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20 Best Snow Toys for Epic Winter Family Fun

Check out these epic snow toys that will have the kids sledding, building, and begging to go play in the snow. Explore our four top picks and exciting finds for the best winter play ever.

Best Snow Toys for Epic Winter Family Fun

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Snow days are some of the best experiences for kids and are full of the type of fun that kids remember their whole lives. And with these epic toys that we have found they will have a time of their lives!

What makes a great snow toy? The best toys for the snow are the ones that keep the kids moving so they stay warm, and are having too much fun to notice the cold! (Make sure the kiddos are bundled up with appropriate waterproof snow gear and follow this winter safety guide).

With that in mind, we went searching for some fun toys to have at home for the rest of the winter. Here are our picks for the best snow toys to have on hand this winter:

Our Top 4 Picks

  • Best For Toddlers: 11 Piece Snow Toys Kit Toddlers will love digging in the snow and using the bucket and the snowman mold.
  • Best Ride-On: Stiga GT Supreme Snow Racer This steerable kid’s sled is the stuff memories are made of. It’s built to last, so you’ll be bringing it out for many winters to come.
  • Runner-Up Best Ride-On: Geospace Original Ski Skooter It’s a fun new type of downhill ski/sled that will get a lot of looks. Kids will have fun trying something new and maybe even trying a few tricks!
  • Best for Building: Snow Brick Maker Simple toy that offers a big bang for your buck. Kids will love using it to easily build their snow forts.

Scroll down for the 20 Best Snow Toys for Epic Winter Family Fun. Enjoy!

Best Snow Toys for Building

If you have a builder on your hands, then start here. These brick molds are perfect when you have a lot of snow and they create large structures in an impressively quick time. But, as one reviewer noted, you have to have the “right” kind of snow to get the best results (i.e. a little wet so it sticks together better).

1. Snow Fort Building Kit

Snow Fort Building Kit

This Snow Fort Building Kit has a variety of shapes and sizes so kids can get creative for hours of fun making forts and castles. Plus it’s perfect to build some epic igloos this winter.

Find it here

2. Snow Brick Maker for Igloos

Snow Brick Maker for Igloos

This Snow Brick Maker for Igloos is one of our top picks because it’s so affordable and makes quick work of snow igloos and other buildings the kids come up with.

Find it here

Top Creative Toys to Use in The Snow

Check out these picks for kids who love to create and add their special touch to the world.

3. Snow Coloring Tablets

Snow Coloring Tablets

Dissolve these Snow Coloring Tablets into the water and use spray bottles to color the snow! All ages, from toddlers and up, will love this. You can check out a tutorial for this in our DIY section below.

Find it here

4. Snowman Kit

Snowman Kit

Sometimes part of the fun of building a snowman is scouring the house for all the little bits that make up the face and clothes. But, if your kid loves the classic snowman look, this Snowman Kit makes sure you have everything you need for all the finishing touches.

Find it here

Snowball Makers, Throwers and More

Because you can’t have snow and not make a snowball or two. These toys make it easier to create and throw tons of snowballs in a short amount of time.

5. Snowball Making Kit

Snowball Making Kit

This Snowball Making Kit has everything a kid needs for making snowballs as well as other snow-building molds. They can use the brick mold to build a wall to hide behind and have a truly epic snowball battle with friends.

Find it here

6. Snowball Throwers

Snowball Throwers

These Snowball Throwers are designed so that kids can easily make and launch their snowballs all in one go! I love that it comes with two launchers.

Find it here

7. Cute 11″ Tall Snowman Maker

Cute 11″ Tall Snowman Maker

Make an army of snowmen to guard your post and intimidate your enemies with the help of this Cute 11″ Tall Snowman Maker.

Find it here

8. Snowball Maker with Snowball Launcher Gun

Snowball Maker with Snowball Launcher Gun

This Snowball Maker with Snowball Launcher Gun is a fun kit to have for some epic snowball fights this winter.

Find it here

Cool Sleds and Other Ride-Ons

Nothing beats the thrill of racing down a hill with the biting wind against your face. If you’re lucky enough to have a great sledding hill nearby, then check out these awesome sleds, toboggans, and snow scooters.

Best Sleds for Toddlers

9. Toddler Pull Sled

Flexible Flyer Baby Pull Sled Toddler Toboggan

Babies and toddlers can sit back and safely enjoy the ride on this durable plastic Toddler Pull Sled. It has an extra high back and adjustable safety strap to provide support for young children.

Find it here

10. Kids Wooden Pull Sled with Cushion

Kids Wooden Pull Sled with Cushion

This Kids Wooden Pull Sled with Cushion is probably the only sled on this list that can be passed down for generations. It’s well-built, beautiful, and perfectly sized for toddlers. When they’ve outgrown it, it also makes a great Christmas decoration to pull out every Christmas until the grandkids arrive!

Find it here

Best Sleds for 4 and Up

11. Slippery Racer Downhill Xtreme Toboggan

Slippery Racer Downhill Xtreme Toboggan

This Slippery Racer Downhill Xtreme Toboggan gets great reviews for being fast and durable. I also love that it has room for two, so Mom or Dad can ride with smaller kids who aren’t ready to go it alone.

Find it here

12. Stiga GT Supreme Snow Racer

Stiga GT Supreme Snow Racer

This Stiga GT Supreme Snow Racer is your kids’ new favorite sled. It’s a Swedish-made, three-ski steerable sled that will have the kids racing downhill all day long.

Find it here

13. Foam Saucer Disc Sled

Foam Saucer Disc Sled

This Foam Saucer Disc Sled is a one-person sled. The kids will feel more secure with this than other plastic saucers because of the built-in handles plus it has a foam padded base for comfort.

Find it here

14. Geospace Original Ski Skooter

Geospace Original Ski Skooter

This Geospace Original Ski Skooter is such a cool new ride-on for the snow. It’s basically a scooter that kids can ride downhill on and even do tricks! Get this if your kids have their eyes on the snowboards but aren’t quite ready yet. It’s great for learning to balance while going downhill.

Find it here

15. Inflatable Snow Tube

Inflatable Snow Tube

This fantastic Inflatable Snow Tube is nice and big and built to last. I know my kids will have a blast with this one!

Find it here

16. Snow Sled with Handle

Snow Sled with Handle

This Snow Sled ride-on is designed to go fast while allowing you to steer. Some reviews mentioned there’s a bit of a learning curve to get the hang of them, but it is enjoyed by both kids and adults.

Find it here

17. Gizmo Riders Snow Sled for Kids

Gizmo Riders Snow Sled for Kids

This Gizmo Riders Snow Sled for Kids is pricey, but loads of fun and totally worth it if you live in colder climates where it will get a lot of use. It’s designed like a bobsled, has a steering mechanism, and is made for kids ages 3 and up. Plus, it can fit two passengers!

Find it here

DIY Snow Toys You Can Make Yourself

Enjoy DIY? Get creative and make your own fun snow toys with these easy tutorials.

18. Paint The Snow

Paint The Snow

Create your own colorful snow dye with some powder paints and small plastic squirt bottles and Paint The Snow. Check out this fun tutorial for details.

Learn more: The Resourceful Mama

19. Duct Tape Sleds

Duck Tape Sleds

I love these cool-looking Duct Tape Sleds. See this tutorial on how to make them using some duct tape and a cardboard box. I bet they’re fast!

Learn more: Artzy Creations

20. DIY Pole Snowball Launcher

DIY Pole Snowball Launcher

If you have a dog, chances are you already have a ball launcher made for tennis balls that you can also use for snowballs. If not, check out this DIY Pole Snowball Launcher tutorial to make one.

Learn more: Instructables

More Ideas for DIY Snow Toys

  • Repurpose your beach toys to use in the snow (not *technically* a DIY, but use items you already have at home)
  • Make a sled using the lid of a large bin (we’ve done this in a pinch in previous years!)

We don’t get many snow days here in North Carolina. But, when we do, it’s a BIG DEAL, lol. Really. Everything closes down, and you can pretty much just plan on being home for a few days until it melts and the roads are cleared.

It also means we try to make the most of the snow days when they happen and have a lot of fun out in the snow. There are so many fun things to do on a snow day, and quite frankly you don’t need many extra toys. The most important thing is to get out there with the kids and have fun together!

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