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20 Best Deltarune Perler Bead Patterns, Designs and Ideas

In the vast universe of indie video games, Toby Fox’s “Deltarune” has carved out its own niche, enchanting players with its captivating storyline, memorable characters, and evocative music. Fans have found a new way to celebrate it: Perler beads. If you thought you’d never see a post dedicated to Perler bead works of the beloved Deltarune characters, I’m happy to prove you wrong.

Deltarune Perler Bead Patterns

Main Characters

As expected, Perler bead crafters have created pixel-perfect designs of Kris, Ralsei, Susie, and Noelle.

Normal World Kris

Here is Kris featuring their iconic striped shirt and blank expression. It’s always been hard to know what Kris is actually thinking, mostly ‘cuz we’ve hijacked their body for pretty much the entire game.

If you’re wondering about the they/them pronouns, that’s because Toby Fox, the game’s creator, did not give Kris a gender in the game to make the character more gender-neutral.

Dark World Kris

When Kris is pulled into the Dark World, they transform into a fearless leader, ready to protect their new pals from anything and everything. Their Dark World alter-ego, very much different from their normal self, now dons an intricate set of armor, a red scarf, and a newfound determination to save the world.

Here’s Dark World Kris’ pattern for your reference.

Dark World Kris with Sword

This design has Kris wielding their blade, ready to face the challenges of the Dark World.

Normal World Susie

This Perler bead Susie embodies her tough exterior and rebellious spirit in the normal world, but also that deep down, there’s more to her than meets the eye.

Dark World Susie

Once she gets dragged to the dark world along with Kris, Susie becomes armed with an axe and even spikes all over her outfit! Very rock ‘n roll.

If it’s hard to make out Noelle’s beadwork, you can refer to this pixel guide.

Normal World Noelle

Normal World Noelle

This Noelle Perler bead pattern is her usual attire in the Normal World, and it showcases her soft-spoken but intelligent nature.

Dark World Noelle

Dark World Noelle

This Noelle Perler bead pattern shows off the white robe she gets upon entering the Dark World wherein she transforms into a powerful spellcaster, able to heal the party and unleash devastating ice magic.


Take a look at this cute as heck Perler Ralsei! We love how extremely kind and wholesome he is even though he’s the sole Darkner in the main party.

Look at how adorable he is both hooded and unhooded!

Supporting Characters


Lancer, while always attempting to promote his image as a self-proclaimed bad guy, is a goofball through and through. These chaotic quirks of his shines through even in this Perler bead version of him.

The photo above is a bit hard to make out so here’s the pattern for your reference.

Lancer Riding His Bike

When fighting Lancer, he oft brings out his strongest weapon, his too-cool-for-school motorcycle which he likes to believe is a motorcycle (but is really just a bike). Here’s an impressive Perler bead recreation of it!

Check out this pixel guide if you want to make this Lancer design.


Doesn’t seeing Toriel always makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside? She’s now a teacher in the game, but here’s a Perler bead Toriel featuring her outfit from the previous game.

Toriel Reading a Book

Whenever Toriel isn’t doing much, she reads to pass the time in the family’s living room chair. There’s something special about recreating this seemingly mundane everyday scene in Perler beads.


It’s Asgore, Kris’ dad, who now also happens to run the town’s flower shop. The crafter did very well recreating his flowing purple and yellow robe he used to wear in the previous game.

If you can’t make the beads out very well, use this pattern as a reference.



Featuring round glasses and a confident pose, this Perler bead Berdly embodies his cocky and arrogant attitude perfectly. Here’s to hoping he becomes less annoying in future chapters of the game.


Minimal but iconic, this Perler bead Sans in his blue jacket and half-smile just screams laid-back and mysterious.

The photo shows the beadwork very clearly but just in case you still want a guide, here you go.

I can’t recall Sans riding a bike in the game. Is this a sequel I’m unaware of or a one-off joke? If anybody knows, please message me telepathically.

Sans Playing the Trombone

Do you remember the scene in Undertale where Sans tries to play the trombone? It’s a reminder of how playful his character is.


Even though Sans’ brother Papyrus hasn’t appeared yet in Deltarune, this Perler bead Papyrus fully captures his tall frame, goofy expression, red scarf, and his larger-than-life personality.

If you don’t have too many Perler beads in your collection yet, you can opt to make this simpler version of Papyrus.

The pixel pattern is here.

Last but not the least, if you fancy Papyrus’ beaming and blushing face, then check this beauty out. It’s a keeper.


Featuring glasses and a nervous smile, Perler bead Alphys symbolizes her nerdy charm and unwavering passion for science.

Here is the pattern for your reference.




Now we’re moving on to the bad guys of Deltarune. Check out this amazing Perler bead King. While he looks a teeny bit silly, the king of the Card Kingdom nonetheless exudes authority and sternness as the primary antagonist of the game’s first chapter as well as Lancer’s father.



Check out Kamikazekeeg’s amazing Perler bead recreation of the Queen. It really captures everything about the queen of the Cyber World, from her overconfident attitude to her smug expression.


Just looking at this Perler Jevil brings back painful but fun memories. Fighting Jevil was no joke. Let us know if you’ve also died more than twenty times before you were able to get his patterns down.

Here is another Perler bead design of the crazy Jevil.


Spamton is slightly easier than the Jevil but still packs a punch with his cyber attacks. He’s a lot more creepy than Jevil in our opinion, however. Here’s a Perler bead design of him for reference.

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Deltarune perler bead patterns
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