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60 Positive Affirmations for Beauty

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and YOU are the beholder. Beauty is a massive part of self-love, one of the parts that people tend to struggle with the most. Thus, these affirmations were written to help get you started. As cliché as it may sound, beauty comes from within, so affirmations are an effective way to strengthen your journey with beauty and ultimately, self-love.

Positive Affirmations for Beauty

How Do Affirmations Work?

Affirmations use the law of attraction to bring that which you desire into your life. The following list of affirmations are statements that affirm various things such as self-love, and abundance. There are even ones for very specific wishes such as clear skin or a good hair day.

Read the statement out and allow it to manifest within you which just means allowing yourself to feel it as though it were already true. In order to do so, we suggest finding the affirmations that resonate most so you can say them as genuinely as possible. Then, the law of attraction works its magic. The energy of the thought begins attracting what you have said towards you and around you and thus, into your life.

The following list is all about beauty so you may wish to try these while looking in the mirror or simply wherever you can connect best.

Beauty Affirmations

1. I am beautiful inside-out.

2. I love how I look.

3. I am glowing from within.

4. I love looking in the mirror.

5. I enjoy taking excellent care of myself.

6. My self-care shows in how healthy and happy I look.

I nourish myself with healthy food, movement, and self-love affirmation

7. I nourish myself with healthy food, movement, and self-love.

8. Everyone often tells me how beautiful I am.

9. My body is the incredible vessel that carries me through my life.

10. My skin is clear today.

11. My face is kind.

12. I do not need makeup to be beautiful.

13. I exude beauty and strength.

I understand that my beauty begins from within me affirmation

14. I understand that my beauty begins from within me.

15. People often comment on my attractiveness.

16. I do not need to change anything about myself to be beautiful.

17. I look forward to getting dressed in the morning.

18. I love looking good and feeling good.

19. My beauty is abundant and overflowing.

Today is a great hair day affirmation

20. Today is a great hair day.

21. My smile is the most beautiful thing I wear.

22. The amount I love myself does not depend on what I look like.

23. I am confident in who I am and how I look.

24. The only person whose opinion matters is mine.

25. My personality is part of my overall beauty.

26. People often tell me that my personality makes me even more beautiful than I already am.

I am naturally beautiful affirmation

27. I am naturally beautiful.

28. I do not have to change who I am to be beautiful.

29. I do not have to cover myself in makeup or change my hair or start a diet to be my most beautiful and magnificent self.

30. I am remarkable.

31. When I feel good, I look good.

32. Everyone I meet admires my beauty.

33. I am beautiful in my own unique way.

My intelligence contributes to my beauty affirmation

34. My intelligence contributes to my beauty.

35. Everyone I meet wants to be part of my life.

36. I radiate beautiful and positive vibes.

37. I accept compliments from others because I know I deserve them.

38. I am in charge of my happiness.

39. Beauty begins from inside me and I know I am beautiful.

40. I walk through life with confidence because I know my worth.

41. All the beauty and self-confidence I need are already within me.

Every day I wake up and feel and look well-rested affirmation

42. Every day I wake up and feel and look well-rested.

43. I accept how I look today, and I love how I look today.

44. I am motivated to strengthen my body and mind.

45. I nourish myself with good food, good people, and good vibrations.

46. I am happy with my hair today.

47. I am getting stronger and more beautiful every single day.

I deserve love. I deserve to love myself affirmation

48. I deserve love. I deserve to love myself.

49. I know that the better I feel about myself, the better my life is.

50. My smile is radiant and contagious.

51. My mind, spirit, and body are one.

52. I have beautiful eyes.

53. My nose is perfect as it is.

I attract beauty, strength, and serenity affirmation

54. I attract beauty, strength, and serenity.

55. My lips are luscious.

56. My hair is strong and healthy.

57. My skin is radiant and glowing.

58. My body is resilient.

59. My health is incredible.

I am aging gracefully affirmation

60. I am aging gracefully.

Final Thoughts

Feeling attractive can change your life. How you feel about your appearance affects how you walk down the street, how to appear to other people, and most importantly, how you think about yourself. So, attract beauty and self-love and watch how your life changes.

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