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100 Powerful Affirmations for Working Out, Improving Fitness and Weight-Loss

Any professional athlete will preach about the importance of one’s mindset when it comes to sports. Believing that you can score that point, beat your personal record, or lose those stubborn last three pounds is half the battle. For this reason, more and more athletes are beginning to meditate, practice certain therapies and of course, use affirmations.

Affirmations for fitness

Often, we tend to neglect the mind-body connection. We view our bodies as these vessels completely disconnected from our thoughts and feelings. The ability to not only recognize the connection but harness its power can be truly revolutionary.

If you’re new to the affirmation world, have no fear. We’ve provided a list of declarations that will get you started on your journey. Essentially, you read out one of the following sentences and allow it to work its magic. It harnesses the power of attraction in that if you believe what you’re saying even just for a split second, you can connect with it. The more you can resonate with the thought, the more effective you will find it to be.

The first list revolves around working out in a very general sense so whether you’re a competitive swimmer or it’s your first time ever crossing the magnificent threshold that is the doors to a gym, you will find something to work with here. The second list seeks to improve fitness while the third deals specifically with weight loss.

Giving positive energy to a thought bolsters its power so pick the ones that work for you and watch them work their magic.

Affirmations for Working Out

Today, my body will get stronger affirmation

1. Today, my body will get stronger.

2. I love exercising.

3. I love going to the gym.

4. I enjoy cardio.

5. I enjoy improving my physical well-being by working out.

6. I am looking forward to exercising.

7. I can’t wait to work out today.

8. I always feel so much better after I work out.

9. I never regret working out.

10. I make time for working out because it is essential to my well-being.

11. I am going to leave everything I have on the mat/track/at the gym.

12. My willpower is exceptional.

13. I am confident in my ability to work out.

Every day I work out, I get stronger both physically and mentally affirmation

14. Every day I work out, I get stronger both physically and mentally.

15. I am transforming myself by working out.

16. I build habits easily.

17. I genuinely enjoy working out.

18. I love watching my progress.

19. I fuel my body with the energy it needs to work out.

20. I take care of my body.

21. I respect my body.

22. I push my limits but within reason.

23. I listen to my body.

24. I rest when I need to rest to avoid injury.

25. I have resilient muscles.

Exercising energizes me affirmation

26. Exercising energizes me.

27. I am fast.

28. Exercise is so fulfilling.

29. I am strong.

30. I am powerful.

31. People at the gym often watch me because I have such perfect form.

32. Working out makes me feel sexy.

33. I love to break a sweat.

34. I find myself looking forward to my workouts throughout the day.

35. Working out is never a bother, it is a priority.

36. My body is capable of more than I can even imagine currently.

37. I continue to surpass my goals.

38. Everything I put in; I get out.

39. Failure is simply not in my vocabulary.

40. Working out enables me to allow myself treats.

Affirmations for Improving Your Fitness

I will reach my personal best today affirmation

41. I will reach my personal best today.

42. I am dedicated to my fitness goals.

43. My personal best gets closer every time I work out.

44. I am capable of any fitness goal I put my mind to.

45. I am more motivated than I ever have been.

46. I am proud of myself for carving out time in my day to exercise.

47. My fitness level is improving all the time.

48. I live an active life because it serves me.

I am proud of myself for showing up today affirmation

49. I am proud of myself for showing up today.

50. I am grateful to my past self for building the healthy habits I have now.

51. I am not afraid of a challenge.

52. I welcome obstacles in my training because they only make me stronger.

53. I take proper care of myself in between workouts.

54. I feel the “exercise high” after working out.

55. Maintaining and improving my fitness level is extremely important to me.

56. I am consistently increasing the weight I lift to continue my progress.

57. I run further and faster every time I run.

I am not a quitter affirmation

58. I am not a quitter.

59. I am committed to my fitness.

60. I can do hard things.

61. Staying fit will help me to age gracefully.

62. I am so proud of myself for getting to where I am right now.

63. I can’t wait for what’s next in my fitness journey.

64. Some days are easier than others and that is okay.

65. My mind is at ease when I work out.

66. I find burning fat quite easy.

67. Building muscle is well within my reach.

68. Being fit means I can wear whatever I want and look fabulous.

69. The endorphins I get from exercising are incredible for my mental well-being.

70. I have a very active lifestyle.

71. Being fit energizes me and keeps me youthful.

72. I radiate fitness.

Today, I will get even fitter than I already am affirmation

73. Today, I will get even fitter than I already am.

74. My fitness helps me in so many other areas of my life.

75. I know my hard work will pay off.

76. I love being strong and fit.

77. I never miss a workout.

78. I understand that being fit is a lifestyle choice.

79. The time always passes so quickly when I work out.

80. Getting in shape is key for a long, healthy life.

81. Being fit makes me feel good and that is something I always make time for.

82. Being toned and healthy is a priority to me.

Affirmations for Weight-Loss

I feel lighter physically and mentally affirmation

83. I feel lighter physically and mentally.

84. Every day I exercise I have the ability to lose weight.

85. My weight is dropping at a healthy rate.

86. I am motivated to lose weight because it will make me feel better.

87. I enjoy losing weight though it is not the root of my self-worth.

My body is shedding that which no longer serves it affirmation

88. My body is shedding that which no longer serves it.

89. My clothes fit me better and better now that I am losing weight.

90. A healthy diet is the key to my weight loss.

91. Eating right is helping me lose the weight that I don’t need anymore.

92. I want to feel healthy.

I do not punish myself for having gained weight but now it is time to lose it affirmation

93. I do not punish myself for having gained weight but now it is time to lose it.

94. I am committed to my well-being.

95. I understand that weight loss is a journey, and I am committed to it.

96. I have the perfect figure.

97. I find losing weight quite easy.

98. I know exactly what to do to lose the weight I wish to lose.

The healthy food I eat tastes delicious because I know it is serving me affirmation

99. The healthy food I eat tastes delicious because I know it is serving me.

100. I am so proud of myself for my weight-loss journey.

The mind-body connection is powerful. For this reason, we highly recommend supporting these affirmations with some of our other lists on topics such as self-acceptance and self-confidence. The more you can love yourself, the easier it becomes to believe in your abilities which can only make you stronger both mentally and physically.

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