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65 Encouraging and Empowering Affirmations

We all need a little pep talk once and a while. Learning how to give yourself the pep talk you need is like having a secret recipe for success.

Maybe you’re having a tough day at work or things haven’t been going well in your love life, regardless of the situation, the following affirmations will help you cultivate the encouragement you need to get out there and conquer all that you want to.

Here’s the trick to affirmations: you have to believe what you are saying. If you read a line such as, “I am intelligent” and you doubt that statement or you do not believe that you are intelligent then you will strengthen that doubt within yourself. Whereas if you say, “I am intelligent!” and you force yourself to feel it and believe it (which you should because you are intelligent!) then that energy will attract more of the same energy towards you and into your life.

So, even if you suffer from low self-esteem and you don’t believe the statements below are true when it comes to you, try to pretend that you feel them and that they resonate. The more you can generate authentically positive feelings towards the affirmation, the better it will work.

65 empowering affirmations

Affirmations for Encouragement and Empowerment

1. I am inspiring.

2. I am powerful.

3. I am kind.

I embrace change and challenges affirmation

4. I embrace change and challenges.

5. I am resilient.

6. All the strength I need to overcome this obstacle is already within me.

7. I have the power to live the incredible life I have been dreaming of.

8. My future starts now.

Happiness is a choice and I choose happiness affirmation

9. Happiness is a choice and I choose happiness.

10. I choose to believe in myself.

11. The only validation I need is my own validation.

12. Today will be a great day.

13. I am living with abundance.

14. I am filled with gratitude to have woken up this morning and been blessed with another opportunity to live.

I set goals and I achieve them affirmation

15. I set goals and I achieve them.

16. I wake up motivated to take on the day.

17. I can be whatever I want to be today.

18. I am strong, resilient, powerful, and filled with empowerment.

19. I am driven by the future that I know I can achieve.

20. I deserve to have an exceptionally amazing life.

21. I can reach my goals and dreams if I believe in myself.

I have a purpose affirmation

22. I have a purpose.

23. I feel grateful for the person I have become.

24. I do not need anything external to make me more powerful.

25. I am growing stronger each passing day.

26. I belong to the present moment. I choose to live here, right now.

27. Achieving goals comes easily to me.

28. I have so many things to be grateful for in my life.

I can do anything I set my mind to affirmation

29. I can do anything I set my mind to.

30. I am self-confident.

31. I am proud of how far I have come and where I am going.

32. I trust the process.

33. I am allowed to live my life as I choose.

34. I do not need anything but my mind, spirit, and body to succeed.

35. I am capable of anything I choose to endeavor.

36. I am dependable.

I am unstoppable affirmation

37. I am unstoppable.

38. People view me as an empowered and independent person.

39. I love who I am.

40. I have been blessed with my powerful positive energy.

41. I am a good person.

42. I show up for myself.

43. I can easily move forward from tough situations.

I can be whoever I want to be affirmation

44. I can be whoever I want to be, whatever I want to be, and live however I want to live.

45. I learn from my mistakes.

46. I grow from new experiences.

47. I am bold.

48. I am solution-oriented.

49. I enjoy being a leader in life.

I do not allow negative people or negative energy into my life affirmation

50. I do not allow negative people or negative energy into my life.

51. I lead the pack.

52. I am an alpha.

53.I have the right to lead.

54. I am resourceful, intelligent, and even-keeled.

55. I am an abundant force of positive energy.

56. Today is MY day.

I radiate peace, love, and joy affirmation

57. I radiate peace, love, and joy.

58. I choose to embrace the amazing life I have.

59. I possess all that I need to be successful.

60. I’ve made it through tough moments before and they have helped me become the resilient and strong person I am.

61. I am fulfilling my purpose.

I can do this affirmation

62. I can do this.

63. I am contributing to this world.

64. I free myself from self-doubt and worry.

65. I will be the person I dreamed of being as a kid.

Final Thoughts

Now, encouraging and empowering yourself is an act of self-love. So try to carve out some time each day to show yourself the love you deserve and start living the incredible life you have been dreaming of.

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