a tasty treat with a watermelon recipe.

August 7: National Lighthouse Day

August 10: S’mores Day

  • Make your own s’mores (hint: you can use the microwave or an indoor s’mores maker if you can’t build a fire).

August 12: Middle Child Day

  • Celebrate your middle child!
  • Let your middle child choose the meals for the day.
  • Have your middle child pick activities to do together.

August 13: Left-Hander’s Day

  • Write and draw with your opposite hand.
  • Research some famous left-handers.
  • Learn facts about lefties.
  • Make a hand-print craft.

August 16: Tell a Joke Day

  • Learn some new jokes and try them out on your family.

August 19: National Aviation Day

August 23: Ride Like the Wind Day

  • Go for a ride on your favorite wheeled craft–bike, scooter, etc.
  • Race matchbox cars or Lego cars down a ramp.

August 26: Dog Appreciation Day

  • Make a special treat for your dog.
  • Give your dog extra cuddle and play time.
  • Take your dog for a walk.
  • Draw a picture of you and your dog together.

August 28: Bow Tie Day

  • Wear a bow tie with pride! You can even make and decorate your own paper bow ties for the whole family.

August 30: Frankenstein Day

  • Wear green.
  • Try your best Frankenstein walk.
  • Learn about the story of Frankenstein.
  • Make your own mad scientist creation out of scrap materials.

August 31: Eat Outside Day

  • Have a picnic.
  • Eat watermelon or popsicles outside (the messier the better).


September 6: Read a Book Day

  • Get the whole family reading together. (Another of my personal favorite fun holidays for kids.)
  • Try reading outside.
  • Take turns reading to each other.

September 12: Grandparents Day

September 13: Roald Dahl Day

September 15: Make a Hat Day

  • Make and decorate hats for the whole family.
  • Go on an outing together wearing your hats and pose for a family picture.

September 16: Collect Rocks Day

  • Take a walk and see what different kinds of rocks you can find. Try to identify them when you get home.
  • Go gem mining or break your own geodes.
  • Visit a museum with a gems and mineral collection.

September 18: Rice Krispie Treat Day

  • Make and enjoy Rice Krispie treats together.

September 19: Talk Like a Pirate Day

  • Ahoy, matey! See which one of you can stay in pirate character all day long.
  • Dress like a pirate for bonus points.
  • Have a swashbuckling sword fight.
  • Watch a movie with pirates, like Hook, for inspiration.

September 21: Miniature Golf Day

September 22: Elephant Appreciation Day

September 23: Checkers Day

September 24: Love Note Day

  • Write a nice note to someone you love.

September 28: Good Neighbor Day

  • Do something helpful for a neighbor like raking leaves.
  • Bake a treat and drop it off for a neighbor.
  • Invite a neighborhood child out to play.


October 3: World Card Making Day

  • Make your own cards to give to friends, neighbors, and family.

October 4: Taco Day

  • Make your own tacos.
  • Try out as many taco puns as possible (taco-bout fun).

October 5: World Teacher Day

  • Make a card for your teacher.
  • Make a homemade treat or craft for a teacher.

October 6: Mad Hatter’s Day

  • Watch or read Alice in Wonderland.
  • Make outlandish hats to wear.
  • Have a tea party.

October 9: Astronomy Day

October 12: Farmer’s Day

  • Learn where your food comes from.
  • Dress like a farmer.
  • Visit a farm.
  • Try a gardening project.

October 13: Fossil Day

October 16: Dictionary Day

October 18: Chocolate Cupcake Day

  • Make, decorate, and eat chocolate cupcakes. Give some to your friends if you’re in a sharing mood.

October 20: International Sloth Day

  • Learn about sloths.
  • Have a lazy day.
  • Talk as slow as possible.

October 26: Howl at the Moon Day and Night

  • Learn about wolves–did you know it’s a myth that they howl at the moon?
  • Go outside and howl at the moon, just for fun!

October 28: International Animation Day

October 31: Halloween

  • Make a jack-o-lantern (or paint your pumpkin).
  • Try a Halloween craft.
  • Dress up and go trick-or-treating.
  • Tell spooky stories or read Halloween kids’ books.


November 6: National Basketball Day

  • Play basketball.
  • Watch a basketball game.
  • Learn about a basketball player.

November 8: Tongue Twister Day

November 10: Sesame Street Day

  • Watch Sesame Street.
  • Sing Sesame Street songs.
  • Draw a picture of your favorite Sesame Street character.
  • Try Sesame Street activities like games and art.

November 11: Origami Day

November 13: World Kindness Day

  • Say kind words to each other.
  • Carry out acts of kindness.
  • Read kids books about kindness.

November 14: National Pickle Day

November 15: America Recycles Day

November 17: Take a Hike Day

November 20: World Children’s Day

  • Wear blue.
  • Learn about a children’s charity like UNICEF.
  • Find out about children’s lives in other parts of the world.

November 21: World Hello Day

November 22: Go for a Ride Day

  • Go for a scenic drive.
  • Ride a train or subway to someplace new.
  • Take a family bike ride.

November 25: Thanksgiving

  • Talk about things you’re grateful for.
  • Make a gratitude tree.
  • Get kids involved in preparing the family meal and setting the table.


December 3: Make a Gift Day

  • Make homemade gifts for friends and family.

December 8: Pretend to Be a Time Traveler Day

  • Dress up like a historical figure from long ago and pretend to be them.
  • Talk about when you would visit if you could travel through time.
  • Make a time capsule together.
  • Make your own time machine out of cardboard and scrap materials.

December 12: Gingerbread House Day

  • Make your own gingerbread houses (there are kits to make things easier).

December 13: National Cocoa Day

December 14: International Monkey Day

  • Eat bananas.
  • Go climbing somewhere.
  • Do your best monkey impersonation.
  • Learn about monkeys and different types of monkeys.
  • Make a monkey craft.

December 17: Ugly Sweater Day

  • Try a thrift store or decorate your own ugly sweater.
  • Go out in your ugly sweater and see how many compliments you get.
  • Host an ugly sweater party.

December 20: Go Caroling Day

  • Take a trip back in time and go caroling in your neighborhood.
  • Practice singing songs together as a family. Invite friends to make it even more fun.
  • Dress festively and celebrate with warm drinks when you get home.

December 21: First Day of Winter

December 26: Thank You Card Day

  • No, you don’t have to write thank you cards for all your Christmas gifts (though you can if you want). But how about writing thank you notes for the people you’ve appreciated through the year?

December 28: Card Playing Day

December 31: New Year’s Eve

  • Enjoy some sparkling cider.
  • Talk about your wishes for the New Year.
  • Have a New Year’s countdown (you can even do it earlier than midnight).

Celebrating Fun Holidays for Kids

I hope this giant list of fun holidays for kids has gotten you inspired to try some new traditions with your family. Family bonding time is so important for creating a solid life foundation for your child.

By creating fun new shared experiences, your child will have more fond memories of their childhood. Don’t let the weeks fly by without injecting some joy and a break from the mundane.

Try and let the kids take the lead as much as possible when determining which fun holidays for kids to celebrate and what activities to do on those days. They’ll get a lot more enjoyment when it’s not forced.

If I’ve missed anything on this list that your family enjoys celebrating, please share in the comments. Which of the fun holidays for kids are you most excited to celebrate?

Don’t forget to grab your free printable calendar of fun holidays for kids using the button below.

100+ fun holidays for kids to celebrate in 2021


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