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55 Powerful Affirmations for Fertility, Pregnancy, and Birth

A very important and often overlooked part of conceiving is how our thoughts and feelings impact what our bodies can do. Conceiving can be incredibly frustrating at times. But stress, anger, and doubt can inhibit our bodies from functioning at their very best. So, we’ve written a list of affirmations to help you remain grounded and confident throughout your pregnancy journey.

Affirmations for Fertility, Pregnancy, and Birth

The first list is written to help with fertility, the second for pregnancy specifically and the final list is designed to affirm a safe and healthy birth.

If you’re unfamiliar with affirmations, allow us to give you a quick summary. Affirmations use the power of attraction to bring you what you want from the universe. By saying certain phrases aloud as though they were already happening, you are putting positive energy into the world that attracts those things to you. So, be sure to say the following affirmations meaningfully as though they were true for you today and watch the power of attraction unfold in your life.

Affirmations for Fertility

The following affirmations are written to help you attract fertility. One’s fertility is greatly affected by their stress levels so take a deep breath and say these affirmations calmly as though they were already true. Believe in your ability to become pregnant.

1. I am meant to have children.

2. My body is ready to become pregnant.

3. My body is capable of miraculous things.

4. I am worthy of having a baby.

5. I am more fertile than I have ever been.

6. I am ready to have children of my own.

7. My body is ready to create life.

8. My body is strong and healthy.

My body is doing miraculous things affirmation

9. My body is doing miraculous things.

10. I still have lots of time to conceive.

11. Nothing is holding me back from having a baby.

12. It is time for me to have a baby now.

13. I make healthy choices for my body because I want to be a mother.

14. I am very fertile.

15. I am exactly where I need to be right now.

16. My body will do what it is meant to do.

17. My body knows how to conceive a child.

18. My body is capable of a miracle.

I am at peace with my fertility journey affirmation

19. I am at peace with my fertility journey.

Affirmations for Pregnancy

Creating life is miraculous and beautiful but it can also be exhausting and stressful. So don’t be too hard on yourself if you don’t feel like you’re glowing every day throughout your pregnancy journey. You are not alone and that is why we have written these affirmations. This list is designed to help you relax while you are pregnant. So, we recommend trying these affirmations while doing something else so that your body and mind aren’t rigid. Whether this means you say a couple of affirmations while making your breakfast in the morning or while on a nice walk, the less structured these ones are, the better.

20. I will be an excellent parent.

21. I am ready to be a mom.

22. I am so excited to have my baby.

23. My pregnancy is relaxed and calm.

My pregnancy is safe affirmation

24. My pregnancy is safe.

25. I let go of my stress and concern about being a good parent because I know I will be the best I can be and that is enough.

26. Pregnancy looks good on me.

27. I suit being pregnant.

My pregnancy has been smooth and will continue to be smooth affirmation

28. My pregnancy has been smooth and will continue to be smooth.

29. I trust this process.

30. I am creating life within me.

31. My baby can feel my love.

32. I am so grateful to my body for all that it is doing.

33. My baby loves me.

34. Pregnancy has been the most wonderful experience I have ever had.

35. I am taking good care of myself and my baby.

36. I feel at peace.

Affirmations for Birth

Our final list is for those expecting parents who may be starting to grow slightly nervous about the birth. Breathe deeply and affirm wonderful, smooth labor with the following statements.

37. I am ready to give birth.

38. My baby is ready to come into this world.

39. I am excited to meet my child.

My birth will be relaxed and easy affirmation

40. My birth will be relaxed and easy.

41. My thoughts are peaceful and calm.

42. I release expectations about how my birth will go.

43. My baby will be healthy.

I will be healthy throughout my labor affirmation

44. I will be healthy throughout my labor.

45. When my baby is ready, they will tell me.

46. I already love my baby with all my heart, and I can feel their love radiating from within me.

47. I am a warrior.

48. I am strong, healthy, and powerful.

I release my anxiety about giving birth affirmation

49. I release my anxiety about giving birth.

50. I trust myself.

51. I am relaxed and my baby can feel it.

52. I am confident in my birth.

53. My birth will be beautiful.

54. I strongly believe in my body.

55. This is exactly what I wanted.

We hope this list of pregnancy affirmations has helped you wherever you are on your journey. Remember to take a deep breath and trust your strong, resilient body.

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